Sunday 31 March 2013

Twitterific 5.2 with push Notifications

Twitter is a short message service in which messages can be sent with a number of characters to 140 characters. The messages can also be provided with your own pictures and location. Hence more tools are available because of its huge user base. Twitterific 5.2 gets native Twitter tool and is available in a new version. Now in this version 5.2, the tool does with its own push notifications that inform Replies and direct messages. So far, it had an additional third-party tool such as Boxcar used. The notifications are not yet available to all users. They are in beta version and the feature will be rolled out gradually to other users. The notifications are currently only 1000 users.

 They are giving guarantee for access to this feature to the users who download the software and install it as soon as possible. Hence this is an early bird offer. This activation must be performed with each Twitter account and works on all devices after activation. In the next few weeks more users unlocked with the function. Otherwise, the tread design was modified inside the software. Twitterific is also similar to that of Tweetbot. Much like Tweetbot, Twitterific also costs money. However, the tool is a little cheaper. It can be yours for a minimum of 2.69 Euros. We can expect Twitterific can draw most of the potential customers of Tweetbot. The program is considered one of the best Twitter clients. Last yearTweetbot has updated its version. Due to changes in the API on Twitter, Tweetbot could not update its version soon. The choice of Twitter client is now very large.

Four New Features In Google Analytics

Google has build four real time features in their Analytical tool. As you probably already know, Google analytics is offer you the statistics of your website traffic in real-time since September 2011which is a handy tool if you see a massive influx of visitors arrive on your blog suddenly. You instantly know about the traffic, where it comes from traffic now with the help of the Statcounter but now with the help of Google Analytics you can know more.

And in addition, the Google tool which is always free has just added a new feature “event analysis” (eg "add to cart" or "download") in real time and is available from the Analytics menu on the left. Second novelty in "Content" (Content), you can now see the number of visitors depending on the type of device they use: computer, tablet or mobile: [for example in my site, you will see below that at the time of writing, 68% of the 34 visitors, 23 people accessing it from a computer, while 33% or 11 people since the consult a mobile device such as Smartphone or Touchpad] And Google has also added two new features with the ability to create shortcuts to analyze specific segments in real-time such as Shortcuts real time and the comparison of the filtered data in real-time with the global data, still all in real time.

The Best Tablet for a CEO Depends on CEO Choice

The tablet computers combines unique features to make it easier for a CEO to know every aspect of his or her business activities while on the run. It is amazing how ultra thin electronic notebooks can perform so many tasks. Now, your work can travel with you. Just under two pounds, and measuring a little over 8inches by 0.5 inches, this notebook is never a heavy-duty lugging task.

Apple invented the tablet computer. Users can easily select data by tapping, moving and dragging them around. Furthermore, using a pinching motion with your thumb and forefinger, you can easily zoom in and out. You can get up to 64GB in choices of about six different models. CEO‘s needs GPS and the latest technology that tablets easily affords. They are very advantageous for CEO’s in all industries. CEO’s can stay on the move and stay in tune with everything going on at their place of business at the same time.

Benefits of using tablets include better typing experience, collaborations, diagramming, handwriting recognition, and are compatible with tons of application. Furthermore, they offer smooth technology to deliver dynamic discussion boards, surveying, emailing, and platforms for active learning and overall potential for excellent communication on every level.

The Nexus 7 sure packs many features and the best Tablet for a CEO who consistently multitasking. It features the top of the line screen and a high performance operating system. The Galaxy Notebook is quick to access and has a midsized screen. Users can get better advantage by using the S-Pen stylus and swiping to the left to close unused task.

By the way, a fast S-Planner keeps CEO's on top of events and meetings. Take easy screenshot by placing the palm of your hand over the screen. Furthermore, for quick searches, press and hold the menu key and you are right at the start page. Slightly larger than a Smartphone, the Galaxy Note can resize widgets such as your favorite bookmarks or the weather.

