Thursday 7 August 2014

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360
Motorola Moto 360
The SmartWatch Moto 360 is developed by Motorola with Android Wear. Now new images have surfaced on the net. Unlike other Smart Watches the Motorola Moto 360 has a circular display. There are hardly any photos of the SmartWatch equipped with a round clock display.

The tech Whistleblower ev leaks has released new images of the Motorola Smart Watch Moto 360. The Italian website Mr. Gadget also has released new images of the Moto 360 and its charging station. The Motorola Moto 360, which showed by Google to its developers fair I / O, without any images and only few key points and some data were made public.

Through this leaking of these images of clock more technical data can be inferred. Using the side view can be seen that the clock probably comes in different colors on the housing with silver and black. In addition, the images provide a detailed insight into the design, which is held unlike the LG G Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear Live in round shape.

The Moto 360 features as the Samsung Galaxy Live via a button located on the side of the case. The design of the SmartWatch leaves a high quality impression. So the bracelet is probably not plastic or rubber, but of leather or metal. The pictures, however, can not estimate how thick the display is. According to the images it is a waterproof and dust proof. The housing consists largely of stainless steel. A pulse sensor with an optical module is also included.

Additionally there is a pedometer. The clock is in contrast to the competing models and is not charged with a cable, but by induction. Photos of the associated charging cradle were also shown by Mr. Gadget. The Moto 360 is vertically placed inside so that it is more readable. The clock battery is 2.5 times bigger than that of LG G Watch and it can run about a day. The display is easy to read in the sunlight and it is shows better colors than the G Watch.

They have promised for a Smart with following features in the Google conference Google I / O. First, there is the SmartWatch with the new operating system operate with wiping and tip gestures. Furthermore, however, the voice input function via Google Now. With the "OK Google" command then guide users through Internet searches, send messages or bear dates in the calendar.

Wear Android, Google's new operating system for Smart Watches, makes this possible. When the motor 360 is going to be released and exactly how much it will cost, however, remains unknown.

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