Sunday 31 August 2014

`Project Wing’ - Google’s Project Flight

Project Wing
Google has recently revealed that it has been privately working for two years to build self-flying vehicles. `Project Wing’, being their secret drone project is aimed in bringing drone delivery nearer to reality and has also uploaded a video on YouTube explaining that the team at Google X are working on a drone delivery project which has been dubbed `Project Wing’.

The two minute video shows some basic package delivery which seems like the tech giant is competing with Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service. Google X’s Astro Teller explained to BBC that another big goal of Project Wing is for disaster relief situation and the project has also been in development during the past two years.

Google’s ambitious program announcement has escalated its technological arms race with rival Inc which has also been experimenting with self-flying vehicles to carry merchandise bought by customers of its online store.Its secretive research laboratory is aiming to build a fleet of drones which are designed to bypass earthbound traffic so that packages are delivered to people in the quickest possible time frame.

Latest Project Compared to `Moonshots’

However, Google would take some more years before its fleet of drone get totally operational and the company states that test flights in Australia had delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats and water to a couple of farmers after travelling a distance of around one kilometre or half a mile just two weeks ago.

Project Wing
Project Wing being the latest project from Google’s X laboratory has been working on self-driving cars together with other far flung innovation which Larry Page, the company’s CEO has compared to `moonshots’ that pushed the technological envelope while the lab’s other work includes Internet connected eye wear known as Google Glass, Internet beaming balloons known a s Project Loon and high tech contact lens which monitors glucose levels in diabetics patients.

According to Google it states that they are aiming to improve society with the X lab’s research though the Glass device has been targeted to criticism by some, while investors seems apprehensive, expressing frustration on the funds that Google has put into the X lab without any guarantee of its success.

New Approach to Moving Goods

Drone could probably help Google in the expansion of their existing service which delivers goods purchased online on the day that they are ordered with Google offering the same day delivery service by automobiles in parts of San Francisco Bay Area, New York and Los Angeles.

According to Google’s statement in a pamphlet describing Project Wing, it states that `the self-flying vehicles could also open up a new approach to moving goods which could include options that are cheaper, less wasteful, faster and environmental friendly than what is presently prevailing’. Besides this, Google also seems to see its drone as a another step in e-commerce delivery where the aerial vehicle could make it possible and easier for people to obtain certain items like power drill, which may be needed periodically as well as emergency supplies to areas that could have been affected by earthquakes, hurricane or other natural calamities.

 According to Google, a team led by Nick Roy, aeronautics professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology had been working on Project Wing for two years though the Mountain View Californian company refrained from disclosing much about the cost of the project.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Microsoft Research Invented Video Game Time Travel to Repair Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming
In spite of huge efforts from companies like OnLive and Nvidia, the cloud based gaming still seems to be difficult dream to be fulfilled. Even though there are latency issues, remote server based games are now making more sense at a time when low power Smartphone’s and tablets are continuing to grow. Microsoft’s research team seems to have got solution in video game time travel. They are calling it DoLorean.

Existing cloud gaming platforms might have to strike a balance between value and latency. Based on the user input and the data transfer over internet before you can get the end result seem to be causing quite a long delay. This is basis for the frame to get rendered. To keep the round trip time (RTT) sensible, Cloud gaming will have to rely on rough compression and low resolutions. DoLorean has been developed keeping all these factors on mind.

How DoLorean works? 

It actually performs four tasks which have been developed to improve response and lower the RTT. The tasks are

1. Future input prediction

2. State space sub sampling

3. Mis-prediction compensation, and

4. Bandwidth compression

These tasks will improve and eliminate the lag upto 250ms and it will be cloud based game accessible even on mobile connections example being Doom 3 and Fable 3. Let’s say if a person is playing a cloud based shooter game, before anything can be done, DoLorean based server will be able to initiate three of the slaves in one instance. These are used for rendering frames as you progress in the game. These are all saved in the main server and it will send the correct frame whenever there is an input sent from the player’s end. Depending on the past behaviors, algorithm method has been used to make this as accurate as possible. The space sub sampling along with GPU computation play a significant part.

What to expect? 

If only few known instances of the cloud game, DoLorean seem to unable to deliver all likely future. Mis-prediction compensation comes into existence if the prediction of the future is no correct but it is close to the correct answer. DoLorean can use the interpolation to match the output with the rendered frame. This is very fast when compared to rendering on frame from initial point. It can also opt to compression of bandwidth to maintain a lower latency. According to Microsoft, video encoding system can get this job done even with fewer artifacts. 

Very high end software was being used by Microsoft to get the DoLorean running. This server comprises of quad-core Intel Core-i7, RAM of 16GB and Nvidia GTX680 along with VRAM of 4GB. In order to get the game running on DoLorean, the server was manually configured to artificially develop delays; a slight change might be required though. But still the future of gaming might be lying on this at the moment.

Apple Planning 12.9-Inch iPad for 2015

Apple is now planning to promote and launch it’s much whispered 12.9-inch iPad in initials of 2015 as reports received from Bloomberg. Intimations of the tablet, which has been labeled as the "iPad Pro" in gossips and rumors was firstly made available i.e. it appeared around mid-2013, with a forthcoming 2014 launch date. Latest gossips and rumors suggested that targets and plans for the tablet had been put on halt.

The new iPad is expected to have a screen measuring approximately 12.9 inches crossways, as said by the members, who specially asked not to be getting identified publicly because the details aren't open yet. Apple is currently producing iPads with range varying between 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch displays. The Cupertino, California-based Corporation has been working with providers for at least a year to create and develop a new wide range of bigger and larger touch-screen devices as said by them.

Conferring to buzzes, the bigger 12.9-inch iPad will comprise a high pixel density with a display that approaches ultrahigh definition feature. It will most probably implement many of the design fundamentals that are offered in the existing iPad Air and iPad mini like an ultrathin framework and slender side bezels.

Bloomberg recommends that the bigger tablet is a power to wobble up the iPad streak as deals of the iPad have been on the deterioration situation for the previous two quarters. The bigger tablets may demand profoundly to businesses, a marketplace that Apple is also targeting for with its latest IBM enterprise.

Along with a bigger iPad Pro Apple is also occupied working on a second-generation iPad Air and Retina iPad mini both of which are likely to comprise highly advanced processors and provision for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor application. Even this concept of apple is amazing and high tech driven.

So let’s hope that both of these products will be launched soon in the market. But the main criteria is budget because now there are many brands which provide awesome features and that too in very low and cheap price with good quality but no doubt the apple market has never been affected by any brands because it’s quality and features are far ahead from any other brands. The user interfaces of apple products are considered to be the best of all. So no doubt people buy it without even giving it a second thought.

So these are some latest gossips about the 12.9 inch iPad which apple is planning to launch in the start of 2015. The protocols and features have been set into action although it is known that the work is on hold for some time but we never know that what apple is planning inside so let’s get prepare for the surprise.

Hope apple will launch its new product soon and no doubt the competition will reach the peak if it will be success. So that’s all about the tech gossips and If you have any other news related to this topic then please share it with everyone by commenting below.

