Sunday 3 August 2014

LG Patent Approved For Automatic Recognition And Capture Of An Object

LG Patent US 20140092292 A1
A method, a system and a device to capture an object for automatic recognition are disclosed and according to several embodiments the prevailing disclosure, a set or library on the images of objects has been created in a mobile terminal.

The user has the option of selecting the desired object for instance, a jumping dolphin etc.; for automatic recognition and the image of the expected object could be taken manually or automatically just as in a case of the user attending an event andgetting involved in some picture shoots at various point during the event but these tend to be difficult when the objects move fast in and out during the shoot.

The embodiment of the present disclosure features the mobile terminal which is taught to recognize an expected or desired object and shoot images when they appear.

The mobile terminal consist of a display unit, a camera module, a memory and a controller wherein the controller is configured in order to set at least one image of the desired object with the user’s input thereby receiving an image of the object through the camera module.

It generates a match indication as the image of the object tallies with one image of the desired object which is beyond the threshold value capturing the image of the object and on confirmation of the match indication.

Terminals – Mobile or Stationary

Terminal may consist of a mobile terminal or a stationary terminal and the mobile can be further classified into a handheld terminal or vehicle mount terminal. Since the features of the mobile terminal tend to get more diverse, the mobile terminal is turning out to be a multimedia player with various functions like capturing video and images, playing media files and music, receiving broadcast programs, playing games and much more.

Presently there is more emphasis on mobile terminal which is on the rise but if the need to capture objects tends to move rapidly in and out, it may become difficult to get a good image of the object.

A mobile terminal disclosed here could include a smart phone, a portable phone, a laptop computer, a navigation device, a digital broadcast terminal, a PDA – personal digital assistant, a portable multimedia player – PMP.

The Embodiment – Field of Electronic

However, it can only be understood by those who are skilledin the art and that a configuration according to the given description may be applicable to a stationary terminal as in the case of a digital TV or a desktop computer etc. excluding constituents elements which are particularly configured for the purpose of mobile.

 In the embodiment, the condition of matching is satisfied when the first image matches with the image of the first expected object which is beyond the first threshold value and when the second image matches with the image of the second expected object beyond a second threshold value.

The patent has been granted to LG. The embodiment of the disclosure is with regard to the field of electronics and especially to control methods as well as systems of the mobile devices.

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