Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - IV

Biography of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is not the personality of the year according to the Times, yet the story of his life will certainly be the best-selling book of the year, and what in the world. Amazon already announced the book as one who has the best selling in 2011 on the online platform, while it is out until October. Across the Atlantic, it sold no less than 380 000 copies.

In France, a few days before Christmas, the site of Fnac's biography class among its top 10 sales, less than two months after its release. According to Ipsos, the figure rises to 68,000 copies a few days before Christmas. A figure just huge for a biography. Besides its author Walter Isaacson said he was preparing an enhanced version, citing in particular the last weeks of life of the founder of Apple.

Samsung S2 Galaxy

With the first Galaxy S, Samsung has proven its ability to create quality Android phones. His only real problem was the low autonomy. With the Galaxy S2, the Korean manufacturer confirms this trend. Generally larger and lighter, this phone is released mid 2011 one of the few out this year able to tackle Apple dominating the smartphone market with its iPhone. Again, the only real problem is that this phone has a limited range, a problem inherent in many smartphones.

Lumia Nokia 800 and Windows Mango Phone

Ben the launch of Windows Phone has not been a success for Microsoft, Nokia were still on the system to find the lost market share in many countries. The Nokia 800 Lumia sign then abandoning Symbian for the consumer market, and the transition system from Microsoft. This is a major success story, running on version 7.5 (Mango) system from Microsoft. This system is more successful than its predecessor, and is very pleasant to use. Been out for some time on the market, it is still a bit early to say whether it will be a commercial success, but it's still an excellent phone bill.

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