Largest Online retailer to Buy Best Tech Gadgets

Online retailer
One of Australia’s largest online retailer for computer and electronic and a renowned provider have some of the most amazing products made available for the convenience of their consumers providing them with a one stop online shopping opportunity at their portal. Mwave is one of those providers who have been recognized as an industry in the tech online world with the means of shopping and saving on purchases done at their online portal offering their customers with some of the most tempting offers, deals and discounts which could be of great benefit to their consumers.

The company originated in late 2006 and has made steady growth and is presently one of the fastest growing companies in Australia ranking 15th in the BRW Fast 100 for the year 2011. With their focus on advanced concept in business, together with vast experience and accompanied with an on-going emphasis on system development as well as quality improvement across the business, they have the capabilities of providing a wide product range and good selections on computer products and electronics, with professional services to their valuable consumers both for general as well as for business. They have been continuously making headway to develop and utilize their potential as one of the most popular online providers of tech production in Australia.

Moreover they are in an optimum position to continue their growth with further strategic partnerships and planning. mwave sell iPads starting from a rock bottom price, and their store is filled with latest gadgets. Some of their products are desktop related products, laptops, gaming, tablets, hardware and parts, ultra portable, storage devices, SSD,software and much more. Since technology has been playing a very important role in the present world, most of the activities are also dominated by technology in this fast track world of today. Consumers keen on saving and for a convenient way of shopping for products of good quality could check at the site and browse through the various options in each category of products that are listed at the site. To further enhance their shopping experience, users could also avail the option of the clearance sales which are regularly updated for the benefit of their viewers. With a huge selection on popular computers as well as electronic products from reputed manufacturers, consumers could rest assured on the best quality of products which are offered with the reduced offers.

To further enhance their shopping experience, users could also avail the option of the clearance sales which are regularly updated for the benefit of their viewers. With a huge selection on popular computers as well as electronic products from reputed manufacturers, consumers could rest assured on the best quality of products which are offered with the reduced offers.

With keen focus on logistic operation together with strong online service platform, they have been paving the way in making it convenient and easy to handle multiple items per assignment with high volumes on orders daily, ensuring that the time frame on delivery is implemented in the quickest possible time schedule. Consumers are also provided with all the support that may be needed with regards to the products besides which the products are also accompanied with the essential specification, description which could provide useful insight to consumers intending to purchase products available with them. Guidance could also be sought with gaming options, on upgrading of the computer, or on the need of ultra portable which is provided by their customer service through their live chat or via phone.

Friday 29 August 2014

Test Out the Latest Chrome OS Features

Google has always given incredible technology driven products to the world. Electronic mails, search engine, cloud, analytics and so many Google products are available for different platform of computing technology. This time Google has come up with remarkable Chrome operating system and it is available in beta form currently. From the very beginning Google is known for proposing products to the people under the "beta" tag. For so many years Gmail was just a beta product and also Google Glass is presently under beta tag.

Now talking about Chrome OS, Google has allowed users to select the choice of running a beta version of the Chrome operating system if they wish. Basically there are three different channels available in this operating system which a Chrome OS user can select, each following a pattern of different update schedule and each channel offers different and fantastic features.

The Stable channel is one of the channels and it is set default for Chrome OS and it is the most consistent and reliable one. The best part about this channel is that it is updated in every few weeks with bug fixes and in every six weeks new features and changes are added.

Now coming to the next channel it is Beta channel which is for those who love to work with the advance and latest technology and features. It is updated in almost every six or seven weeks but I think it receives new changes and features a month before the Stable channel receives.

And now coming to last channel it is the Dev channel. Here new features are available but also errors and bugs are more here. It is updated around once or twice per week but still it has more bugs.

Switching from the Stable channel mode to either the Beta channel mode or Dev channel mode is an unproblematic progression, with the major portion of your time consumed waiting for the update to get download.

Now the most crazy and difficult part is to decide that which channel you want to switch and move to because selecting a good channel is must so that it coordinates with your requirements as well.

So here is a piece of advice that you can take while moving on to new channels. While moving on to less stable channels (meaning: moving from Stable to Beta or Beta to Dev channel) it is possible to move without losing or corrupting any information stored on your system. But if you are moving from Dev channel to Beta channel or to stable one, it will ask you to entirely wipe your Chrome operating system device.

So based on my experience I would recommend you to first start with Beta channel and then if you feel more exciting then you can go down to Dev channel to enjoy other features. And after you select a channel the Chrome will automatically download all the updates and after completion it will post a notification. And then with simply restarting the device the process of updating will finish.

So if you want to try any new OS then give it a chance, perhaps you will like it more than your current operating system. If you want to share your experience with this Chrome OS then please comment below and let everyone know.

Thursday 28 August 2014

New Software- Solve the Touch screen Problem of OnePlus One

OnePlus One
OnePlus has now launched latest software updating for the popular OnePlus One Smartphone. This installation is apparently made to solve a number of problems that the customers have reported concerning the OnePlus One Smartphone.

The major problem that the users of this OnePlus One Smartphone have informed is the issues regarding the touch screen of the model. Moreover, many owners have reported that they face problem at the time of locking their phone and also at the time of using the apps.

The newest software prepared for the OnePlus One is thus, actually designed to the problem, as well as a lot of other troubles with the handset and the update that is being released is known as the over the air or OTA update.

The new software includes the version CyanogenMod 11.0 XNPH33R, according to Android 4.4.4. It directs various types of bug issues together with power consumption problem and provides security update. OnePlus informs that the update offers significant security updates and solves some other issues.

Various changes for the updates

• Changed image quality

• Fixing of touch screen problem. However, it is not much helpful in spite of the fact that the update solves unsystematic touches problem, which seems to check unlocking of the phone. Besides, the grounding matter yet exists.

• Less power use in idle state

 • Audio updates

• CVE-2014-4943 and other update for security

OTA downloading method

At first, download the version of XNPH33R OTA for OnePlus One. After downloading the link, reboot the mobile and click the button ‘Volume Down’ when it is booting. The word ‘Start’ would come into view on the screen. After that, press the button ‘Volume Up’ for a number of times until you get Recovery button.

Now click Power switch to enter the mode of recovery. You can see the Android with a red sign. Now push ‘Volume Up’ along with ‘Power’ buttons and a menu would then appear.

Link your OnePlus One to the PC by means of USB cable.Make sure that you have the newest adb version that holds the ‘side load’ command. Then, get downloaded the Android SDK. Place the downloaded file on PC and get a command prompt in the similar directory like the zip file.

Solution of different problems

The XNPH33R probably fixes the problem concerning the touchscreen, which caused it to overlook a number of inputs on the display screen right away while they were close to one other.

There was even a trouble with the grounding that made the touchscreen to create when the mobile was placed on particular surfaces, for example a pillow.The grounding problem also made it hard to utilize the touchscreen.

The new alteration can fix that trouble, although various users have stated that the touchscreen yet does not function appropriately for inputs adjacent to each other. This can create problems while you are typing letters or playing any game.

The OTA download connections are available only to those users who have not yet got the update notification.

