Wednesday 14 December 2011

iLaunch Thunder missile via Bluetooth

To tease colleagues at work and at the same time impress with a high-tech toy original iLaunch Thunder may be the gadget for you. This is a missile designed to satisfy the minds of owners of a joker iOS terminal. iLaunch Thunder is a fun gadget designed to launch projectiles to a colleague in the office. It is not dangerous because they are foam missiles it launches.

It is controlled by an iPhone remotely via Bluetooth. An application is required to make it work. iLaunch Thunder can fire and hit a target located 7.60 meters at most.This missile Bluetooth will soon be for sale. Its price is estimated at between 82 and $ 96 on some U.S. sites that integrate it in their catalog.

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  1. Your posts on gadgets are very interesting...I always try to check them out ! :)


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