Friday 7 November 2014

A Device That Measures How Drunk You Are

In this age of Smartphone, you can get smart solutions of your every problem. This device not only offers the basic practicality of telecommunication, but also traps several other fields of interest that any person can have. Advanced characteristics comprise video calling, taking photos, image editing, file management, internet searching, social media networking, and games and so on.

Smartphone has also contributed in the area of health care with a lot of apps that assist you to check your heart rate and also metabolic factors. And now to extend its functionality, it can moreover be utilized as a breath analyzer by means of an extension known as Breeze. The length of the device is a 2.25 inch and the width is 1.88 inch wide and it weighs less than one ounce.

Importance of the device

Breathometer launched a new device in its series of breathalyzers. This Breathalyzer is actually a wearable device called the Breeze, which can clip on your clothes or onto the interior side of a purse. It moreover combines with the HealthKit of Apple. The main concept is that you can take the Breeze at the time of drinking and give the outcomes into Breathometer app. The records may be shared in HealthKit and allowed to show in the Health app of iOS 8.

This Breeze is not only very handy but also a wonderful tool to own, since it will absolutely specify you that you are excessively drunk. To calculate the blood alcohol level, the users need to blow into the device at least for 20 minutes after their previous drink to give time for the alcohol to enter the bloodstream. Every year a lot of people meet their disastrous fate as a result of accidents occurred by driving in a drunken situation. Parents can even offer it to their teenagers who like to drink hard. By giving this device, they can remind them to do the test before going to drive a car. And moreover this device is always good to identify the amount of alcohol in your body.

The Design and Function

Breeze is the first amazing wearable breathalyzer in the present market, having both ultra-fast and really accurate results. It is provided with new industrial design having an integral mouthpiece to give ease of use and as a result, it may surely boost up the marketing policy. It consists of the high-tech fuel cell sensor allowing the instant outcomes and law enforcement rating accuracy. In addition to these it is also Bluetooth LE based and therefore it is wireless and needs no jacks or power cords.

Besides these amazing aspects, the gadget has a long life span and it may be put to sixteen months of regular use before doing battery replacement. The wearable pin, keychain as well as an optional mouthpiece that is included within it, makes it totally portable and simple to carry. This gadget includes a feature, named as- Back to Zero, which allows you to find out when you will be prepared to drive. There is no need to guess whether or not, you would your car for that night and call for a cab.

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