Saturday, 10 December 2011

Apple: 15 extraordinary patents - II

Apple likes that its products are cleaned up. Pushing the concept to the extreme, a patent suggests that the California Company plans to hide the camera from its computers within the screen. The goal is to end the paradox "being seen while seeing" that prevents the user to look up to his interlocutor in the eye. If since the filing of this patent, in 2009, the iPhone has developed Face Time, the sensor is not (yet) but behind the screen above.

Snagging the Apple brand dream of: a charger common to computers and mobile devices from Apple. The Cupertino Company is seriously considering it, to bring the current from a single outlet to a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, for example. The different voltages are managed by this loader miracle. An idea that is in line with the decision of Brussels, which imposed a common standard charging for most manufacturers of smartphones on the market. It will be for 2012. However, there is no guarantee that Apple sells such an accessory.

Who has not railed against the countless crumbs, dust and other debris that lodge between the keys of a keyboard? Apple may have already found the solution: a keyboard without key. After the Magic Mouse, which has no button itself, the keyboard of the Mac in turn could benefit from a similar system. This is a keyboard with a touchscreen interface incorporating piezoelectric technology. Specifically, the keys are simply printed on the surface and the keys respond to touch, such as on iOS. Add to that a mechanism located below the surface to "feel" each key press and that's it.

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  1. I need that keyboard urgently. I will have mold growing from below my keys soon :(


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