Thursday 12 December 2013

Sailfish OS can be ported to Nokia's N9

Nokia N9
Developers have managed to port Jollas Sailfish OS on Nokia N9. Making calls and connections over WLAN are already working. Sailfish OS can be parallel to the existing operating system to install. If you own a Nokia N9, which had so far renounce Android apps.

With a Sailfish OS installed in parallel is now possible. Developers have ported Jollas mobile OS on the N9. It can be used via a boot manager in parallel with an already installed Meego Harmattan. Sailfish OS can also be run on a N950. According to developers Munim Zahid already making phone calls using this, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and GPS should be able to be used under Sailfish OS on the N9.

This Sailfish OS has space on the device, it must first be unlocked with Open Mode. Only then a new partition for Sailfish OS can be created. After installing Ubiboot can be an image of Sailfish OS transferred to the device and install it.

After that the package manager zypper and thus additional packages should be installed for Jollas Media Player or calendar. Detailed instructions can be found at There, the installation steps under Debian and Windows are described.

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