Similar to a binder, the big difference in the One Note is that it is digital and far superior to a binder. Made by Microsoft, it is a very flexible in just about any type setting. This notebook is endless and easy to manage all projects and workloads. Students really love the one note however, CEO can also easily adapt to the menus, and tricks to the programs.

The tablet runs Windows 8 on Intel and ARM hardware. They are excellent for extensive note taking. Furthermore, it has digital ink handling which great for taking ink notes. Windows specialize in using a fine point-drawing stylus for excellent hand written quality. These drawing formats can be converted to graphic files for viewing on non-Window platforms.

Overall, the type of tablet a CEO need greatly depends on preference. It is just a matter of getting out there and exploring more in depth the various reviews. There are so many different series, types and tablets to choose. Ask around, shop around and learn as much as possible about the best Tablet for a CEO.
This post was provided courtesy of the business magazine : The CEO Magazine. If you'd like to know more about the latest tech that execs should get their hands on, sneak a preview of their website online.

Friday 29 March 2013

Yahoo paid $ 30 million to a boy for the new app Summly

Nick D'Aloisio was 15 years old when he began to develop Summly, an iOS application which summarized the news using a computer algorithm digging into thousands of sources. Two years later, the Australian-born British sold his startup to U.S. portal Yahoo. Yahoo bought the Summly technology for $ 30 million (90% cash and 10% in shares of YHOO, according to AllThingsD). The portal will remove the application from the Appstore and hire Nick, who became the youngest employee of the company. During the two years of his hard work, the startup was successful in raising early 1.53 million from investors like Ashton Kutcher, Yoko Ono and Horizons Ventures.

Technology news aggregation of Summly will be integrated into mobile services of Yahoo. As mentioned Kara Swisher, the fashion is for mobile apps news: CNN has paid $ 20 million for 2011 and Linkedin Zite is doing the acquisition of Pulse for 50 million. It is not known how the young entrepreneur will touch on minor $ 30 million, but according to the Guardian, he said he was going to buy a new computer and new sneakers. Apparently the boy was already ahead of everyone when he was a child. He began to use the computer and making films at the age of 9 years, and then 12 years old, he started programming. His parents had bought the language "C #" for Dummies. And if the young prodigy was Yahoo to reborn in recent years, as did Apple with Steve Jobs when he returned?

Thursday 28 March 2013

What to do if you have a Virus on your Computer/Laptop?

Do you use your laptop or desktop computer all the time? 

Most people use their computer weekly if not every day to surf the internet and visit social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Browsing the internet is great as you can find out information you need and learn many new things from it and is also a great method of communication. However, surfing the internet can mean computer viruses can be picked up without you even knowing.

Does your computer keep freezing, generally running slow or even crashing? These can be signs of a computer that has picked up a virus.

Can I remove it with my Anti-Virus Software I have installed?

Yes, most anti-virus software will have pop ups that come up that will tell you if the page/ site you have clicked on is safe or not, some will actually stop you from going onto the page if the software has picked up a virus. To get rid of any viruses that have appeared on your computer you have to do a scan that will identify them and tell you their strength and delete them for you. It is best to run a scan every so often even if it hasn’t prompted you to do so just to be safe. These software’s will get rid of most viruses.

But how can I get a virus if I have anti-virus software installed on my computer?

These Anti-virus software’s such as Norton, MacAfee and many more do prevent and detect viruses by giving warning that the page you have just clicked on may contain a virus etc or it may even stop you from accessing pages. However, some of the big viruses can still get onto your computer as the spyware software isn’t powerful enough to remove them. When this happens, your computer will take ages to load, will run slowly and maybe keep crashing etc so it needs to be removed to allow your computer to function properly again. If you have Norton etc on your computer and it picks up a big virus it will also tell you so you can run a scan to try and remove it.

How do I remove it if my software can’t?

The only way a virus like this can be removed is using a spyware that is stronger than the ones you can buy in the shops and can wipe all viruses. These spywares are only available in repairs shops such as Geek Squad. Geek Squad have the technology to wipe all viruses from your computer by plugging it in to their technology and deleting it that anti-virus software cant!