Moto X+1: Anticipation from Motorola’s Forthcoming Flagship Device

Moto X+1
Motorola: - The Revival

Motorola has revived its reputation once again as a tech giant following major changes in its ownership & management. It rocked the smartphone universe last year following the releases of: Moto G, Moto E & Moto X. All three devices were unique in their own respect & earned wide acclaim among users upon its release. Moto E was well known for its budget friendly yet feature packed package, Moto G for being a mid range behemoth & Moto X for combining finesse with innovation & simplicity. This year also, Motorola has promised its users at least 3 devices, an upgraded version of the bestseller Moto G, an Android powered smart-wear & Moto X+1.

Moto X+1: -

Following the release of Moto X, Motorola techies realized the need of a much more powerful as well as sophisticated device available at an affordable price to compete with the likes of smartphone giants like Samsung & Apple. Thus the Moto X+1 was born. A detailed description regarding the expected features of this device has been presented below. 

Hardware Specifications: -The Moto X was powered by a 1.7 GHz Krait processor, which handled all applications decently. The Moto X+1 on the other hand is rumoured to be driven by either an over-clocked Snapdragon (at 2.45 GHz) 800 quad-core processor or its successor, The Snapdragon 801. It will be complemented by 2 gigabytes of RAM hoping that would allow the device to chew through processing operations with ease, thereby improving user experience. The GPU unit is also likely to be improved, as the device is known to sport an Adreno 330 unit.

Camera: - a 12MP/13MP primary camera is rumoured to be present on the device complimented by a 2MP secondary camera. HD recording feature is also likely to be available.

Screen & Storage: - Screen size is likely to be increased to a 5.2-inch Full HD display providing a visually delightful experience. An AMOLED display will be used along with the standard Corning Gorilla Glass 3 providing the screen the much necessary muscle to withstand daily rigors of life. 2 versions of the devices are likely to be available in terms of storage: a 16GB one & a 32 GB one.

 • Design: - Reports suggest the design of Moto X+1 would be largely based on its predecessor in terms of ergonomics & structure. Though larger in size, it should be comfortable to handle. Some unique customizations along a symmetrical dual speaker at the top is likely to be present on the device.

Software: - The device is likely to be powered by the latest Android OS, i.e. Kitkat 4.4.4. As usual, a revamped UI combined with some unique & innovative tweaks should be present as well.

Price: - 

Though Motorola has always aimed to manufacture budget friendly devices, Moto X+1is rumoured to command at least a minimum price of $400, though upgraded versions are likely to cost more.

Though it is confirmed that, Motorola is going to announce Moto X+1 on 4th September this year, release dates haven’t been confirmed yet with reports suggesting that the device is likely to be released it the slot of 10-25th September. Well known for its products, customers are eagerly waiting for the release of Motorola’s this year’s flagship device & one can only hope that it’s worth the wait.

Harmful Apps Can Hack Gmail Apps As Proved By US Researchers

According to some US researchers’ study, it is possible to hack into the accounts of Gmail, which can be almost 92% successful. It is mainly done by utilizing a weak point in the memory Smartphones. The researchers themselves were able to have access to a range of apps, which are in Gmail, by masking harmful software as a different downloaded app.Gmail was one of the simplest to access from the trendy apps as it was tested.

What is Phishing? 

Phishing actually is not the single technique used by the researchers to get the user’s information. The Chase Bank app lets the users to pay through checks by getting the image of the check by means of the phone camera. The hackers can do another attack, with the help of the advantage of this characteristic. A particular phone can put down a check by trapping a picture of it. The infected app captured the picture. This can help hackers to have entry to bank account info including the signature of the user.

Impact of the hacking through apps

The hacking was experimented on an Android mobile, but as per the researchers, it might work on any other operating system like Windows as well as the iOS system. The researchers utilized a harmful application to check the activity on an Android Smartphone. The impact starts while the user downloads such a malicious app. This app does not work until the user begins using one of the intended apps of Gmail or even the Chase Bank. By using data in the common memory, the harmful application traces out what the mobile user is doing on another app. The malware after that launches a false login window to get back the data provided by the user into the intended application. This is chiefly called a phishing attack, which the hackers mostly use to get sensitive economic data.

It has been generally assumed by the users and also the developers that these apps can never interfere with one other simply. Researchers proved that this statement is not right, and one app, in fact, considerably is able to affect another and this causes some harmful effects for the user. The hackers can get access by making a user to fix a seemingly risk-free app for example phone wallpaper. They expose a lately revealed public side channel, which does not need privileges. This trait allows methods to share all the data capably and is rather common, because all of the downloaded apps of the mobile interact with single operating system.

Thus, all the users must be always careful about these hackings. They should download apps from only the reliable sources. Generally, in most cases, popular apps are the source of hacking. In order to avoid these, it is better to check your Smartphone or the tablet on the regular basis. You have to be certain that apps that are the genuine one are the just ones that you installed. If any unnecessary app or the seemingly harmful apps are downloaded, uninstall it immediately.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Deciding Which New Phone Is The Best For You

Deciding which new phone is best for you comes down to what features you cannot live without. Keep these options in mind when you go shopping.

Office Demands vs. Home Business

                                               Image via Flickr by Sergey Galyonkin

A Smartphone that can handle multiple email accounts is essential for work but has little utility for home use. Blackberry devices, including the Blackberry 10, support POP email accounts and corporate servers that run Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access. The downside for these phones is the general lack of an app store to give added business value.

If you're running a business from your home, try the iPhone 5S. Email connectivity is still possible across multiple accounts, including POP mail, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange, and you have access to the iTunes app market. The disadvantage you'll run into here is price -- about $600 without a contract.

Taking High Quality Pictures

Cameras on today's phones rival any standalone point-and-shoot on the market. Android phones and Windows phones dominate this segment of the industry with the Nokia Lumia 1021 leading the way with its 41-megapixel camera. This Windows phone's ZEISS element lens and PureView technology combines seven megapixels into one, enabling DSLR-quality photos with just a button touch.

On the Android side, the Samsung Galaxy S5's 16-megapixel camera provides high-end camera options that still best anything Apple has out there at the moment. The phone also incorporates real-time HDR technology, white balance presets, image stabilization, multiple focus settings and white balance presets.

Power to Run Your Apps

What good is it to have millions of apps available for download if your phone doesn't have enough RAM to run them? If you like to run a ton of apps at once or use your phone for graphic heavy games, you need a device that can handle the increased power demands. Samsung makes the devices with the highest RAM (random access memory) now available, including the Galaxy Note 3 (3GB of RAM). Sony's Xperia line of phones also features 3GB of RAM and comparable processor speeds to the Samsung Galaxy series but has lower display resolution.

Into the Future: Multiple media outlets confirmed that Samsung developed the world's first 4GB RAM chip for a smartphone back in 2013. That's enough power to run most desktop applications.

Phone Security Features

Keeping sensitive business information on your phone? You need a device that can keep your data secure and prevent access even if you lose it or someone steals it. Built-in fingerprint scanners on the iPhone 5S, HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5 make certain that only you can unlock your phone. Remote data wiping for phones using Android or iOS operating systems helps you and your company cut sensitive information should the phone fall into the wrong hands. Take advantage of cloud storage features on the Android or iTunes app markets so your data doesn't need to live on your phone.

