Thursday 21 August 2014

How to Create a SMTP Server on Your Computer

SMTP Server on Your Computer
The word SMTP can be expanded as “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. So SMTP can be defined as the standard (set of instructions) or rule of Internet for e-mail or electronic mail transmission. Some people want to create a SMTP server on their computer because they want to use outlook for sending mails even when ISP is not allowing to do so because they are not connected to their server because of absence of internet facility. So creating a SMTP server on the computer allows sending e-mails even when there is no connection between the user and ISP servers and thus no internet facility is required within local SMTP server.

Creating SMTP server on the computer is mostly preferred by the small businesses which do not have the facility of exchange server but still they want to send and receive emails but with the help of outlook. So in such cases creating own SMTP server is the best idea. It can also be observed in some colleges and universities. So now let’s begin to learn how to setup SMTP server on computer.

IIS SMTP Server Setup

Step 1:

Select the control panel and open it and click "Programs," or "Programs and Features".

Step 2:

Now click on the option of turning windows features mentioned as on or off,” which is located in the left panel if you're having the Classic view of it. Now click "Allow" if by chance you get any types security warnings.

Step 3:

Now what you have to do is to expand and increase "IIS or Internet Information Services" and please make sure that "SMTP Server" is installed for sure. In case it’s not then check the box located next to it and restarts as required.

Step 4:

Now select the Windows key and "R" to open the run menu. Now simply type "inetmgr" and select "Enter" to open the Internet Information Services or IIS Manager.

Step 5:

Now press the right-click in "Default SMTP Virtual Server" and press "New," and then select "Virtual Server."

Step 6:

Now don’t forget to input your personal SMTP settings within the new Virtual Server Wizard in order to configure the server.

Step 7:

Now simply configure the email client say Outlook Express or Thunderbird to practice the new SMTP server. Now all the email clients will route to your personal SMTP server and the server will automatically route those mails to the external addresses successfully.

Now you need to setup HMail server. Simply download it from the resources and follow the instructions to install the setup of exe format. Select the database as per your need and requirement. Enter the master user and password and keep it secure and then this way finish the setup installation and open it. Now open the administrator account and enter the domain name and remember to save it. Also save your IP values and ranges and also save the proper configuration settings and it’s done.

Now you can simply use your ISP’s SMTP. Just open the email program and look for something like account setting or settings of the email program. Email program can be of thunderbird and so on. Now look for server settings in it and there enter the information and other details from the ISP. So finally it’s done and now your SMTP server is ready to work in your local area of network. If you are facing any problem in managing the outlook contacts then you can go for MX-Contact and it will help you a lot.

So I hope that you have understood all the steps and hope you will be able to create a SMTP server without any type of errors. But still if you have any problem regarding this then please comment and let us know. And those who have any other good idea regarding this concept then please share it with everyone here by commenting below. In later posts we will come up with more amazing ideas like this so stay connected.

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