Sunday 18 December 2011

25 USB drives that have personality - III

LaCie XtremKey

Notice to backpackers! And clumsy. The USB XtremKey proposed by LaCie is enclosed in a box from zinc, a zinc alloy, aluminum, magnesium and copper, capable of withstanding the pressure of a 10-ton truck, and is designed to be watertight up to 100 meters. We usually requires not so much a memory stick but you never know ... With good performance, although they are slightly below those announced by the manufacturer, it is available 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB for a price ranging from 50 to 250 euros depending on capacity. And besides she is pretty (design by Constance Guisset).

Wooden USB Stick OOOMS

At the crossroads of design, art concept crafts, the Dutch team of designed objects OOOMS diverse and varied, if not strange. Hats and caps human hair, gold-plated paper clips, lampshades made
​​of polystyrene, etc.. An exception, however, with this collection of USB flash drive made ​​from small pieces of wood gathered in the forest, and therefore unique. The capacities range from 1 GB to 8 GB and rates from 39 to 55 euros.
Camera USB Drive

Photo buff? This replica, fake, a SLR camera includes a USB USG 4 GB built-in goal that simply remove (almost) like a real to connect it to your computer. 15 euros.

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