Handling a Heavy Workload

How long your phone can hold a charge can mean the difference between getting work done on the road and a desperate search for a wall outlet. PC Mag's own testing crowned the Huawei Ascend Mate2 as the leader in battery life with more than 30 hours available on a single charge. If you've never heard of the phone, that's because it's manufacturer only started offering smartphones in the United States in 2014. If you'd like a device with a more established sales history in the US, try the Droid Maxx. This phone has over 19 hours of battery life and full access to the Android app market and a 10MP camera.

Decide with Special Features

Some proprietary features set phones apart from the rest of the pack. If you have relatives and friends scattered across the country, you may want an iPhone to leverage FaceTime for more personal communication. Are you a person who hates typing on a touch screen? Try a phone like one from the Galaxy Note series, which incorporates a stylus for hand writing your notes.
Special features are no sign of a phone with staying power, however, so it's important to look at all factors before making a final decision.

Choosing the phone that's best for you comes down to how you view its importance in your daily life. Take these tips and go forth to make informed choices.

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Apache Hadoop Project

Apache Hadoop
Apache Hadoop is the open source project that acts as the agenda for storage and processing large amount of data. The Apache Hadoop project mainly aims at the development of the open source software that will be used for consistent, accessible and scattered or better known as distributed computing. It is highly designed to scale and balance up from single servers to thousands of machines, each providing local advance computation and high storage capacity.

The license under which it is developed is Apache License 2.0 and it is developed for cross platform so it can be termed as interoperable. Hadoop is built under the Apache top level project which is the community of large number of people. It is developed by the people of this community and since it is the open source community people from all over the world have given the ideas and many of them have contributed to it in many ways.

The project contains some modules which can be explained as follows:

Hadoop Common: It is the common functions and utilities that supports and maintain the other Hadoop modules.

Hadoop Distributed File System: It is also called as HDFS. Basically it is a distributed file system which provides and gives high-throughput access to many application data. It is one of the main modules of the project.

Hadoop YARN: It is theagenda for not only job scheduling but also cluster resource maintenance and management.

Hadoop MapReduce: MapReduce isa YARN-based module for implementation of parallel processing of large data sets.

History of Hadoop

The history of Hadoop is quite interesting. Earlier around 2004 there was simply Google file system paper then in the mid came Google MapReduce paper. In 2005 nutch uses MapReduce. Then in the starting of 2006 Hadoop got separated from Nutch and then finally around the mid of 2008 Hadoop became Apache project. The large community of this project was formed and then the development of Hadoop project started.

Hadoop Distributed File System includes the following features: 

•  Very Large integrated Distributed File System

– contains around 10K nodes with 100 million files supporting system with capacity of 10 PB.

•  Undertakes Commodity Hardware

– All the files are fully or partially replicated to handle hardware and software failure.

–Itdetects all kinds of failures and recovers data from them with maximum accuracy.

•  Enhanced for Batch Processing

– Basically data locations are exposed such that computations and other calculations can move to wherever data exists in.

– It also provides very advanced and high comprehensive bandwidth.

So these are some advanced features of HDFS or Hadoop distributed file system that have really made the project successful.

Following are the advantages of Hadoop project:

• Flexible

• Fast

• Secure

• Scalable

• Reliable

• Cost effective

• Cross platform

• High storage capacity

• Failure resistant

• Data Replication to prevent failure.

So these are some amazing features that have really helped Hadoop to become a successful project and no doubt it has been adopted by many famous companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, IBM, etc. So it’s really very successful project with highly advance features.

Some other projects related to Hadoop are Ambari, Avro, Cassandra, Pig, Hive, Chukwa, Spark etc. All of them are related to big data and cluster computing. In later posts we will also discuss about some other projects related to big data to stay connected.

Monday 25 August 2014

Lockitron – Smart Keyless Entry System

Lockitron is a device that is capable of locking and unlocking deadbolts locks through remote control namely a smartphone. The gadget has been designed by Apigy,based in Mountain View, California, which is an easy to install app connected smart home solution that can turn any common deadbolt into a smart keyless entry system.

The device can fit over the lock control mechanism from the inside of the door while the door can be unlocked through an app on the phone or through web page control. Moreover, phones with Bluetooth Low Energy- BLE, can also unlock the door automatically when an authenticated is within range and the supplied NFC tag could be read to start a command to toggle the state of the lock.

Apigy designed Lockitron as a standalone product, based on earlier success of deadbolt replacement solutions, which can now be operational over the internet through Wi-Fi or directly from iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. Apigy, like several hardware start-ups did encountered many problems at the time of manufacture, missed deadline due to unforeseen complications as well as quality control issues.

After successful funding campaign of two years, Lockitron has now been shipped to backer in quantity though there some minor problems with the current software with some features which were promised that seemed to be absent.

Adopted Sensor Suite with Motorized Turning Ring

Though the basic dimensions of deadbolts of US are standardized, its internal mechanics like the degree of rotation needed to activate the lock differs from each manufacturer for instance a Schlage needs a 90 degree turn to lock and unlock the bolt while products which are by Kwikset need a more substantial 120 degree turn.

To adjust the varying locking ratios, some locks have a deadbolt lever which is centrally placed in the decorative mounting plate while others place the pivot point off centre in the fascia’s lower third and to work with these roadblocks, Lockitron had adopted a sensor suite with motorized turning ring which automatically programs the locking start and stop positions, determining correct force that can also be activated by knocking.

A rubber insert grasps the deadbolt lever which can be cut or printed in 3D for an accurate fit.

Mounting Lockitron is easy, straightforward process

Mounting of the Lockitron is easy and a straightforward process which needs a Philips-head screwdriver which is included for installing purpose together with a C-shaped mounting plate which needs to be fitted between the door and decorative deadbolt plate to make a solid anchor from which Lockitron can be latched.

 The C-plate has grooves matching with common deadbolts assemblies and tabs which interlock with Lockitrons’ chassis.Installing is done by loosening the deadbolt screws from the interior door, sliding the C-plate behind the deadbolt decorative mounting plate and fitting the mounting plate into a accurate groove on the C-plate to the centre of the Lockitron.

 Thereafter, tightening the deadbolt screw ensuring that the lever turns with the least amount of resistance since deadbolts tend to be fiddly and doors are drilled with some inaccuracy. If all this is not aligned accurately there could be chances that the lever may turn out to be hard to turn. Once done the Lockitron need to be held at an angle to the door, to slip it over the tables on the C-plate, rotated till it is vertically straight up and down with the door edge and then mounted.
Lockitron Relies More on Wi-Fi than Bluetooth

Thereafter the app can be downloaded which guides the user through the process of setting up Locitrons’ software and on entering Wi-Fi network range, the app ask to connect the Lockitron with Apigy’s cloud service by taking a picture of a barcode attached to the device chassis. In Lockitron, the focus is on phone’s display at the upper right corner of Lockiron while the app flashes pattern of pulses which are captured by on board photo sensor.

The concept of Lockitron relies more on Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth connection since Wi-Fi has a higher energy cost on the AA batteries which are included and the firmware puts Lockitron to sleep in order to conserve power. Scheduling sleep/wake is arbitrary and manual activation is limited to knocking or locking the door. At the time of leaving the home, the door is unlocked from inside and as we exit we tend to pull the door close but it still remain unlocked. We can then open the app and swipe to lock the door.