Where to take my Laptop/PC?

The best place I have found is Geek Squad. Geek Squad are a company of agents that work in partnership with Carphone Warehouse, they offer a range of services including Insurance, Repairs, Tech Support and One-Off Services. They are based in some Carphone Warehouse stores but not all so you have to find out where your nearest store is!

Geek Squad offer a one-off service called virus removal to those that do not have insurances or tech support memberships with them. If your PC or laptop is infected they will be able to remove it for you if you take it to one of their Geek Squad hubs. They will simply remove the virus for you, show you precautions to take and how to prevent further viruses. They can also install new spyware for you if you wish.

I wasn’t a Geek Squad customer that had and memberships with them so I used their One-off service to fix my laptop. I had heard about these from my friend who has insurance with them and when I was telling her what had happened to my computer she recommended them to me.

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands like Geek Squad can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Sapphire Display for Future Smartphone!

Sapphire crystals are transparent as that of glass, but have some peculiar advantage that may soon feel the Smartphone users. The display made of Sapphire is extremely durable and scratch resistant. MIT Technology Review is of the opinion that sapphire could be in the future Smartphone displays. Some manufacturers are already experimenting with it for a long period of time. Sapphire is made from molten Aluminum oxide. The production process has long been a closely guarded secret. Therefore, the single crystal is very expensive. While a gorilla glass, which Apple previously built into the iPhone, it costs only $ 3, you have to spend tenfold for a sapphire display.

But By the competition and cheaper production methods, but the price could fall rapidly. The advantage of the sapphire crystal is the low sensitivity to impact. Scratch the disc gets only at very high pressure, which cannot happen in everyday life. Moreover, the material is characterized by a good light transmittance. These reasons have also moved Apple to making the camera lens of the iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch from SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL. It is the second hardest of all transparent materials and can therefore hardly break. By the end of this year, the first high-end Smartphone are equipped with a solid display.

Google Smart Watch!

The Financial Times claims to have heard, Google is also working on a SmartWatch. The "smart clock" is of course working with the Android operating system. In 2011 Google has received a patent which describes portable computers. Besides a giant spectacle of it may of course also no clock untried. What has been suspected for some time has a contact person of the service industry Financial Times now confirms. The SmartWatch will be developed in the Android department and have no connection with Samsung's plans.Supposedly, the launches of the product take place in the near future.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Trust Accounting Software

A company working on a range of general accounting solutions and presently focusing on property and strata management applications, originated in the year 1979 in a small shipyard suburb as their first office of operation. The company has been steadily growing through direct selling solutions to property professionals in New Zealand and Australia, presently supporting over 4000 businesses and employing 12,000 plus property and strata management users. Their teams on board are well equipped with all the knowledge, with experienced strata, property managers, book keepers or IT specialists. Customers can get in touch with them via phone or email or through their site to avail the desired services from them. Users can trust accounting software supplied by them which is innovative, reliable and easy to use software. The Strata or Body Corporate Management solution helps to manage and streamline efficiently the operations of strata properties and helps in the progress of services towards the clients thereby improving and enhancing the business. The option of downloading a free product demo is available at the site and interested clients could take advantage of the same.

 The features of Strata is that it integrates with banking software from important financial institutes and processing of statements downloaded as files are done in the most efficient way with receipt levy payment and automatic bank reconciliation system. The automated download system also permits the split bank interest and the prevailing fund balance at the time of paying the interest and the option of choosing the total amount of interest to either the Administrative or Sinking fund can be allocated. This software also give a sophisticated management of GST accounting functions which has comprehensive reporting, payment facilities and receipts with the option to report GST on cash or non cash basis with the registered ATO. User can export all BAS totals into a single spreadsheet to ensure all returns are reconciled and lodged. Besides it also enables managers to issue owner invoices for the recovery of electricity, water and gas, charges of which have been directly billed to the owner’s company. Additional useful information on their product features are available at the site which could be checked, to get more acquainted with their products.

