Monday 11 August 2014

Top 5 Open Source Operating Systems

Open Solaris
If CPU is the brain of computer then Operating System is the heart of computer. It’s just because of operating system that we are able to work and manipulate files in such a comfortable user interface. So selecting a good operating system is very much important for your computer because there are lots of functions that are performed by an OS. Some of them are: memory management, device management, user interface etc. So coming back to open source, we have great and large number of FOSS operating system available in the market that are absolutely free of cost. FOSS stands for free and open source.

When the user is selecting the FOSS operating system he or she must keep few important points in mind. So these important points are: hardware and software compatibility, commercial support, intended use and the community that has developed that OS. So depending on the work and functionality one can select the open source operating systems that suits best for the job.

Though there are many OS in the domain of open source but today I will take top 5 open source operating system based on my usage and experience. So let’s discuss one by one:


Ubuntu is one of the most broadly used operating system of the open source platform. Ubuntu is available with the source code and anyone can read and modify the source code. Ubuntu is Linux based OS. The user interface of Ubuntu is very fantastic and very user friendly. It has desktop icons and one can work on four different screens. It also has cloud storage facility. Just create the account and save everything in cloud. Updates are released frequently. Some applications included in Ubuntu are GIMP image editor, Mozilla Firefox, libre office and so on. It also includes online services and integration of broadcast is also provided.


FreeBSD is highly advanced operating system that is mostly preferred by developers of networking because it provides highly advanced networking, security, compatibility features and performance. It is AMD 64 compatible and is also x86 compatible. Many of the Linux binaries are capable of running on FreeBSD. One of the highly advanced features ofFreeBSD also includes support for encryption software, secure shells, Kerberos authentication, “virtual servers”.


OpenSolaris is also one of the most used operating system world-wide. OpenSolaris is developed by Sun Microsystems. It not only runs well on desktops, laptops but also it has great efficiency to run on the platforms like servers and data centers. The user interface is based on somewhat Ubuntu and it has great graphical desktop that helps in easy navigation. It is free of cost. The file system is ZFS. It can be downloaded from the official website of Oracle.


Debian is the free open source operating system that is developed under Debian project which is a group of lot of people that have a common goal to create free operating system. Debian uses the kernel of Linux or FreeBSD to operate. If we look at the history at Debian then we can see that it all started from august 1993 and the leader of the association was Ian Murdock. Initially it was having only few developers who were basically hackers but slowly and gradually many developers were attracted and now people from all over the world contribute to create it. Communication is done through mails and IRC channel. The best part of Debian is its user interface and it can support almost every personal computers including the older ones also. So one must try this OS in his old system.


Red Hat is one of the most trusted flavors of Linux and it has really given the open source technology a new platform. It is the world’s foremost provider of open source solutions. It has its own community that work under various aspects like high-performing cloud, storage, Linux, virtualization, and middleware technologies. It includes Libre Office and various data base applications. It comes with KVM virtualization that allows to run windows application on the Linux desktop. So it’s really amazing and has lot more features.

So that’s all about the top open source operating system and I think if anyone wants to take a different experience of working in desktop then try these amazing operating system.

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