Saturday 21 December 2013

How to install Windows 7 using USB

Windows 7 via USB
You don’t necessarily need an OS CD to install your OS into your computer. USB is more than enough. The activity is similar of transferring files to your computer but that can’t say it’s an easy job. Installing OS is a matter of patience.

This method is highly useful where you have a PC which doesn’t have a DVD drive or a tablet or any notebook that has ports only for connecting USB’s.


• A 4GB USB flash Drive. Know the details about the flash drive. (Know the details about your USB)

• Installation Files either from a DVD drive or an access to a computer which has Windows 7 that is working properly.

Note: This process consumes around an hour.

Before copying the installation files into your USB format it and make it into a bootable device.

Open a command prompt and run it as administrator. If you don’t know then search cmd.exe in start and select it. Do a right click and select run as administrator as shown:
Step 1

The following steps might be easy to guide you in the installation process. It involves installation in the command prompt mode.


First copy the contents of the USB to a safe location in your computer. Now go to “Command Prompt mode.” Type cmd and press ctrl+shift+enter (else)

Go to Start ->Programs ->Accessories ->Command prompt -> select run as Administrator


First type “list disk” to list the number of active devices in your device.

Next type the following commands once at a time and give some time after one command so that it executes it.
Type “DISKPART” and you get the following message

Note down the disk number. Here the disk number is 1.
Step 2

So type the following commands as shown.

SELECT DISK 1 (where 1 is the disk number or in here it is the USB number)

CLEAN (removes existing partitions including hidden sectors)

CREATEPARTITION PRIMARY (creates a new partition with default parameters)

SELECT PARTITION 1 (It focuses on the newly created partition)

ACTIVE (makes this partition active)

FORMAT FS=NTFS (takes time to format the disc depends on the size of USB)

ASSIGN(it assigns a number to USB. Note down it)

EXIT(quits diskpart tool)

Now you’ll get a window shown as follows.

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