Wednesday, 13 August 2014

10,000 Users Affected Because of Facebook Malfunction!

The problem started with the color changing scam trick. The malware gives the opportunity to the user to change the color of the FaceBook profile by downloading it via a site. This time the scam has hit over 10,000 users on FaceBook and all of them are affected by it.


FaceBook has faced this problem time and again and it has attacked back all over again! The problem was notified by a Chinese internet Company called Cheetah Mobile I their blog. The scam has been repeated over and over again for the last two years and it has still managed to resurface all over again.


In two different ways, the website has managed to create the menace. The process starts with the website advising the user to download an application that would help the user change the color of their profile. They then asks the user to download a token tutorial video. This temporarily helps the hacker get access to all the user’s friends.

If the user refuses to download the video, the site tries to get them to download an unwanted application. If the user is accessing FaceBook via their PC, the user will be connected to a pornographic video and be made to download it. Moreover, if the user is connected to FaceBook via an android device, a warning appears on the screen saying that it is affected by it and will be asked to download an application.


It is not entirely clear how FaceBook hopes to fix this major issue that has affected many of FaceBook’s user over the years. It has hit FaceBook more than once. A lot of people have already fallen victim for it and according to Cheetah Mobile’s blog, it is due to FaceBook’s own lack of protection.

People who have already fallen a prey to this application, the best advice is to uninstall the application as soon as it hits the user.

There is no permanent solution to this problem so it seems as of now. No responses have come from the website. This is a matter of protecting personal details for a lot of users. It is important that some drastic steps are taken by FaceBook about this issue for this is one website that is accessed by a number of user spread all over the globe. According to the experts at Cheetah Mobile, they recommends FaceBook to disable its entire application platform so that this problem is permanently dealt with. But how far this solution is possible is a matter of debate and is still under consideration for this might have an effect on a third party application to rely on FaceBook login.

It is not a simple problem.Thus, it does not come with a simple solution. The matter is still under consideration. No assurance has come from the working board of FaceBook as of now. Hopefully, things will fall in place.

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