 Lockitron is a good idea and the hardware has good capabilities but its execution is not quite up to the mark. Apigy on their part are constantly making progress in updating for better Wi-Fi connection, to modify wake/sleep pattern, higher app monitoring accuracy with better mechanical operation. Moreover, the company also has plans to activate `Sense’, which is a proximity aware method of keyless entry based on Bluetooth 4.0 that was on the hyped features list.

Sunday 24 August 2014

A Single Picture: Now a Thousand Images!!!

Visual Media is considered as the most effective form of media. An average human being has the tendency to learn more via this medium than any other. As a result, nowadays every communication involves visual interactions. From buying products to learning new subjects; pictures, diagrams & videos are the modern day tools of the trade. Photography is one of the most vital examples of visual media. Since its invention, an estimated 3.5 trillion photographs have been taken till date, with 10 % of that amount being captured the past year alone. Photographs are considered useful for the following reasons: -
  •   Ability to store memories of special occasions in life.
  •   Capturing sceneries of beautiful holiday spots.
  •    Keeping records.
Its sheer ability to express multitudes of information as well as emotions makes photography an irreplaceable tool in our daily life. Now for a second, let us imagine a photograph storing thousands more photographs in it. Though to a common person it may sound absurd, but thanks to today’s exponential rate of development of science of technology, this seemingly impossible objective is soon about to be turned into reality.

Background: -
Research is being conducted in the above stated matter &amazingly even a software dubbed “AverageExplorer” has been created by researchers at University of California, Berkley. Alexei Efros, an associate professor of electrical engineering & computer science is considered as the lead researcher of this project. He along with Jun-Yan Zhu, a UC Berkley CS graduate & Yong Jae Lee, a former post doctoral researcher at the University & also the lead author of the project’s findings, developed the initial programme.

Operation & Implications: -
  •  The process of combining multiple pictures into a single image generally involves the process of combining the visual data present in each of the component systems to produce a meaningful result. Features can also be tweaked to take an average account of all the components or put weight on specific areas &characteristics, which can vary from user to user.
  •  This software has an immense scope in today’s visual media ridden universe. Users can sift through tons of pictures, visual data in general in seconds simply by specifying a few constraints. The “dark matter” would no longer appear to be a subject of mystery.
  •  Online Shopping will become fast, smooth &efficient, as customers would be able to make quick choices by judging “product rich” images.
  •  Recognition Software would be revolutionized as computers would be able to identify facial as well as structural features in milliseconds once optimized for such operations via AverageExplorer.
  •  Data storage spaces can be significantly reduced once “pictures can contain pictures” & computing, data traversing run times would hugely improve.

Once again, the beauty of technology has left humans befuddled by its magic & innovation. This software has the capability of revolutionizing the entire world of photography & to a huge extent human life, as people keep a vast amount of pictures to store special memories as well as conduct day-to-day business.

5 Apps That Will Make Spellbound

Mosquito Repellent
Nowadays, smartphones & tablets have become indispensible tools to an average person. Being “smart”, these gadgets are famous for providing users with innovative apps, which are capable of helping day-to-day life. Apple’s iOs & Google’s Android are the most notable smartphone/tablet operating systems & each of them boasts a plethora of apps capable of performing a wide range of tasks. These apps can be obtained from iStore (in case of Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (applicable for Android compatible devices). Most of these softwares are free & easily available but an internet connection is necessary for installation purposes. Discussed below are 5apps which are special in terms of their innovative approach & usefulness in day to day life: -
  • Translator: - Language translator is an effective tool as an average person can come across multiple languages, which are unknown to him/her during his course of life, especially f he/she is a travelling professional or tourist. Google Translator helps users identify over 80 languages. It is available for freeon both iStore as well as Play Store. It is capable of identifying speech, texts even photos (only on android devices). It is a free to download app, though a running internet connection is needed for usage. 
  • Encryptor: - Calls can now be made secure via ZRTP & AES 128 encryption. The man advantage being, improved privacy. Apple has Signal while Android users can use Redphone to encrypt their call. It is necessary that both callers involved have the necessary software installed on their devices. Service charges are nonexistent.
  • Mosquito Repellent: -Smartphone apps can now be used to drive off mosquitoes as well. A high frequency sound is generated by the device once the concerned software is installed. People can rest easy as human ears are impervious to such high frequency sounds. Iphone users can use Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller while android users can go for Mosquito Go Away. Thanks to these apps, hanging outdoors can become a lot more pleasant than usual.
  • Sleep Analyst: - Sleep is one of the most vital body functions necessary for maintaining a healthy life. The app known as Sleep Cycle Alarm is a useful little tool designed to help users attain a proper sleep. Once activated, it records sleep patterns before displaying detailed analysis to users. Once all such information is compiled, it creates alarm schedules in such a way that the user is ensured a proper sleep. It is very effective in maintaining life quality though time durations in attaining desirable results can vary from person to person.
  • Live Scanner: - Real life emergencies require fast & effective retrieval of relevant information to ease such situations. Scanner Radio as well as Emergency Radio are apps, which make live information such as weather updates, air traffic, NOAA notifications, police activity etc easily available to users. Scanner Radio is available for free on both iStore & Play Store.
The above discussed apps are a must have for a modern smartphone user & they can count on these apps to enrich their lives.

Ultimate Sea Adventure on Phone- Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn even though seems to be inspired from Zelda; it is fantasy story full of adventure, battle and exploration. It is completely an interlaced story.

What you need to know about the game:

This game is about the story of a boy, who in search of his missing father is exploring everything about a monster named Oceanhorn. The game has exceptional narratives and has the capacity to draw the complete attention of the player and provide them with enough motivation for the actions that needs to be taken by the characters in the game. The game has been laced with high quality graphics and music to keep the player engrossed. Currently the game has been made to be compatible with every iOS and has been priced at $8.99 US.

What’s the story of Oceanhorn:

This is game all about a boy, who has been send to a completely different world with only his father’s book of his travel and a necklace of his late mother. The boy is in search of his father, who has gone missing after he went searching for Oceanhorn. The game starts with the boy meeting a hermit who guides him about collecting 3 sacred and holy emblems. In order to collect these emblems the character will be travelling across different islands and enters the exciting part of sailing and surfing.

The character can sail across different islands my developing a course of sail in the map and following the route. The water journey has been kept exciting with constant entry of attackers and enemies and other hazardous conditions. Just like most of the other games, it’s about shooting all the enemies in order to save your lives and health.

So what’s exciting?

Being a game based on adventure, exploration becomes the main exciting part. It’s up to the player to select their course of action. The choice can be difficult task as the game has not been designed to give any hints of which course or path to consider. In order to collect the emblem, player might have to repeatedly come back to same areas again and again. Interaction is the only means to collect ideas and information. These hints will enable the player to search a new area of probably complete a new task.

Puzzles have been incorporated to test the mind of the player as solving them can help to either collect treasure or get into a new location. Getting a puzzle solved is an exciting task but if it takes lot of time, might even frustrate certain players. Players need not get confused with puzzles to be main problem solver as they might to be even there just to confuse.

