Sunday 24 August 2014

5 Apps That Will Make Spellbound

Mosquito Repellent
Nowadays, smartphones & tablets have become indispensible tools to an average person. Being “smart”, these gadgets are famous for providing users with innovative apps, which are capable of helping day-to-day life. Apple’s iOs & Google’s Android are the most notable smartphone/tablet operating systems & each of them boasts a plethora of apps capable of performing a wide range of tasks. These apps can be obtained from iStore (in case of Apple devices) or the Google Play Store (applicable for Android compatible devices). Most of these softwares are free & easily available but an internet connection is necessary for installation purposes. Discussed below are 5apps which are special in terms of their innovative approach & usefulness in day to day life: -
  • Translator: - Language translator is an effective tool as an average person can come across multiple languages, which are unknown to him/her during his course of life, especially f he/she is a travelling professional or tourist. Google Translator helps users identify over 80 languages. It is available for freeon both iStore as well as Play Store. It is capable of identifying speech, texts even photos (only on android devices). It is a free to download app, though a running internet connection is needed for usage. 
  • Encryptor: - Calls can now be made secure via ZRTP & AES 128 encryption. The man advantage being, improved privacy. Apple has Signal while Android users can use Redphone to encrypt their call. It is necessary that both callers involved have the necessary software installed on their devices. Service charges are nonexistent.
  • Mosquito Repellent: -Smartphone apps can now be used to drive off mosquitoes as well. A high frequency sound is generated by the device once the concerned software is installed. People can rest easy as human ears are impervious to such high frequency sounds. Iphone users can use Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller while android users can go for Mosquito Go Away. Thanks to these apps, hanging outdoors can become a lot more pleasant than usual.
  • Sleep Analyst: - Sleep is one of the most vital body functions necessary for maintaining a healthy life. The app known as Sleep Cycle Alarm is a useful little tool designed to help users attain a proper sleep. Once activated, it records sleep patterns before displaying detailed analysis to users. Once all such information is compiled, it creates alarm schedules in such a way that the user is ensured a proper sleep. It is very effective in maintaining life quality though time durations in attaining desirable results can vary from person to person.
  • Live Scanner: - Real life emergencies require fast & effective retrieval of relevant information to ease such situations. Scanner Radio as well as Emergency Radio are apps, which make live information such as weather updates, air traffic, NOAA notifications, police activity etc easily available to users. Scanner Radio is available for free on both iStore & Play Store.
The above discussed apps are a must have for a modern smartphone user & they can count on these apps to enrich their lives.

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