Saturday 1 November 2014

How to Delete Your Data From Your Android Phone Safely

There have been numerous ways through which a user can delete their data when switching between iPhones, but what about the users relying on Android phone. If you are looking to sell your phone or even to lend it to a friend, then you need to make sure that all your data is deleted from your phone. The steps might vary depending on the type and model of the Android phone and also the device manufacturer. There have been changes in the settings and name of certain menus in different models of the Android phones, but at the end the basic steps of deleting the personal data will mostly be the same.

1. Data from the MicroSD card:

The first thing that comes to our mind when changing a phone is the data available on the microSD. Usually if one inserts their SD card from the old phone to the new phone then the data like videos, photos and music should be easily migrated over. In case your latest phone doesn’t have any slot for SD card or by any reason you don’t want to carry over the card then first thing you need to do is to backup all the data and then format the card. The simple steps are:

1. Connect your phone to computer and you have necessary application available for data transfer

2. Now click on my computer and navigate through your phone and copy all the data to your computer

3. Unplug your phone and reformat the SD card.

One can even format the card on their phone by going to the settings and clicking on erase the card. However there are people who can trace your data from your card. To avoid this, one should copy some other data about the size of the SD card and delete it. This will replace the old data and your old data will be gone forever.

2. Back up data on the phone:

Apart from deleting the personal data, you might to back up your contacts and other information. Google account has been a benefit for Android users as they automatically back up your data but one can manually do this by going to the setting options and choosing back up my data. This will lead them to Google account to further back the different types of data available on your phone.

3. Deleting everything

Once the data has been back up, completely delete all the data from the phone. Carrying out a simple factory reset will ensure all the data on the phone is deleted. Users will just have to go to setting and they have the option of Factory reset.

4. Restore data to another phone

If a user has followed all the above mentioned steps then they will be able to restore their data to another device. If you have your microSD, just insert in the new phone and all your music, photos and videos will be automatically restored. If not you can just sign in you Google Account and get all your contacts and photos that were backed up.

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