Friday 30 December 2011

The Tops of 2011 - VI


This is the default LED TV are part of this selection. In fact, they have become a standard in 2011. As explained in our TV guide LED, there is now more TV than Plasma or LED LCD CCFL in stores. Their price was lowered, allowing their massive democratization. Thus we find a 46 inch Samsung 810 euros or a 42 inch Panasonic to 610 euros. It goes without saying that smaller diagonal, one can actually find TV LED for every budget.

 Intel Ultrabook

The Ultrabook is a registered invented by Intel in mid-year. Defining a computer, it indicates that it is a versatile PC, thin, light, fast and at a price measured. Some brands have already launched in the race. Acer has started the ball rolling with its Aspire S3. This machine sells it very well, according to its manufacturer. Other models from Asus and Toshiba are also well received by critics. By competing with the Apple MacBook Air, Intel could manage to convince consumers to stay with the Windows Ultrabook.

Free Mobile

Free Mobile. It's been over a year we expect that Free launches its mobile phone. Orange, SFR and Bouygues have already launched their anti-Free packages to prevent aggressive price that promises a subsidiary of Iliad. In an interview, Xavier Niel has clearly hinted that they halved the price of competition. The latest launch is planned for early January. It may not exceed the 15th of this month following a decision of ARCEP.

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