Wednesday 14 December 2011

Use Jet boots aquatic fly over water

A year ago, it was discovered equipment back to flying over water: the Jet-Lev Flyer. Concepts containing the basic idea have increased thereafter, like the Rescue Pack. After the jet-packs, it was now entitled to the jet-boots with The Flyboard. The Flyboard is equipment to hover over the water bodies. Like jet-packs that have been discovered so far, The Flyboard is powered by water and is equipped with a suction pipe below the water carrier for use as a means of propulsion.

According to its designers, jet-boots are more practical than jet-pack to the extent that they are lighter, more compact and offer a certain freedom of movement to the user. Check the original equipment is also more intuitive and convenient to perform aerobatics. The machine can also be used with a jet-ski. If the Jet-Lev Flyer worth 94,000 dollars, Flyboard is available for a lesser sum of $ 6,000 anyway.

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