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Saturday, 4 January 2014

How much do you know about Sailfish OS ?

Sailfish OS
We are in the world of smart phones because we used to spend our great time with our mobiles now days, smart mobile offers many more features and facilities. In the world of smart phone there is a competition is taking place between the mobile os which decide the best mobile by offering best features, among mobile os (android, windows, Symbian) competition a new os is going to take part as a competitor sailfish in the race, from upcoming days we know which is the best mobile os among the mobile world. Let we discuss about sailfish.

Sailfish is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices which provides mobile-optimized with flexibility, ubiquity and stability. The most interesting feature of sailfish is it provides the platform to run an android apps and it supports around 85000 apps in play store. Sailfish run on any hardware platform which support Linux kernel. It was built on MeeGo technology which ensures that core cellular functionality like power management and connectivity so on. The core of an os is come from Mer project. Its UI enriches with fast and easy customization because of it built with QML and Qt Quick.


• Hardware
• Kernel
• Mer
• UI and Middleware
• Application
• Application store


Any hardware which capable to support Linux kernel.


All the hardware should specifies kernel patches and drivers through libhybris.


Multimedia, graphics, communication, personal information management, system essentials and development.

UI and Middleware 

It provide unique interface in the way of home screen & switcher, multitasking, integrated UX for key web services and UI performance optimization.


• Jolla Application: Basic app like phone, message, contacts, camera, gallery, settings, etc.
• 3rdparty applications: Maps, web browser and other apps which run on android.

Most attractive features of a sailfish were it can support android apps. Android is well known mobile platform it have more than lakhs application are available in the market is the one of the reason that android become famous in short interval time and also it provide android development features like custom rom and tweaks so on.

Features of Best mobile platform

• Amazing UI
• flexibility
• reliability
• large mobile apps
• mobile platform should provide greater flexibility for developer
• Many tweaks should available for the os which attracts the users.
• Many more

Above all the function merely supported by the sailfish so that sailfish soon overhead android after its launch.


Jolla is the smart phone powered by sailfish. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and loaded with android apps.


Multi-touch display with gorilla glass(gorilla “2)

Ample 4.5” IPS QHD display.


Primary - 8 megapixel AF camera with LED Flash

Secondary – 2 megapixels


16GB storage, 1GB RAM.

Operating system

Sailfish OS beta.

Frequently update via air (OTA) usage WLAN is recommended.


2g / 3g / and also 4g-lite

Vender: Nokia 

About: Jola interface is different to android and iOS, it offers something different from other interface like flexible and freeing and the interface is provide quick and fast response but there is an when switch between the apps.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ubuntu Touch

The world does not lack for mobile operating systems based on Linux kernel, Android OS Firefox through Open webOS, Tizen and Sailfish. The entry of Ubuntu touch into the canonical market nevertheless has a special flavor but the most popular name. Canonical has significantly expanded the scope of Ubuntu in 2012, displaying its unified interface of the big screen television in the small Smartphone screen through those computers and tablets. If you know Ubuntu, you will therefore not be disoriented by Ubuntu Touch: the great fundamental Unity interface and the principles Canonical are present. Screen saver - or "welcome screen" under Canonical - displays date, time, and a graphical representation of your notifications such as messages tweets received etc and your call activity duration. You can unlocks the phone by dragging the screen either to the left, which allows you to go to the home screen, or to the right, which will display the Launcher and launch an application directly.

 The use of gestures in Ubuntu Touch On the Home screen are the following:

 a shift from the left side displays the Launcher;
 sliding along from the left edge to return to the home screen;
 a shift from the right edge to return to the previous application;
 a shift from the top to open the center of notifications if you slide over the icon messages or sound settings / Wi-Fi / battery / date and time if you slide over suitable icons;
 a shift from the lower edge of the interface displays the current app;
 sliding along from the lower edge shows the commands and settings of the app in progress.

 This may sound complicated, but it quickly took the hand: horizontal gestures to navigate between apps, the vertical movements related parameters. Through these actions, we do not support multitasking Touch on Ubuntu (though you may be tempted to do it on Android and especially iOS) - it is discreet but effective. The home screen is unique to Ubuntu Touch. It is composed of five "pages", each with a specific function:

 Central page is the real home screen, which displays your favorite contacts and apps and your media recently used;
 right of this page Central, your apps (those that turn, favorites, others, and the ones you might want to install);
 left, your contacts (favorites, that you have contacted recently, and others); finally ends, videos and music with a presentation reminiscent of Dash.

 If the three central screens are rather well designed and efficient, it remains doubtful on both monitors multimedia must scan four times to move the video to the music. It is difficult to prejudge the overall performance of Ubuntu Touch and its applications: almost nothing works for now. Most applications are only wallpapers (and do not expect to install others), you cannot listen to music or play videos - in short, we can only play with preloaded content and not much more. Canonical is going to have to work extra to achieve a fully operational by October. But this first overview shows Ubuntu Touch whether it will be able to get beyond the circle of fans of Ubuntu.