Friday 23 December 2011

A concept that doubles the life of batteries

While most portable devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries, the batteries are far from obsolete. Especially since inspired many designers continue to develop ideas for improvement. The latter concept is called date One =  Two Battery.

These batteries is unusual. Its body is like a spring at the ends of which are a positive terminal and a negative terminal. This battery has the advantage of being more efficient than others. According to its designer, its lifespan is twice that of normal cells. One = Two Battery is based on the same principle as conventional batteries.
A chemical reaction generates energy that is converted into electrical energy. The concept here, the reactants are located in the spiral. This structure can accommodate twice as many substances which doubled its autonomy.

One = Two Battery was presented for the Red Dot Design Competition 2011. The battery was designed by Huang Kun Xun Meng, He Ting and Liu Yuan.

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