Saturday 16 March 2013

Ubuntu Touch

The world does not lack for mobile operating systems based on Linux kernel, Android OS Firefox through Open webOS, Tizen and Sailfish. The entry of Ubuntu touch into the canonical market nevertheless has a special flavor but the most popular name. Canonical has significantly expanded the scope of Ubuntu in 2012, displaying its unified interface of the big screen television in the small Smartphone screen through those computers and tablets. If you know Ubuntu, you will therefore not be disoriented by Ubuntu Touch: the great fundamental Unity interface and the principles Canonical are present. Screen saver - or "welcome screen" under Canonical - displays date, time, and a graphical representation of your notifications such as messages tweets received etc and your call activity duration. You can unlocks the phone by dragging the screen either to the left, which allows you to go to the home screen, or to the right, which will display the Launcher and launch an application directly.

 The use of gestures in Ubuntu Touch On the Home screen are the following:

 a shift from the left side displays the Launcher;
 sliding along from the left edge to return to the home screen;
 a shift from the right edge to return to the previous application;
 a shift from the top to open the center of notifications if you slide over the icon messages or sound settings / Wi-Fi / battery / date and time if you slide over suitable icons;
 a shift from the lower edge of the interface displays the current app;
 sliding along from the lower edge shows the commands and settings of the app in progress.

 This may sound complicated, but it quickly took the hand: horizontal gestures to navigate between apps, the vertical movements related parameters. Through these actions, we do not support multitasking Touch on Ubuntu (though you may be tempted to do it on Android and especially iOS) - it is discreet but effective. The home screen is unique to Ubuntu Touch. It is composed of five "pages", each with a specific function:

 Central page is the real home screen, which displays your favorite contacts and apps and your media recently used;
 right of this page Central, your apps (those that turn, favorites, others, and the ones you might want to install);
 left, your contacts (favorites, that you have contacted recently, and others); finally ends, videos and music with a presentation reminiscent of Dash.

 If the three central screens are rather well designed and efficient, it remains doubtful on both monitors multimedia must scan four times to move the video to the music. It is difficult to prejudge the overall performance of Ubuntu Touch and its applications: almost nothing works for now. Most applications are only wallpapers (and do not expect to install others), you cannot listen to music or play videos - in short, we can only play with preloaded content and not much more. Canonical is going to have to work extra to achieve a fully operational by October. But this first overview shows Ubuntu Touch whether it will be able to get beyond the circle of fans of Ubuntu.

Friday 15 March 2013

Know About Samsung Galaxy S4

Well Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S4 in the eyes of the world recently. That's all you need to know! Nevertheless, we cannot talk about this surprise. Samsung Galaxy S4 does not really aroused emotion, as it sees with a 5 "display" Full HD Super AMOLED "(1080p, 441 PPI), a plastic shell, 2GB of RAM, a 2600 mAh battery, 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, a micro SD slot, Wi-Fi on, Bluetooth 4, NFC, LTE, a rear sensor of 13 megapixels, a sensor able to achieve before the video in 720p, an IR function allowing its files can be to be transformed in remote, Android 4.2.2, the TouchWiz UI overlay, all in 130 g and 7.9 mm thick. No comments have been made on its processor.

 Point function allows scrolling of the eyes, as was the rumor. By cons, when you play a video on the S4 and you leave the eye, it will automatically pause. Health S application count your steps, estimate the calories you burn in a day, while your finger will serve stylus functions View Air and Air Gesture: waving your finger a few inches from the screen you will be able to interact with it. The S4 will also be offered with a sort of "flip cover", but also with an optional strap to analyze your sleep and heart rate. Good by cons, to give you an idea of the thing, when you take the One HTC in hand, you really feel like to hold a sacred Smartphone, well finished, and last generation. When you weigh the sub-S4 Galaxy, you feel you hold in your hand a Galaxy S3 improved a little.

 The Smartphone will be launched around April 2013.

