Tuesday 24 December 2013

How to stay safe in Public wifi connection

Public wifi
Everyone is happy to use internet from a public Wi-Fi hotspot, but many of us are unaware of the security risks beneath it. We all are willing to use open Wi-Fi, but none of us is willing to give away our sensitive information. Let me give you a clear idea about insecure popen Wi-Fi.

Does it easy to steal information in open wifi hotspot?

Yes, it is more easy to steal your information in public wifi hotspot. It is illegal to steal others information, but criminals never care about it. In fact, they won’t be caught since it’s not an easy one to prove as a crime.

Commonly accessed public wifi hotspots:

Open wifi hotspots are commonly provided by the following

(i) Airports
(ii) Libraries
(iii) Hotels
(iv) Hospitals
(v) Universities
(vi) Coffee shops
(vii) Restaurants and so on.

Problems in public wifi hotspot:

The most common problems occurred in open wifi hotspot are listed below

(i) Internet threats may occupy your system
(ii) Sensitive information may be theft
(iii) Computer can be hacked

Internet threats:

Internet threats include virus, malwares and spywares. They can easily entered into your system and spoil your security and privacy. These internet threats are the common issues that could reduce the performance of computer. They are more vulnerable in open wifi-hotspot.

Better keep your computer with an up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spywares. Microsoft provides better security from internet threats. If you are using Windows 8, then antivirus protection is turned on automatically.

If it’s not Windows 8 then download Microsoft Security Essential.

Security level:

Everyone of us like to have a more secured connection. Secured connection makes your computer to perform in a better way and gives virus free, spyware free and malware free computer. But most of the OS and software doesn’t provide a secure environment to access internet. The get hold on a maximum security level of your computer and stay away from risks, just maintain the following environment.

Better keep your firewall always on, never turn it off. In windows 7 and 8 we can configure our firewall to block all unwanted access to our computer.

Keep all software up-to-date. If not then never update any software in open wifi connection. It is an easy way to access and hack a computer.

Use a strong secured connection with more security. Better choose more secured connection even that you have to pay for it. Both windows 8 and 7 can reduce security risks.

Avoid information theft:

Most of the people are unaware of sensitive information theft. They may expose their personal informations that should be kept secured. Avoid typing such personal information in an open wifi connection. If you have any secured internet access, then better use it for sensitive information such as

(i) Online transactions and online payments
(ii) E-mail login
(iii) Social network login
(iv) Net banking and Mobile banking

Turn off sharing:

Avoid sharing personal informations in open wifi hotspot. Better turn off your wifi while you are not using it.
By following the above ways and keep those settings you can keep your computer safe and secured even in an open wifi hotspot connection.

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