Tuesday 19 August 2014

Intel Inside Your Headphones

Intel is the best company known for developing high class processors and certain electronic chips that are used in 90% of laptops and other electronic gadgets. Intel has always tried to develop something different. The i-core processors are the best examples. So Intel has always created interesting stuffs and now it is developing the ear buds that are used in the earphones or headsets. So these ear buds are not same as before but it’s really different as it will detect the user’s heart rates. This news was announced on Friday that Intel is collaborating with rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's SMS Audio to create and develop this amazing smart ear bud that will take care of user’s health by detecting his heart rates.

The SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones will be having an earhook and this earhook will be driven or powered by the user's phone that is smart phone. The best part about this is that it will not only be water-resistantbut alsosweat-resistant. These smart ear buds will be offered by SMS Audio in Q4. The rate is not yet announced but is expected very soon.

Bill Calder who is one the representative of Intel says that it is really a unique product as compared to other earphones in the market and no batter is required to run it and that’s the biggest punch.

These BioSport earphones will be well-suited and compatible with the fitness application Run keeper for not only android smart phones but also for iPhones. And in future it will also support some other applicatons related to health and fitness. And these ear designed in such a way that it will work with any kind of smart android phones available. It is wired instead of Bluetooth because wired ear bud will not require any kind of power source for its charging.

The earbuds will have infrared optical sensors that will display the pulsing of the skin inside the user's ear. It was designed and developed in this way because it is static inside the ear so additional motion sensors are not at all required. The earbuds also have an accelerometer which will track user’s motion and that corrects for gestures and motions like for example users shaking their heads.

The data will be captured by these earbuds of the headphones and this data will be communicated to user’s smart phone that will show the analysis and processing of motions.

The final decisions have been taken regarding the product design and let’s hope that it will be in the market soon. So this is basically related to the health and people who are really serious about their health analysis then it’s a must buy for them. It’s just the beginning for Intel and they said that they can do much more with their technology and related procurements.

Gartner's Blausays that it looks like a fun device but at the same time it is also very useful product for health conscious people. He also said that the success of this product is based on branding, budgets and how well it works.

So overall Intel is really going to give the world an amazing and technology driven product that will change the lifestyle of people. So let’s hope that it will be launched soon in the market.

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