Sunday 10 March 2013

BIS, BES10 Services of BlackBerry Z10

End of January; RIM changed its name and became BlackBerry. The company took the opportunity to launch its new gadget full touch screen, the Z10 and its BB10 operating system. But behind this renewed range, hiding deeper changes on which BlackBerry and we decided to go into the details before you deliver an opinion on this Smartphone. Historically, when you buy a mobile device, you must subscribe before a specific option in your operator (BIS, or BlackBerry Internet Services). It was indeed necessary to access the internet, receive your emails etc. Included in your package or offered in addition to a few dollars per month. With BB10, the BIS is dead and indeed it is a good thing.

BlackBerry Protect:

 BlackBerry Protect allows you to find and protect your BlackBerry. As a reminder, the first allows you to find your Smartphone if it is lost / stolen, make it sound, it will display a message, lock or delete its contents remotely. The second offers a number of features for organizing your travels. But now, as operators do not always play the game, the BlackBerry experience might seem inconsistent, not to mention the competition from Android and iOS devices, for example, which do not require any option to manage e-mail. With BB10, the BIS have simply disappeared and is no longer necessary to take advantage of all the features. Since the launch of the device you will have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G and your mails including calendars and contacts via many services like Exchange, POP or IMAP Gmail and Yahoo are also well recognized. A simple BlackBerry ID will be required to take advantage of these options fully. The new generation of BlackBerry smart phones (and later Z10) still requires activation of an option (BIS) for the use of services such as: email, BBM, applications, BlackBerry World. It is a very specific architecture for BlackBerry. In most cases, we had initially been told that the BlackBerry option is often included in operator packages. Orange Sosh has not yet changed their texts, but they informed that "they will clarify their customers the BlackBerry option which is not required to receive services on BB10. They assured that no customer with a Z10 BlackBerry has to pay.

 BlackBerry Business Cloud Services:

 Unfortunately, the earlier version that does not recognize BES10 the Z10 which is currently used. Hence we have to wait for a possible update for that they are managed. Hopefully this will be the case with the new offer to be proposed around Office 2013 will be announced by the end of the month.

Saturday 9 March 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Sales Forecast

We know, BlackBerry done a grand launch of their BlackBerry Z10, supposed to bounce off the market of high-end Smartphones. While most observers, praised the quality of the BlackBerry Z10 we have to wait for few more weeks to get the clear cut message. Moreover, information on the initial sales of Z10 is contradictory. In early February, the Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins indicated that the Smartphone has made a good start in England and Canada. In the homeland of the company, sales of the new Smartphone during the first launch day were 50% better than any other brand. As for England, "we have almost tripled our best performance for the first week sales of a BlackBerry Smartphone," assured Thorsten Heins.

 In addition to this observation delay the launch of the Smartphone in the U.S. (mid-March), the prices charged by operators deemed not competitive enough against Apple and Samsung and controls "conservative," the analyst decided to Frankly say goodbye to its downward sales forecasts. Having relied on 1.75 million units sold in the first quarter, it is now focusing on 300 000 units sold over the same period, a decrease of 83%. The "vision" of the analyst is obviously taken lightly. The first concrete evidence of the success of the Z10 will be available in early April, when the publication of sales figures from IDC and Gartner first quarter

Thursday 7 March 2013

Youtube is launching a streaming music service!

Google goes on the attack on Spotify and Deezer by getting ready to launch a service for streaming music playback via its video sharing platform YouTube. It is the site of the new Fortune reports obtained from sources in the music industry and Google itself. This will be the second foray into the music engine after Google Play Music, which will buy and store songs and albums to listen on any platform: PC, Smartphone and Android tablet.

 This new service streaming music (to listen without downloading) will be based on the premium model: the free base with pubs imposed and paid via a subscription for additional options and not be forced to view ads. Google is already in talks with major players in the music industry. Some of them would try pay per advertising combined with the subscription. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the end because Google is well positioned to offer free testing with adsense ads, against a paid subscription via. Perhaps the future of the industry may have a combination of both options. According to Fortune, this Youtube Music could be launched before the end of the year. Note that Apple could also land on the niche in the foreseeable future.