The enemies in the game has been developed tactfully like boss battle is about skills, player need to use their skill to kill these boss as they have to attack them for a long time and in the end can even get helpless.

What could be different?

The controls have been given well but the swipe control might occasionally trouble you and frame rate issues need to rectify.

In the end, this game will give you all the excitement you need to restore the empire of Arcadia when compared to other games at much higher costs.

5 Great Free Photography Programs

Computers have, without doubt, changed the nature of photography. Interacting with digital images, computer technology now allows all manner of changes to be made to an image. This throws up a whole host of questions about the idea of photographs as portraying reality or not, but it has also thrown open a door to previously inconceivable creativity. Below are some of the best free programs for manipulating our photographic images.


PhotoScape offers not only standard photo editing facilities, but also enables you to turn your images into slideshows and Gifs. It has a lot of functions but you can customise all the toolbars so you only see the ones you need, meaning the program can be as advanced or basic as you make it. It also supports conversion of images from all DSLR cameras to Jpegs, with a simple and intuitive conversion and file storage system.


Ideal for the whole family, PhoXo is an ideal program for getting kids started on image editing. They can use the inbuilt functions to add clip art to photos or indeed draw ad paint on them. Customisable effects are easy to apply and you can watermark your images to protect them for copyright when publishing on the web.


Paint.NET is an upgrade on the original Paint program for Windows that was one of the first free photo programs for Microsoft operating systems. The new version has a lot more functionality, with all the layering, effects and other tools you would expect from more expensive photo editing packages. Free to download, continuously updated and compatible with Windows 8.


One of the first – and best – open source photography programs, GIMP is commonly regarded as the free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Available for both Mac and PC, it offers comparable functions to Photoshop, without the hefty price tag. So you get a large workspace with layers and palettes aplenty that allow for professional level retouching and manipulation. And being open source, it is constantly getting upgraded with additional functions and bug fixes. If you have a fibre optic broadband connection, you can get the latest version uploaded in moments.

Irfan View

This is a god choice for those not looking to do major alterations to their photos and who want a program that doesn’t take up a lot of space on the hard drive. At less than 2 MB, Irfan View is one of the smallest free photo programs available. As such, it doesn’t have professional editing tools, but it is perfect for resizing images, adding captions, creating slideshows and tweaking the colour or brightness of an image. Simple and user-friendly

Saturday 23 August 2014

Intel Explores Wearable Devices for Parkinson's disease Research

Intel  Device
Intel is planning to implement wearable gadgets to keep track and monitor patients who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The gadgets may include smart watches or smart bands and these gadgets will allow collecting the data of the patients and then this data will be transferred to the researchers and then these researchers will do the analysis accordingly.

They are collaborating with the Michael J. Fox Foundation in order to carry out multiphase research which will include study of the neurodegenerative brain disease. According to study it is estimated that nearly Five million people from all around the world have been analyzed and diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Hence it is said to be second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's. So it’s a serious issue and must be taken care of so this is the reason why Intel took the initiation to make this research.

The preliminary target or goal is to determine the practicability of implementing wearable devices to track patients remotely and store the data which is collected using these in an open system that can be retrieved and used by scientists for further study.

In the next stage of the research and study the foundation will establish funds to monitor how patients are replying or responding to the provided medication. The array of wearable devices will be used to track the patient’s records that will be the part of research.

These wearable smart devices will provide a useful method to keep track of patients from their work or homes, and the best part is that it will also allow people in the most rural parts of the country to get involved in the research. It’s a true fact that people of rural areas don’t have much resource to get involved in such type of research practices because they neither have much money nor they have any knowledge to understand such high projects so they are only concerned with their personal life hence they are not interested in such research. But Intel has always found the technical solution of every problem and this Parkinson’s disease research is the best example of this. So hats off to Intel Corporation.

These wearable gadgets will be provided to almost every patient who is suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. The research will take place in different phases and the details that will be obtained using these smart gadgets will be stored in the system that will be open to scientists for purpose of study. And these results will be analyzed by them and thus without any actual participation of patients the proper output in the form of medication will be discovered.

Now the most interesting part is the wearable devices that will be used. It is estimated that the wearable devices would be designed in such a way that patient or participant may wear it for whole research duration comfortably. It should be light weighted and should look good on wearing. Hence the smart watches are selected as the best device for this. But also it is in the news that they will work with Basis Science which is well known for its wrist band and this wrist band will measure the heart rate of the person wearing this.

So let’s hope that this research will be successful soon because it will help the patients suffering from Parkinson’s to get rid of this disease and live a healthy life.

Friday 22 August 2014

Moto X+1 Front Panel Design Trickled

Moto X+1
With Motorola (which is now powered by Google) making a comeback in the mobile market with its 3 phone model Moto E, Moto G and Moto X, time has now come for a phone with improved ultimate features that will now raise the Motorola flagships as high as possible. And that phone as per Motorola’s announcements is Moto X+1, which will be Moto X+1’s successor.

But, I’ve got a good news for everyone who is interested in knowing more about the phone, even before getting unveiled on September, we have in store for you the leaked front panel pictures and discussion of the Moto X+1

All about Moto X+1

After the successful release of Moto X, Motorola announced its successor Moto X+1. It was aforementioned to come with a box full of amazing features. A 5.2-inch full HD touchscreen, with a 5 finger touch support, two QUALCOMM Snapdragon 800 processors, a powerful graphic processor sporting a Qualcomm Adreno 330. A RAM of 2 GB, with an internal memory of 24 GB (giga bytes) it has a lot other features that might take it to earn a notable position in the market. Not only it also houses a 2 cm front camera and a 12-mega pixel rear camera both having the capability to click full HD pictures and videos.

Here’s Some Insight On The Leaked Information

It was said that Moto X+1 would house a 5.2 inch screen which would be obviously bigger than its predecessor Moto X, and that doubt was undoubtedly very much cleared after the leaked information got out.

There was a great confusion in knowing the processor being in the new Moto X+1, as it was said in the benchmarks that it would either a Snapdragon 801 or 805. But thanks to leak, if not the processor, a good outlook of the basic features of the phone’s panel could be well evident.

The front panel of the Moto X+1 houses a 1080p Full HD screen of 5.2 inches is an improvement on its predecessor which had a 720p screen of 4.7 inches. The rounded pebble shape of Moto X is still being retained in Motorola’s new phone. It is rounded but the design of the speakers similar to that it’s budget phone Moto E which also sported a front facing speaker.

Despite the blunt look of Motorola phones, the phone market could not get affected much because of the mouth-watering specifications of Moto X, and so shall it be for Moto X+1.

Some Expectations We Have From the Predecessor

We all believe this phone will also lead up to the expectations and level of its previous phones. Moto Maker, which was originally started a long time ago with a motive to carve out triumph in individualising the handsets in pre-purchase process. This concept is sure to be followed in Moto X+1, and will continue to have its effect in countries worldwide such as UK and Germany where its flagships are finally met with.

Thus, with Moto X+1’s front panel leak, it spurred out excitement even more , and made everyone all the more impatient as we now have to wait for the phone to get released, for the normal crowd to own this priced possession.

