Friday, 29 August 2014

Test Out the Latest Chrome OS Features

Google has always given incredible technology driven products to the world. Electronic mails, search engine, cloud, analytics and so many Google products are available for different platform of computing technology. This time Google has come up with remarkable Chrome operating system and it is available in beta form currently. From the very beginning Google is known for proposing products to the people under the "beta" tag. For so many years Gmail was just a beta product and also Google Glass is presently under beta tag.

Now talking about Chrome OS, Google has allowed users to select the choice of running a beta version of the Chrome operating system if they wish. Basically there are three different channels available in this operating system which a Chrome OS user can select, each following a pattern of different update schedule and each channel offers different and fantastic features.

The Stable channel is one of the channels and it is set default for Chrome OS and it is the most consistent and reliable one. The best part about this channel is that it is updated in every few weeks with bug fixes and in every six weeks new features and changes are added.

Now coming to the next channel it is Beta channel which is for those who love to work with the advance and latest technology and features. It is updated in almost every six or seven weeks but I think it receives new changes and features a month before the Stable channel receives.

And now coming to last channel it is the Dev channel. Here new features are available but also errors and bugs are more here. It is updated around once or twice per week but still it has more bugs.

Switching from the Stable channel mode to either the Beta channel mode or Dev channel mode is an unproblematic progression, with the major portion of your time consumed waiting for the update to get download.

Now the most crazy and difficult part is to decide that which channel you want to switch and move to because selecting a good channel is must so that it coordinates with your requirements as well.

So here is a piece of advice that you can take while moving on to new channels. While moving on to less stable channels (meaning: moving from Stable to Beta or Beta to Dev channel) it is possible to move without losing or corrupting any information stored on your system. But if you are moving from Dev channel to Beta channel or to stable one, it will ask you to entirely wipe your Chrome operating system device.

So based on my experience I would recommend you to first start with Beta channel and then if you feel more exciting then you can go down to Dev channel to enjoy other features. And after you select a channel the Chrome will automatically download all the updates and after completion it will post a notification. And then with simply restarting the device the process of updating will finish.

So if you want to try any new OS then give it a chance, perhaps you will like it more than your current operating system. If you want to share your experience with this Chrome OS then please comment below and let everyone know.

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