Tuesday, 12 August 2014

More security to Facebook with PrivateCore

The biggest social media on Earth – home for at least 1300 millions of people is now providing more security to its users worldwide as it buys PrivateCore.

Facebook lays its hand on the cyber security companyPrivateCore in an expectation to reduce the malware threat and encryption threat during startup.

The reasons for opting PrivateCore: 

PrivateCore, a Palo Alto, California based cyber security company finalizes their tie up with Facebook on 8th August 2014, to mark the enhancement of security they provide to their users. The company has struck a deal with TEEC Angel Fund and Foundation Capital and has received an investment of $2.3 million from them for the sole beneficiary of them as well as for Facebook.

CEO and founder of PrivateCore, Oded Horowitz, previously a senior engineer at VMware considers this situation to be a boon for their company expresses his huge overwhelming happiness to work with the social media giant Facebook to bring about revolutionary impact in the world of virtual security.
Both the companies finalized their deal on 8th August 2014 which marked the beginning of the malware protection era.

Abrupt change of Social Security: 

Facebook users are rapidly becoming concerned about their data and information – and they are trying to maintain the privacy as much as possible. Therefore, the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg buys the cyber security startup PrivateCore to ensure safety and privacy of their users.

Chief Security Officer of Facebook Joe Sullivan states in his report that people like to care for their data they provide in the social networking sites like Facebook. So Facebook finalizes their deal with the PrivateCore to offer more strategic security against threats like malware intervention during startup.

Security offered by PrivateCore: 

PrivateCore was founded by ex-VMware and ex-Google seniors. It focuses on securing cloud applications and servers with the aid of OpenStock and Puppet.

The sole aim of the PrivateCore is to ensure protection to cloud based and server based applications. Using their latest vCage Technology, they have promised to provide protection during start-up of Facebook servers from the threat of potential malware access, thereby ensuring privacy to the outsourced and cloud environments. This high-level security turns to be beneficialas it prevents malicious malware threat in the Smartphone and tablet devices running on iOS or Android OS.

Cloud computing ensures to run devices using thousand of computers with their connected nodes scattered all around the globe. If privacy is tampered at any location, it could bring atrocious consequences to the entire cloud server. With the vCage and offered by PrivateCore, a complete top-notch security can be assured to the users.

Foundation Capital and TEEC Angel Fund has the maximum funding in PrivateCore. The strategic decision of acquiring their hold was declared by PrivateCoreon 7th August 2014 Thursday afternoon, when the stocks of Facebook were up by 0.97%, and bought the shares with a profit of $73.17, thereby tactfully making a revolutionary impact in the world of social networking and share market.

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