Monday, 18 August 2014

Google Chromebook tend to function better than Apple and Android tablets

Google Chromebook
Both Windows PCs as well as Mac have been traditionally fighting to have their dominance in the desktop landmark as seen in the business sector. On the other hand, we notice Android tablets jostling around with iPads to gain its preeminence in the market.

As these battles are on, everyone tried to overlook Chromebook, despite its persistent signs of development and growth. As per the prediction made by Gartner, it is most likely that the cloud-powered laptops will have a boosting sale of around five million units by the end of this year.

In addition, analysts also believe that with the further implementation of collaborative working practices and cloud computing techniques, in the business area, the sale of Chromebook will even rise as high to about 14 million by 2017.The director of Gartner, Ranjit Atwal states that the appeal and attraction of Chromebook to business is immense because it comes with functionality enabled with its cloud-based operating system. One of the other reasons why is it in huge demand is because it has access to apps and comes with a centralized data, which is convenient for many businesses he explained.

Even with the decline of notebooks, Chromebook came in and filled the gap, which dominated between the fluctuating demand of fully-fledged laptops and tablets: both of them have so far reduced their price and have a well-established business so far. Thus with this, V3 asked the director whether Chromebook can ever have any impact on the market of tablet and laptops.

Quocirca’s service director, Clive Longbottom, is a bit skeptical about this. He believes that has been so far working on and has been familiar with Windows laptops might have a tendency of refraining from adopting Chromebook, as one of the moves to cloud computing, despite also stating clearly that Chromebook have in fact "improved massively", since the time they have come to the market.

He stated that with Chromebook not being cheaper than a Windows 7/8 laptop, the companies that already have an existing Microsoft license agreement would most probably move in for windows laptops. However, he also stated that Chrome books might come in with a great option for companies and organizations that are new or "web-born” and would most likely gain huge advantage from collaboration which is offered from Chromebook end.

Furthermore, Chrome book’s sale might get fuelled by start-ups and other set of new businesses which require cost savings and flexibility that is delivered by cloud-based software’s and services.

The principal analyst at MWD Advisors, Craig Wentworth states that Chromebooks are being already treated as tablet plus devices since they generally have a tendency to reply on tablet plus and apps, but they offer a much more improved functionality with additional proper Qwerty keyboard. He further went on declaring that the middle ground position is not a very strong position for Chromebook to stay in. he stated that with the recent demand of touch screen, mostly present in nearly all mobile devices today, it is trying hard to fully embed it into the Chrome support system by Google.

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