Tuesday 27 December 2011

Create a Numeric Keypad with a Single film for Touchpads

The problem with some laptops is the lack of numeric keypad on the keyboard, a defect that can be a real handicap for some professionals. Many gadgets have been proposed to overcome this defect and the most interesting is the concept Number Pad Film for Touchpad. Number Pad Film for Touchpad, as it implies, is a film keypad promises to be a promising alternative to portable gadgets on the market.

Ultrathin, the accessory is to be placed on the surface of the touchpad. Software is required to make it work. To activate the touch pad freshly deposited on the touchpad, the user must configure a customizable keyboard shortcut. This solution is also interesting in that it does not condemn the touchpad. Just disable the keypad by pressing the keyboard shortcut. The accessory was designed by Gong and Wang Hui Huachao. The film is currently a project. The designers say that their concept is not only handy and unobtrusive, it is also inexpensive. Number Pad Film for Touchpad won the Red Dot Design 2011.

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