Thursday 21 August 2014

Google Reportedly Acquires JetPack Inc.

Like every human being, Google also loves to go for shopping. Google, the most popular web search engine company acquiring old settled, new start-ups and new promising technologies since 2010 with truckload of money at a rate of one company per week. Just after acquisition of big companies like Skybox Imaging and drawElements, Google is all set to buy JetPack Inc. now.

However, the tech giant has not publicized the details of the deal yet, but JetPack Inc. already announced it’s joining with Google on their homepage and also the withdrawal of their support for the apps soon. JetPack Inc., a San Francisco based city guide-company, created a mobile application knows as JetPack City Guide, which collects images of every nuke and corners of a city from social sites, like Facebook, Instagram and arranges them in proper category to build a city tour guide. This mobile application has become so much popular that it enhanced its data as they claim to have city guidance for 6,000 cities all around the world.

What benefits JetPack offers to Google: 

Apart from the city guide mobile application, the company also has technologies like Spotter and Deep Thought. While Deep Thought is basically created an artificial intelligence, Spotter is a unique technology, where if your iPhone is spotted towards an object, the applications will you what the object is.

Since it came to the app store, it acted like a visual guide to cities across the world, picking up photos from social sites to create a city guide. If one seeks an Irishbar, a computer centre, or simply a roadside car shop, JetPack city guide application will find it for you in just couple of seconds. It also recommends happening places to be most popular and most scenic with its image processing and neural network technology.

What Google will do with JetPack: 

This is the obvious question that comes to your mind when you get the news of this acquisition. As we expect, JatPack’s application will no longer exist after the take-over by Google. The applications in Google’s great eco-system are huge in number. Experts have different opinions about the usage of JetPack’s technology for Google community.

Some of them thinks, Google will use JetPack’s technology for the Google Now and Google Map. It will use the city guide’s database for 6,000 cities across the globe, when a user searches in Google Map for something. Already Google recommends places to visit which are near your hotel and shopping places. With JetPack’s database, Google’s service will get a huge boost.

Another line of thinking some of the experts are having that Google will exploit the JetPack’s technology for Google+, where Google have added lot of photo sharing options recently. JetPack’s unique and innovative algorithm can be a significant up-gradation for the Google’s imaging technology.
To meet its thirst to acquire new start-up companies, Google is now deciding to launch Venture Capital arm to help them in initial start-up and to get them on-board.

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