Monday 10 November 2014

MixRadio Discloses Natively Built Personalized Recommendation Engine

MixRadio has been successfully providing genuine digital music service from past 5 years and they have been able to reach out to as many as 20 million users across India. According to a recent research conducted by the company, the mobile music streaming in India is expected to grow heaps and bounds and as much as 110% in the coming 4 years.

This indicated that 1 out of 15 mobile streaming all around the world will be taking place in India. Based on the outcome of this research, the company has indicated that the personal radio will keep on dominating the market and the millions of users will have increasing access to existing data as well as preferences. MixRadio’s newly disclosed personalized engine will be able to give a completely new level of experience to the millions of users in India.

On the 4th November, MixRadio opted for the MixRadio Music Connects event held in Mumbai for making the global announcement pertaining to their newly and natively built recommendation engine. This new personalized recommendation engine will be providing “Play me” one touch option for the music lovers and audiences globally.

What is special about this new engine? 

This new engine is expected to be delivering a greater breadth of music and in a more personalized way when compared to the earlier days. The engine has been created to deliver a completely unique and relevant listening experience due to the fact that it will be using billions of data points from millions of customers globally. The music listeners will be able to see a complete catalogue of the artist and listen to the selected song, they will also come across tracks which either has gone unnoticed or forgotten at times. The aim is that the music listeners will be able to discover more and more about the music they like. The Play me option has been evolved in this new engine which adds to the experiences of the listeners.

According to Head of MixRadio, Jyrki Rosenberg, the main roadblock that was faced by the development team was the organization of the large catalogue of music which includes 32 million tracks for just a single listener making it entirely relevant and personal. What we have promised the listeners is the fact that they will be getting their own personalized radio station and that too by touching a single button. The company has been able to develop an engine which is delivering what they have promised.

According to Rosenberg, this new engine was in development and evolution stages since 2010. Although not known to many, but MixRadio was moving their existing listeners towards this new engine and today they have completed the final shifting. According to the preliminary reports, the new recommendation engine has been able to have a positive impact in the retention as well as the engagement level of the customers in the new service. This is expected to be a new experience for the Indian music listeners in terms of how and what they enjoy. According to the Company development of this new engine has been the most effective business model they have adopted in recent times.

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