Simon Celebrates its 20th Birthday

Today the cosmopolitans are very much familiar with the Smartphone, which have a sleek body containing a wide array of features ranging from high-resolution camera, 1080p video support, and large data storing capacity. But has anyone wondered what was the 1st Smartphone being like?

 Well, the world’s 1st smartphone was designed by IBM Technologies and American cellular company BellSouth and marketed under the name Simon. The advent of 16th August 2014 marks the 20th birthday of the first ever smartphone being marketed all over the globe irrespective of the geographical topologies.

Structural Details of Simon:
The forerunner of the smartphone, which was marketed under the name Simon was not much like today’s smartphone. In fact, it was not regarded as a smartphone back then, reported by the curator Charlotte Connelly. It was manufactured and entered the multinational market on 16th August 1994, and gained international acclaim within a very short span of time

Some of the features of Simon are enlisted below:

  • It had a black and white 4.5-inchgreen LCD screen.
  • Pixel resolution was 293x160 pixels, with a stylus touch capacity.
  • It ran on 16-bitVadem processor having anx86 compatibility. 
  • It had 1MB RAM and 1.8MB storage drive.
  • It weighted more than 500gm (1.1lb) and it was about 20cm (9 inches) long and was powered by nickel-cadmium battery.
Apart from that, Simon has the capability to send fax and emails only when they can be synchronized with the desktop computer. Users could operate The Simon with the stylus that was provided along with the handset. Apart from that, users could create notes, draw pictures and could even synchronize the calendars as per as their needs.

Market Value of Simon back then:

IBM Technologies mastered in manufacturing a smartphone, which possess the capacity to optimize workload. However, a good technology comes with an expensive price. It was coined in the open market for a price of $900(539 GBP) in the initial years of marketing, with a 2 years contract with BellSouth (now AT&T) as network connectivity. An estimated 50,000 handsets were sold to the customers of 15 states of United States of America, and the primary buyers were business tycoons and corporate magnates.

The battery lasted only for an hour, and it had no access to internet connectivity at that time. Owing to heavy weight and shorter battery lifespan and an expensive cost, the demand of the smartphone Simon did not last long in the market and soon it became obsolete within 2 years of its launch. Nevertheless, it was a groundbreaking innovation at that era, when wireless technology was just its juvenile stage.

The Science Museum in USA bought Simon over eBay with an anonymous sum of money. Owing a wireless technological device was way too out of league for ordinary citizens, so its demand was slowly diminished. That is when Nokia introduced its Nokia 9000 Communicator to get the top-notch in the wireless device market.

The advancement of technology has ushered a technological revolution resulting in making the 1st ever invented smartphone to be long forgotten in the pages of history. Apparently, Simon will be remembered as the first ever-designed smartphone.

Thursday 21 August 2014

How to Create a SMTP Server on Your Computer

SMTP Server on Your Computer
The word SMTP can be expanded as “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. So SMTP can be defined as the standard (set of instructions) or rule of Internet for e-mail or electronic mail transmission. Some people want to create a SMTP server on their computer because they want to use outlook for sending mails even when ISP is not allowing to do so because they are not connected to their server because of absence of internet facility. So creating a SMTP server on the computer allows sending e-mails even when there is no connection between the user and ISP servers and thus no internet facility is required within local SMTP server.

Creating SMTP server on the computer is mostly preferred by the small businesses which do not have the facility of exchange server but still they want to send and receive emails but with the help of outlook. So in such cases creating own SMTP server is the best idea. It can also be observed in some colleges and universities. So now let’s begin to learn how to setup SMTP server on computer.

IIS SMTP Server Setup

Step 1:

Select the control panel and open it and click "Programs," or "Programs and Features".

Step 2:

Now click on the option of turning windows features mentioned as on or off,” which is located in the left panel if you're having the Classic view of it. Now click "Allow" if by chance you get any types security warnings.

Step 3:

Now what you have to do is to expand and increase "IIS or Internet Information Services" and please make sure that "SMTP Server" is installed for sure. In case it’s not then check the box located next to it and restarts as required.

Step 4:

Now select the Windows key and "R" to open the run menu. Now simply type "inetmgr" and select "Enter" to open the Internet Information Services or IIS Manager.

Step 5:

Now press the right-click in "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and press "New," and then select "Virtual Server."

Step 6:

Now don’t forget to input your personal SMTP settings within the new Virtual Server Wizard in order to configure the server.

Step 7:

Now simply configure the email client say Outlook Express or Thunderbird to practice the new SMTP server. Now all the email clients will route to your personal SMTP server and the server will automatically route those mails to the external addresses successfully.

Now you need to setup HMail server. Simply download it from the resources and follow the instructions to install the setup of exe format. Select the database as per your need and requirement. Enter the master user and password and keep it secure and then this way finish the setup installation and open it. Now open the administrator account and enter the domain name and remember to save it. Also save your IP values and ranges and also save the proper configuration settings and it’s done.

Now you can simply use your ISP’s SMTP. Just open the email program and look for something like account setting or settings of the email program. Email program can be of thunderbird and so on. Now look for server settings in it and there enter the information and other details from the ISP. So finally it’s done and now your SMTP server is ready to work in your local area of network. If you are facing any problem in managing the outlook contacts then you can go for MX-Contact and it will help you a lot.

So I hope that you have understood all the steps and hope you will be able to create a SMTP server without any type of errors. But still if you have any problem regarding this then please comment and let us know. And those who have any other good idea regarding this concept then please share it with everyone here by commenting below. In later posts we will come up with more amazing ideas like this so stay connected.

Tips to Consider When Switching From Android platform to iOS platform

 switching from android to iOS
Even though there are many people who find the android and iOS platforms to be similar, there are some significant similarities between these two in terms of features but there are considerable amount of differences also. So, what one should be doing if they are planning to switch over to iOS platform. This transition doesn’t need to be as traumatic as one might feel, switching from android to any iPhone model or iPhone 6 (after its released) can be easily achieved by following these below mentioned tips: There are extensive lists of tips that have been given by many people which can help you in this easy transition. Some of the major ones are:
  1. New Keyboard: If planning to switch to iPhone 6, then you should be expecting android based keyboards. Android users have been blessed with multiple options for including wallpapers, widgets etc when compared to iPhone users (limited access) which include the iOS keyboard since its launch. This new keyboard will enable the apple users to type in entire sentences with fewer touches and even might hint to complete the sentence.
  2. Widgets: These are extremely handy when coming to get information about stock, weather etc. Users of this app can wait for a complete revamp in the coming apple models.
  3. Acompli App: Even though initially the searching mails in iOS was more difficult when compared to android, but now with the planning of Acompli app, the users will be able to only send email from the sent and received section but also will be able to send the locally saved files without any issues.
  4. Notifications have been given priority in iOS as every email will get highlighted. If has been divided into different times and different days to enable an easy access. For professionals iOS is highly recommended because it features all business requirements.
  5. Restricting access to apps: When it comes to android, restrictions are created by creating different user profiles but in iOS, restriction has been given importance. Apps can be controlled through password protection.
  6. iOS is planning to enhance the sharing and linking option in their phone which was not given priority before.
  7. If you planning a switch reverse way around then a voice search might give a bit of encouragement. Android comes in with a exceptional voice search app which is still a shortcoming in the iOS.
  8. For a customization features fan, it is boon to switch to iOS as their permission control feature is totally missing in android.
  9. The users of iOS will find the home button an easy option when compared to android phones, in which the back button is the only advantage in comparison to the iOS phones.
  10. iOS phone users have nothing to envy about as they get an easy option for upgrading to a higher version by paying maybe a higher price but when it comes to update that can received from Google play can only update apps and not the android version.
So, if you looking to switch from an android platform to iOS; iOS8 the latest version from Apple is something to wait for.