Mobile Wireless Communications

Lifestyles of individuals have been improving with great achievements done in the field of technology giving rise to new products with a variety of models to choose from. With each passing phase a new product with improved features arrive in the market, which enhances the overall activity with speed and efficiency when in possession of these products. Mobile Wireless Communications presently is the most sought after option among all users at large. With great improvements done, the present world is a large network of global communication system and users now have the advantage of cellular network, satellite network, etc. to get connected instantly and efficiently. With reliable service providers catering to the needs of individuals who are pioneers in the design and integration of high quality satellite communication system, they provide uninterrupted network content delivery system etc. with great satisfaction. Communications being the most quick and easy option of coordination, most of the professionals use this tool in achieving their goals in business world, with their communication techniques. When physical presence at any business meet is not possible, mobile wireless communications helps in the coordination and implementing of services or tasks that need to be done in any business environment. Moreover it tends to be a lot easier in locating instantly any individual through the cellular network connection.

 The impact made on mobile wireless communications is that it has helped many businesses with steady growth in their business giving them the opportunity to various services and network access while they are out of reach physically. Some of the wireless products such as SatCell wireless, are designed for permanent installation or rugged houses in transport cases for instant provision of cellular voice and data services. FAST –Forward deployed Asset Support Terminal provide an instant communication hub with ready to deploy team, support, logistics, and on demand satellite bandwidth, while Secure Cell provide secured private communication on demand through specialized handsets, central switch and base stations. Base station equipment and gateways are customized and configured to suit the requirement of the users depending on the service areas in question. With mobile wireless communication, users can get connected with ease, to launch or grow in business, helping in instant coordination and implementation of services.

Sunday 3 March 2013

Sony Tablet Z

Presented in late January in Japan, Tablet Z is one of the main attractions on the Sony stand - you can see why once you've touched. The first sensation is the surprise: this tablet 10.1 "is only 6.9 mm thick and weighing only 495 g. It is very light and very thin, but very strong at the same time. The Tablet Z resistant to twisting and caches ports which provide protection to projections and dust seem reliable.

 The screen px 080 1920 x1 is of good quality, though perhaps a little too bright. We find the Bravia 2 processor, which offers rich colors, almost too much. Difficult to be choosy before the level of performance offered by the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 320 graphics chip. The Xperia Z is full of small functional details: it integrates the following Sony apps and content, it includes a module for infrared remote office and NFC to be connected quickly to a compatible sound system for example.

 Note that the 16 or 32 GB of storage can be expanded via microSD card and its 8.1MP Exmor R sensor is not bad at all. The new visual language Sony has done with the quirks of the Tablet S and P in favor of clean, simple lines. The abandonment of rounding means that the Tablet Z is a little less pleasant to handle, but its lightness and matt back and slightly offset gripping. Z Tablet is simple, light, classy, and impressive as the most of the Android Tablet rarely did. The launch date of the Tablet Z is still unknown, but the prices are "similar" to those of competing tablets according to a Sony representative.

Huawei Ascend Mate

The Ascend Mate is the answer Huawei Galaxy Note ... and a response with a screen of 6.1 "IPS 1280 x800 px. This is the smartphone with the largest screen on the market, a title he unfortunately should not keep long. Even with very fine edge, the grip is quite comical, especially since it is coated with a glossy plastic rather slippery. Its data sheet is fairly common, its 1.5 GHz quad-core processor supported by 1 or 2 GB of RAM depending on the model its 8MP sensor through its 8GB of storage expandable by microSD. But its size gives it a benefit ... size: its battery has a capacity of 4050 mAh.

 The Ascend Mate is being launched in China and should be offered internationally in the course of the year. Huawei is a partner in Mozilla Firefox OS launch, but present in devices a second time - Chinese manufacturers ZTE is who will benefit from the media exposure of the new OS free. Windows Phone side, Huawei introduced a few weeks ago the Windows Phone 4Afrika a smartphone 4 "midrange that will be distributed exclusively in Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Angola, South Africa and Morocco.

