Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lollipop in Nvidia's Shield Tablet

Shield Tablet
The much awaited Lollipop

Finally, it is here! The latest version of the Android series as Lollipop. And with its release, all the leading companies are getting their sleeves rolled to get this version for their respective mobile phones and tablets as well. Likewise, Nvidia has also declared that their Shield tablet will also be soon updated to this latest Lollipop version.

Nvidia's official declaration

The declare was officially made public is one of the Twitter feeds. The officials in this feed had promised of bringing “Android 5.0 Lollipop and more.” Nevertheless, the official declaration of the upgradation is indeed a good one, thus showing that Nvidia does not at all want to lag behind. Yet the release time-frame hasn't been said. As expected by many speculations, this upgrade will be done about the end of this year.

The official declare says “Android 5.0 Lollipop and more.” The OS upgradation definitely gets included. However “and more” still makes other stay in vague expectations. Many people have been expecting that this “and more” can mean the inclusion of a software with a gaming centric form.

Other includes exciting features

Apart from this upgrade, the tablet also includes many other exciting features as well. The Nvidia tablet includes a 32-bit chip set of Nvidia Tegra K1. It also includes a massive 2 GB RAM. The latest Nexus 9 includes the Denver version of 64 bit. However, this 32-bit form is actually faster than many other chips that you can find presently in the market. The tablet also includes an impressive 8-inch display. In addition, it allows the device to run a resolution that comes in HD form with a range of pixels that include a combination of 1920 by 1080. Apart from these, the tablet also includes a 16GB or even a 32GB expandable storage space.

This tablet is available at two kinds of prices. The tablet coming in the Wi Fi only mode with a 16GB, is priced at a $299. On the other hand, the tablet, which has a 32GB mode with an LTE, is priced at $399. These features along with many more simply make the availability of this tablet a much awaited and an exciting one.

Lollipop suffices a lot

If these features are not enough to compel you to grab one of these tablets, the added Android Lollipop version will be enough to get one for yourself. Android Lollipop itself includes a whole lot of exciting features like improvised lock screen, notifications and many more. Both the release of Lollipop and the Nvidia tablet are all set to fulfil the expectations of the passionate Android lovers from all over the world.

Nvidia, undoubtedly does a good job in declaring the official release of their upgraded OS. Of course other issues like the speed and quality depends on its future use. Whether it will be better than Nexus or will it be faster than HTC is all really vague. But that doesn't make the enthusiastic waiting a slower one. The only solution is to grab one and get pampered in it.

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