Thursday 13 November 2014

Different Means of Taking Screenshots on Any Smartphone or Tablet

If you are the person who is looking to show off your new wallpaper, your amazing desktop screensaver in front of their friends or even if you want to show off of your new games and Android widgets that you have experimented with, then what to do you do? No need to think of high end ways to achieve this, you simply need to take a screenshot of the things and be ready to show off. The following steps will help you achieve your aim depending on the type of device you are using:
The users of laptops and desktops:

If you are among the people who still rely on and use any one of the versions of the Microsoft windows, then the easiest option they have is to take the complete screenshot share it with your friends. The user just needs to follow the following steps:

  1.  The user just needs to click on the print screen tab on your keyboard of on your laptop 
  2.  Open the Microsoft paint and just press the Ctrl+V option. 
  3.  You will have the entire screenshot of the desktop and you should be able to save the file at your desired location.
If you are looking for more control over the screenshots then you might want to download IrfanView. This will allow the users to capture take the screenshots by following the below mentioned steps:

1. On a regular desktop the user needs to press the C tab and then you will get the option to select the type of screenshot that you are looking for. The users will get a lot of details and options for better experience. The users will be able to move their mouse over the area they want to be captured as the screenshots, click on start and save your screenshot.

2. Mac users will have to follow 2 commands to take screenshots. They can capture the screenshot by pressing the command as cmd + shift + 3 and if you are looking for, capturing only a part of your screen then just press the “cmd + shift + 4 and it will direct you to, drag and select the area that you might want to capture and save the on the desktop.

The users of tablets and Smart phones

Irrespective of what device you are using, Windows Phone, Android phone or even any apple series, the user just has to press the power button and ensuring that the home button is also pressed at the same to time to get a screenshot of the entire screen. But if you have an older version of Android (less than 4.0) then you can follow the below steps:

 Holding the power button for a long time might give option to take a screen shot apart from reboot and shut off.

If not, then when pressing the power button, press the volume button and you might get the option to take screenshot. This feature has been enables in Samsung Galaxy and Sony Ericsson Xperia phones.

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