Friday 9 December 2011

Apple: 15 extraordinary patents - I

In 2010, Apple has filed 563 patent which allows it to integrate the top 50 companies in terms of patents worldwide. If the Cupertino company is far behind IBM (1), Samsung (2nd) and Microsoft (third), they are often strong and original concepts that are filed with the U.S. office dedicated to this activity. Available on request, these patents relate to some of the products already on the market (iPhone that recharges itself), others likely to come (MacBook solar charging) and finally certain that we will see if ever (the kitchen remote controlled). Here is a selection of 15 Apple patents the most extraordinary and most promising.

A mouse in 3 dimensions

Apple and 3D, so far, this has never mix. The equation could change, since the U.S. firm has filed a technology to handle a new generation of mice in the air. According to the gestures, movements and management of the tactile response of the mouse varies. A terminal, according to the patent, however, must be used over a very specific area, a reference to generate data to be transmitted to the computer through sensors.

Recharge the iPhone / iPod from the sun

The autonomy of its smartphones is one of the major challenges for Apple. The company Apple has filed a patent to use the surface without user interaction (eg the shell) as solar panels. The front and back of an iPhone, iPod or iPad could detect when it needs light to recharge automatically. A patent filed in 2008 that, for now, has not been exploited.

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