Wednesday 28 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - III


Microsoft is not known to be on the forefront when it comes to the latest technology. However, the publisher has shown a real change in its policy with SkyDrive service in 2011. While the service is not brand new, but the management of online storage space (in the Cloud) by the Redmond giant is exemplary. First, SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free storage, where the competitors (DropBox,, etc..) Does no more than 10 GB free.

Above all, the management of its files is easy, fast and accessible with a few clicks. For users of Windows Phone 7, every shot taken with the smartphone are automatically transferred to the Cloud. Best pictures taken from WP7 are not deducted from the SkyDrive storage space! To top it off, Microsoft has opened up to iOS by offering a free application for iPhone by which you can view, sort and manage file folders. Best of all, the pictures and videos of the iPhone can be uploaded to SkyDrive from the application.

Twitter and news

Twitter can not hold a candle to Facebook and it's not going to happen. The microblogging site also seeks to differentiate and is in part happened in 2011. More responsive and suitable for short messages, Twitter has played a significant role particularly in the Arab revolutions, conveying many messages and information related to events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Thus, some journalists have preferred this media to disclose the situation changes in the Arab countries rather than through internal channels, often longer and more laborious. Of course this has created much controversy, the information distributed is rarely difficult to verify. But one thing is certain: Twitter has gained with these events, both in terms of users in terms of image.


This is an application of the principle piece of cake, but that will entice a majority of iPhone users. Instagram allows you to add filters to their photos taken on the Apple smartphone and then shared them with friends on Facebook, Twitter and others. Easy to apply filters, use a mobile perfectly suited to a thoughtful integration of social networks: Instagram met with unprecedented success and is about to land on Android. It's not for nothing that Apple has elected application of the year!

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