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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jolla Releases Sailfish OS 1.0, Major Update Coming Soon!

Sailfish OS
Jolla announced that Sailfish OS version 1.0 is stable and deployment on Smartphones begin in early March. In addition, it will broadcast an application for Android to try the user interface, while it also announced that many other were made for Smartphones and tablets.

 Sailfish OS reminds MeeGo. This system was jointly developed by Intel and Nokia until that company decides to focus only on Windows Phone. Therefore, some executives who participated in MeeGo decided in 2011 to create their own company, known under the name of La Jolla.

Since the first Sailfish equipped Smartphone OS was released last November and is sold for 399 Euros. It was previously in beta version. Jolla has therefore announced that its system which was now finalized and that happened in version 1.0.

The brand gives few details on what has changed, but promises performance enhancements, new features, cosmetic additions at the appearance of the user interface, improved support for the landscape format, etc. It adds that the first final version will be available via an update from the beginning of March. The company takes this 1.0 version of the system to indicate two things.

The first is an application for Android will be available very quickly so that potential users can see what looks like Sailfish OS. Here it is a question of being able to try the different features offered by the user interface and functionality of advanced gestures.

Specifically, it should be better to issue a launcher. So far no date is specified on arrival but will be available through the Play Store or directly from the site Jolla. And for those wishing to take the sweep without changing Smartphone, the company indicates that Sailfish OS have already been made for multiple devices including Samsung Galaxy, Nexus Google or Sony Xperia.

In addition, drafts for popular Smartphones in Xiaomi are planned within the community. But for the moment outside the models have shown on this wiki where you can see the progress of adaptation. Sailfish OS offers its own applications and it also supports those developed for Android. Anyway Jolla used this announcement to indicate that publishers are beginning to join.

And names mentioned by the company, are Rovio, the father of Angry Birds. F -Secure, known for its antivirus solutions, meanwhile Younita propose online storage solution users of Jolla. For now, the company gives no details on the available storage capacity or level of service.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

How much do you know about Sailfish OS ?

Sailfish OS
We are in the world of smart phones because we used to spend our great time with our mobiles now days, smart mobile offers many more features and facilities. In the world of smart phone there is a competition is taking place between the mobile os which decide the best mobile by offering best features, among mobile os (android, windows, Symbian) competition a new os is going to take part as a competitor sailfish in the race, from upcoming days we know which is the best mobile os among the mobile world. Let we discuss about sailfish.

Sailfish is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices which provides mobile-optimized with flexibility, ubiquity and stability. The most interesting feature of sailfish is it provides the platform to run an android apps and it supports around 85000 apps in play store. Sailfish run on any hardware platform which support Linux kernel. It was built on MeeGo technology which ensures that core cellular functionality like power management and connectivity so on. The core of an os is come from Mer project. Its UI enriches with fast and easy customization because of it built with QML and Qt Quick.


• Hardware
• Kernel
• Mer
• UI and Middleware
• Application
• Application store


Any hardware which capable to support Linux kernel.


All the hardware should specifies kernel patches and drivers through libhybris.


Multimedia, graphics, communication, personal information management, system essentials and development.

UI and Middleware 

It provide unique interface in the way of home screen & switcher, multitasking, integrated UX for key web services and UI performance optimization.


• Jolla Application: Basic app like phone, message, contacts, camera, gallery, settings, etc.
• 3rdparty applications: Maps, web browser and other apps which run on android.

Most attractive features of a sailfish were it can support android apps. Android is well known mobile platform it have more than lakhs application are available in the market is the one of the reason that android become famous in short interval time and also it provide android development features like custom rom and tweaks so on.

Features of Best mobile platform

• Amazing UI
• flexibility
• reliability
• large mobile apps
• mobile platform should provide greater flexibility for developer
• Many tweaks should available for the os which attracts the users.
• Many more

Above all the function merely supported by the sailfish so that sailfish soon overhead android after its launch.


Jolla is the smart phone powered by sailfish. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and loaded with android apps.


Multi-touch display with gorilla glass(gorilla “2)

Ample 4.5” IPS QHD display.


Primary - 8 megapixel AF camera with LED Flash

Secondary – 2 megapixels


16GB storage, 1GB RAM.

Operating system

Sailfish OS beta.

Frequently update via air (OTA) usage WLAN is recommended.


2g / 3g / and also 4g-lite

Vender: Nokia 

About: Jola interface is different to android and iOS, it offers something different from other interface like flexible and freeing and the interface is provide quick and fast response but there is an when switch between the apps.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sailfish OS can be ported to Nokia's N9

Nokia N9
Developers have managed to port Jollas Sailfish OS on Nokia N9. Making calls and connections over WLAN are already working. Sailfish OS can be parallel to the existing operating system to install. If you own a Nokia N9, which had so far renounce Android apps.

With a Sailfish OS installed in parallel is now possible. Developers have ported Jollas mobile OS on the N9. It can be used via a boot manager in parallel with an already installed Meego Harmattan. Sailfish OS can also be run on a N950. According to developers Munim Zahid already making phone calls using this, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and GPS should be able to be used under Sailfish OS on the N9.

This Sailfish OS has space on the device, it must first be unlocked with Open Mode. Only then a new partition for Sailfish OS can be created. After installing Ubiboot can be an image of Sailfish OS transferred to the device and install it.

After that the package manager zypper and thus additional packages should be installed for Jollas Media Player or calendar. Detailed instructions can be found at There, the installation steps under Debian and Windows are described.