Sunday 18 December 2011

25 USB drives that have personality - II

SLIM Duo 2 X 64 GB Victorinox

In the family of USB Victorinox Slim I want the DUO 2 X 64 GB! One of the latest models offered by the famous brand of Swiss Army knives embarks indeed two key storage of 64 GB each, inserted into an ultrathin knife handle (without blades ... can not have everything). In addition a data encryption AES 256, the key have different software functions very practical: automatic backup, bookmarking, file synchronization, password management, etc.. 260 euros.

Harmonica USB Drive

As the name suggests, Harmonica USB Flash Drive is a USB storage (8 GB capacity) coupled with a real little harmonica all there is more functional. One could of course ask how well have germinated in the minds of its creators the idea to associate a musical instrument and a computing device. But no matter, the original idea and, as a bonus, you can have personalized with engraving. A bit like with the iPod. Available at Etsy community at a price of 80 euros. 

Flashy Fish Drives

Flashy Fish Drives is a family of USB drives designed a lot of fun from real fishing lures (Hula Popper type). The dozen of models are the colors and patterns more attractive than others, these objects are originally designed to attract and fish (if all goes well) carnivorous fish by stimulating their predatory instincts. Available online at a price of 20 euros on the occasion of Christmas. And if you want to make a gift to a relative or friend fishing enthusiast, you can also opt for models in their gift box (40 euros).

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