Sunday, 16 November 2014

Inbox App From Google Makes Email Simpler

Inbox App
Inbox, in its present state, is basically an option to your usual Gmail account. While the entire look of Gmail has just changed a little in recent few months, Inbox includes Google's latest Material Design idea, which presents an admiring user interface with consistent colors all through the app. Such a design pattern expands to all versions of this Inbox, comprising iOS or the devices of Android etc.

Gmail's new features of Categories try to place incoming email messages under the generic tabs. The sending emails are put into a wider variety of more particular headings, named as, Bundles.

Description of Bundles

Bundles are mainly accordion folders for definite categories within the inbox. It sets all emails in one label under a single line within your inbox, and then you may click to enlarge the label by not leaving the inbox. Theoretically, it is very parallel to the action of the Priority Inbox, excluding the notifications that are not seen in the tabs and they are a line item in the inbox.

For most of the parts, the app works very well, and it forms a simple header through a color-coded pattern to indicate emails of a particular type by date, week, as well as by month. This Inbox will also throw a few pictures or in other words, highlights, from those emails found on the header and as a result it becomes very simple for you to get any attachment that you are searching.

Function of the Feature- Reminders

Gmail always included a choice to form a to-do list by means of Tasks; however now Reminders can take it to the next advanced level, they will be shown just within the inbox. Just as the other aspects, you can use Reminders whenever you like in its folder through a left-hand menu. This Reminders feature functions really well, mostly when it gets combined with another function known as- Snooze.
Snooze- Another Next Addition to the App

Not all the reminders or any email that you form within Inbox will require your instant attention and it is the point where Snooze feature comes to help. Just as an alarm clock, you need to fix the reminder to aware you about them afterward. After that fixed particular time, Google offers you some options like:

  • Snooze to an exact time 
  •  Snoozing up to someday- Here, if you think you may wish to open an email afterward, but not certain when, you may prefer to snooze the email. Mostly, the email will stay in the Snooze folder if you do not remove it. 
  •  You can snooze until you reach somewhere. But it can be done in the mobile only and it allows you to track location.
Besides these, there are also some other features added. However, Inbox does not allow you to see more than one email account at the same time. You may swipe among the accounts from the very top menu; however this seems very awkward if it is compared to the Mail app, found in iOS that allows you to see all of the message threads of different accounts in a long inbox.

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