Thursday 21 August 2014

Benefits of Electrically Started Turbine Engines

Lithium twin pack
A lithium twin pack like those at Start Pac has to be very powerful to help a turbine engine to function. These have a four hour charge time and do the work that is usually done by gas. In order to understand the power of these electrical charge packs, it is important to understand the nature of turbine engines.

People most often associate the engines with those seen on large airplanes or commercial jets. These have turbofans and use gas to power planes. Other turbine engines have used steam, water and wind for power. In the case of gas turbines, the gas is pressurized enough to make the engine spin. The engine is designed to pressurize the gas on its own by burning kerosene, propane, natural gas or jet fuel. The high speed of the air that occurs during this burning process makes the air expand and churn the turbine.

The three major parts of the engine have specific functions that help this whole process along. The compressor squeezes the air that is coming in and transforms it to a high pressure state. The combustion area does the same thing for fuel, turning it into high pressure gas. The turbine uses the pressure from both of the other chambers and turns it into energy.

Although gas turbines are very compact and effective for the jobs that they have to perform, they can be quite expensive. They create quick wear and tear on engine materials, which already have to be made to withstand high temperatures, speeds and wear from gas. This makes it expensive for manufacturing companies to keep the right materials on hand to safely design new models. There is an additional expense with hiring the right engineers who have enough knowledge to create these models. Their expertise often comes at a high-end price.

One of the other things that makes gas turbines more expensive is that while they are in operation, it is not possible for them to use intermittent of fluctuating fuel loads. The amount of fuel going into the engine must be constant, which means that it takes an enormous amount of it to keep a turbine functional.

In engines that are not used for mass purposes, it makes more sense to use electricity for operation purposes. It is just simpler and a lot cheaper. This is why the lithium twin pack battery has gained so much popularity in smaller applications. It is also the best choice for the average consumer, unless he is prepared to fly a plane.

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