Saturday 2 March 2013

Huawei Ascend P2

Major players in the mobile world this sulking MWC 2013, Chinese manufacturers are taking the opportunity - it is the case that Huawei has "smartphone 4G LTE with the world's fastest" and re-present "the smartphone with the largest display on the market is Huawei Ascend P2” The Ascend P2 is the successor to the Ascend P1 and the new high-end Huawei. It adopts a typical profile should be this semester: IPS screen 4.7 "1280 x 720 px, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and a 13 mega pixel sensor. Staffing Its RAM is limited to 1 GB, but it catching up with his chip 4G LTE Cat4 which allows it to reach theoretical speeds of 150 Mbps.

 The Ascend P2 is almost disappointing it is indeed finished, but the plastic glossy detonates his back at this level range. Huawei catches up again, this time with software functions to adapt the display that are effective under the neon lights of the exhibition hall. A spokesperson has confirmed that Huawei Ascend the P2 would be available in the second quarter of this year, probably in June in Europe, but did not release its price.

Friday 1 March 2013

Yotaphone, A Phone with two screens !

The Yotaphone is like all other Smartphone Android 4.3 " until we turn it and we discover the second screen. Device designed by Yota, a subsidiary of the Russian operator Yota, the flip side is Yotaphone Android 4.2 smartphone quite respectable with a 4.3 "of resolution 1280 x 720 px, has a dual processor 1.5-heart GHz and 2 GB of RAM and a 12 MP sensor. But it is lack of microUSB, replaced by a magnetic harbor. Side face, wears a Yotaphone eInk screen 4.3 "200 dpi. A gesture of two fingers to scroll from the top of the main screen duplicates the display on the secondary monitor.

Even if the phone runs out of battery the eInk screen continues to display the information: Yota take the example of Google Maps that is duplicated on the secondary display as a precaution. This screen can also be used for notification of area calls, SMS, tweets and Facebook messages, calendar alerts ... eInk screen low power consumption and avoids having to turn on the main screen: autonomy could be increased 30 to 50% according to the Russian manufacturer. Yota Device provides an API for developers to use the secondary display: a good example is reading apps that transform the Yotaphone a true digital reading light.

 The secondary display is not touch, but it can be controlled using a capacitive strip: it scans to pass a notification to the other if pressed and hold to change the type of notifications. Can therefore be used largely and Yotaphone need not turn on to the main screen. The Yotaphone will be available in the second half in Russia, Yota working with several operators to make it available before the end of the year in other European countries. Final price has not yet been set, but the Russian manufacturer assures us that it will be similar to the devices of the same level range - the eInk screen will therefore not increase the price.

Asus FonePad

There is a Samsung phone of 8 "and now there is another 7" phone from Asus. The FonePad is of its name, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. This hybrid has a very classic screen 7 "IPS a definition of 1280 x 800 px and a less traditional Intel Atom Z2420 1.2 GHz supported by PowerVR SGX450 graphics chip and 1GB RAM. 4270 mAh the battery should allow Android 4.1 Jelly Bean run for nine hours. Similar to the Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus, the FonePad is different in the material of its back, smooth metal instead of plastic textured.

 The back is pierced with an antenna whose cover can be removed for access to housing microSIM and microSD (the FonePad includes 16 GB of internal storage). Not presented as a tablet capable of call but as a phone 7 ", the FonePad will be available soon in Europe for a ridiculous price of 219 €. It is accompanied by a new version of Padfone, this phone can slip into a tablet. The Padfone Infinity has a 5 "high resolution (1920 x 1080 px, 441 dpi) and has a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32-64 GB of storage.

 This powerful phone can slip into a docking station, the Padfone Infinity Station, in the form of screen 10.1 "1920 x 1080 px: it becomes a tablet. Station battery can charge three times the telephone, data for a capacity of 2400 mAh. Padfone the Infinity will be available in the second quarter to € 999.