Google Reportedly Acquires JetPack Inc.

Like every human being, Google also loves to go for shopping. Google, the most popular web search engine company acquiring old settled, new start-ups and new promising technologies since 2010 with truckload of money at a rate of one company per week. Just after acquisition of big companies like Skybox Imaging and drawElements, Google is all set to buy JetPack Inc. now.

However, the tech giant has not publicized the details of the deal yet, but JetPack Inc. already announced it’s joining with Google on their homepage and also the withdrawal of their support for the apps soon. JetPack Inc., a San Francisco based city guide-company, created a mobile application knows as JetPack City Guide, which collects images of every nuke and corners of a city from social sites, like Facebook, Instagram and arranges them in proper category to build a city tour guide. This mobile application has become so much popular that it enhanced its data as they claim to have city guidance for 6,000 cities all around the world.

What benefits JetPack offers to Google: 

Apart from the city guide mobile application, the company also has technologies like Spotter and Deep Thought. While Deep Thought is basically created an artificial intelligence, Spotter is a unique technology, where if your iPhone is spotted towards an object, the applications will you what the object is.

Since it came to the app store, it acted like a visual guide to cities across the world, picking up photos from social sites to create a city guide. If one seeks an Irishbar, a computer centre, or simply a roadside car shop, JetPack city guide application will find it for you in just couple of seconds. It also recommends happening places to be most popular and most scenic with its image processing and neural network technology.

What Google will do with JetPack: 

This is the obvious question that comes to your mind when you get the news of this acquisition. As we expect, JatPack’s application will no longer exist after the take-over by Google. The applications in Google’s great eco-system are huge in number. Experts have different opinions about the usage of JetPack’s technology for Google community.

Some of them thinks, Google will use JetPack’s technology for the Google Now and Google Map. It will use the city guide’s database for 6,000 cities across the globe, when a user searches in Google Map for something. Already Google recommends places to visit which are near your hotel and shopping places. With JetPack’s database, Google’s service will get a huge boost.

Another line of thinking some of the experts are having that Google will exploit the JetPack’s technology for Google+, where Google have added lot of photo sharing options recently. JetPack’s unique and innovative algorithm can be a significant up-gradation for the Google’s imaging technology.
To meet its thirst to acquire new start-up companies, Google is now deciding to launch Venture Capital arm to help them in initial start-up and to get them on-board.

Spying the Internet: How the “Big 5” Do It!

Spying the Internet
By now it is well-known that spying the world’s servers for vulnerabilities and remote control as well as communication snooping is rampant and performed by major government intelligence agencies like NSA, GHCQ, etc. The big 5 – an alliance between U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand and Australia, performs it primarily. It is indeed a fascinating story as to how they do it and with what ease it is done, which by the way is shocking. Without wasting anymore time, let us dive deep in the process which can be murky and all the reasons for the why and how.

The “Five Eyes”

The "Five Eyes", often abbreviated as "FVEY", refer to an alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. and are bound by the multilateral UKUSA Agreement – which signifies a joint cooperation in signals intelligence. It all started after World War II when the allies formed ECHELON – a surveillance system developed by the FVEY to monitor Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc in general during the cold war. Since that, it has increased in size and forms a supra-national system that does not abide by the laws of their countries as well as share surveillance data of their people and businesses among themselves which otherwise is banned.

Enter “Hacienda”

Many dream of systems that would scan the entire internet for vulnerabilities and exploit them – well such things are now possible. Hacienda is port scanning software that scans ports of all online servers for vulnerabilities and its primary goal being to exploit these to gain remote access and control. It was first uncovered in 2009 by HeiseOnline, which got hold of presentations about the software. Port scanning takes place via 3-way handshaking mechanisms of TCP/IP protocol stack and is quite convenient. It is now estimated that the software is powerful enough to scan the entire IPv4 address space within a few hours running on a single PC. Based on leaked evidences, it has been used to port scan on 27 countries whose actual identities could be revealed. Also, their port snooping involves all network protocols which are secured like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH and SNMP.

0-Day Attacks

An often used word, it implies attacking a system via an identified vulnerability before the security experts find out about it. Thus, one is basically defenseless as it happens. NSA relies heavily on such tactics and firewalls are useless in such cases as in mort probability, NSA has already infiltrated the local network.

With such information about wide-spread spying, port snooping and 0-day attacks, the revelations tell us about how vulnerable our networks are. Most of the surveillance is justified by “increased threats of terrorism on nations”; however, theydo not respect privacy and national laws. While the security principles are well understood, it is the poor implementation, an age-old IPv4 with security “bolted-on” rather inbuilt and vulnerable servers that lead to such surveillance apart from massive investment in resources for the task. It is indeed an eye-opener for most!

Benefits of Electrically Started Turbine Engines

Lithium twin pack
A lithium twin pack like those at Start Pac has to be very powerful to help a turbine engine to function. These have a four hour charge time and do the work that is usually done by gas. In order to understand the power of these electrical charge packs, it is important to understand the nature of turbine engines.

People most often associate the engines with those seen on large airplanes or commercial jets. These have turbofans and use gas to power planes. Other turbine engines have used steam, water and wind for power. In the case of gas turbines, the gas is pressurized enough to make the engine spin. The engine is designed to pressurize the gas on its own by burning kerosene, propane, natural gas or jet fuel. The high speed of the air that occurs during this burning process makes the air expand and churn the turbine.

The three major parts of the engine have specific functions that help this whole process along. The compressor squeezes the air that is coming in and transforms it to a high pressure state. The combustion area does the same thing for fuel, turning it into high pressure gas. The turbine uses the pressure from both of the other chambers and turns it into energy.

Although gas turbines are very compact and effective for the jobs that they have to perform, they can be quite expensive. They create quick wear and tear on engine materials, which already have to be made to withstand high temperatures, speeds and wear from gas. This makes it expensive for manufacturing companies to keep the right materials on hand to safely design new models. There is an additional expense with hiring the right engineers who have enough knowledge to create these models. Their expertise often comes at a high-end price.

One of the other things that makes gas turbines more expensive is that while they are in operation, it is not possible for them to use intermittent of fluctuating fuel loads. The amount of fuel going into the engine must be constant, which means that it takes an enormous amount of it to keep a turbine functional.

In engines that are not used for mass purposes, it makes more sense to use electricity for operation purposes. It is just simpler and a lot cheaper. This is why the lithium twin pack battery has gained so much popularity in smaller applications. It is also the best choice for the average consumer, unless he is prepared to fly a plane.