Saturday 8 November 2014

UC Browser Is Now Available In Android for Downloading

UC Browser
UC Browser is a renowned mobile internet browser having over four hundred billion users of about 15o nations and is available in most of the major platforms. UC Browser designed for Android provides you a quick all-in-one internet experience - an outstanding Browsing, surfing, Downloading, playing Video Game, Shopping along with Social Sharing experience.

If the user desires to break free from the default browser of Android this app will offer him almost all of the qualities that are liked by the user in his desktop browser. This browser allows instantaneous downloads and provides a clean, efficient download manager for the certain files. It also helps in offline reading of the pages.

Download UC Browser 10.0 in Android devices

Unlike other companies like Dolphin or some more, UC Browser, which is intended for Android 10.0 is presently obtainable for download with the help of Google Play. This latest version of UC Browser is endowed with a brand new UI, which is inspired by the Material Design philosophy of Google as observed in Android 5.0 version Lollipop.

This Browser of Android 10.0 has also some basic settings along with a redesigned navigation web page. It has a new tab management structure that helps the users to change the different type of open tabs. It also includes the feature of bug fixes to fulfill the expectation of the users.

The browser, covering a space of 13MB can be freely downloaded and it works with devices like Android 2.2 or some others. There is an HD option of the tool only for tabs running on the mobile OS of Google. For simpler handsets that are not able to control the standard version, you can also find Mini spinoff of the app.

Some of the notable features of the mobile browser

  • Best speed in FB- Get benefitted from the fastest browsing in Facebook with the help of FB Faster add-on.
  • Fast Browsing- With the help of Speed Mode, you can get the perfect version of the internet pages on the basis of your network.
  • Smart downloading- It is multi-tasking system, with best background and helps to download with automatic reconnection.
  • Rich Add-ons- improve and personalize the browsing experience of the user with add-ons.
  • Incognito browsing- The user can browse the net securely to keep up his privacy.
  • Custom themes- The user can modify the look of the browser with beautiful themes and attractive wallpapers from UC browser Theme Center. He can also use his own images.
  • Night Mode- Due to this mode there will be no effect on the eyes of the user even he works with it at night.
  • Auto Pager- This feature produces a trouble free reading experience since the next page would get automatically loaded while the user reaches the end part of the existing page.
Thus, the users can enjoy speed and steadiness. The browser applies high-end compression machine provided by a server to offer faster browsing and low data usage. The mobile web experience of the browser also conveys high-performance with smooth animation features for wonderful visuals and exceptional navigation.

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