Tuesday 11 November 2014

Echo, a Stunning Piece of Technology Brought about by Amazon

Amazon’s Echo is like your personal Siri stuffed into this amazing portable speaker, except it is so much more. This insanely clever little item is the solution to all your technological problems. It is almost like your personal genie which can grant (most) of your wishes.

Whether you need information or are just in the mood for some relaxing fun and music, it is capable of adapting itself to the best of all worlds. And the best part? The device does not compromise on any front. Priced at $199, this device is well worth the extra bucks.

As a limited period offer, Amazon offers a whopping discount for its premium members who can save $100. It is available only by invitation.

How does Echo work?

Echo works by voice recognition technology. It stays on continually and processes all the information you need as soon as you say the word that makes it work, “Alexi”. The uppermost part of the cylinder has a set of seven microphones which uses a beam forming technology and noise cancellation that adapt to you voice and gives you any information you desire.

The microphones are so powerful that it can even catch your words over any song that it plays. It can process a variety of queries, like setting alarm, playing songs, and answering any question from Google or Wikipedia.

The cylindrical box has a volume panel to alter the volume levels with two buttons, one for switching it on or off and the other for turning the microphones off.

How is the sound system? 

The interior of the cylindrical base has a long reflex port that deepens the bass of the woofer without distorting the sound output quality. The2.5 inch woofer is insanely powerful and produces deep sounds.

Often woofers forget the higher notes, which distorts the music on a whole, however, the Echo solves all those problems effectively using the 2 inch tweeter which hits all those high notes with superb precision.

The result? Crystal clear sound capable of matching any of its contenders in the same size. Listening to your favourite songs will be a treat owing to this small 9.5-inch baby. The cylindrical shape also allows for 360 degrees surround sound, which immerses you in the experience totally.

How is the voice recognition feature? 

Since Echo operates on Amazon’s web services, it continually improves its dictionary and becomes more suited to your accent and the searches you regularly perform to give you results based on your needs.

Additional features

Echo has an app compatible with android, iOS and desktops so that you can manage your searches and alarms even when you are not at home. Echo works with an active Wi-Fi connection or on your home network if you are using the app. Echo can also play any song via Bluetooth and use services like Google Music and Spotify.

Echo promises a lot but it is only time that will prove the performance of the gadget. It sports a sleek black colour and can be a good gift for a loved one. So request that invitation today and enjoy this smart piece of technology.

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