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Wednesday 26 April 2017

9 Easy Things You Can Do to Stay Safe on Your Android Phone

Android Phone
Android mobile phone: If it falls down it goes broken, if it is stolen, all data are lost. It does not have to be. We provide you with valuable tips that make your smartphone safe. Smartphones now accompany us everywhere, know almost everything about us and organize our days. Reason enough to secure its smartphone comprehensively. We trust our smartphones that contains all our data, and often forget to take the Android Security measures if in case it gets into the wrong hands. For this reason, you should pay particular attention to good safety precautions for your smartphone.

There are cases where practically every hope is in vain. This includes a fall of the smartphone from heights or a theft by a professional. But in all other cases, you can do very much to make your smartphone safer. Just follow our tips!

Theft protection

If the smartphone is stolen or lost, then you will feel less like you have lost your wallet. Therefore, we advise all smartphone users to install and activate the anti-theft protection. Such a possibility is provided by most anti-malware solutions, which we also present in this Android user edition. If you only want to use the anti-theft protection, we recommend the application Cerberus anti-theft of the developer LSDROID. It brings a lot of possibilities and can be controlled via SMS or via a web front end.

Save important data

Connect the mobile phone to the PC, start the app and back up data. But which data is really valuable to you? Contacts, SMS messages and the photos… There are solutions for automatic backup. You secure the contacts via your GMail account. We recommend this even if you are not actively using GMail.

To save the photos, you create a Google+ account and activate the instant upload via WLAN. If you are photographing relatively little, then you must definitely activate the upload in original size. This gives you "only" 5 GB of storage space, but your photos are kept in the original (and you can later purchase additional storage, if desired). If Google+ is really only a backup, select the default size in the settings for the Instant Upload of Google+ under Store Size. This allows you to back up as many photos as you want in the Google Cloud, but with a maximum of 3 megapixels. All photos remain private and you do not need to actively use Google+ for this service.

PIN code or pattern

Even if it is cumbersome to unlock your own smartphone again and again with a PIN code, password or pattern: make the effort! This is the only way to avoid theft or loss of the data on your smartphone. To set the display lock, enter the settings and select Security -> Display lock. If you choose a pattern, avoid obvious such as Z or N and set a reciprocal motion. This prevents someone from recognizing the pattern due to streaks on the touchscreen. Also make sure that the Make visible checkbox is not set. So you see at most a wrong pattern, but never the right one.

Viewing angle protection film

The best password or the best unlocking pattern will not be useful if someone is watching you unlock the Android device. The fact that someone looks over your shoulder can prevent you in most cases, but what about side looks? Here is a viewing angle protection film, also called privacy filter. Once mounted on the display, you can practically no longer see what happens on the touchscreen from the side.

Protective covers

Admittedly, many protective covers do not look great, but most of them protect your smartphone from glass breakage when the smartphone falls from the breast to the ground. Make sure that the bumper is made of a soft material and provides an additional edge around the display so that it will get ground contact on impact, not the touch screen.

Two-way authentication

Do you use simple passwords or do you often log on to other computers on Google? Then you should use two-step verification from Google. To do so, log in to your Google Account and then set up the confirmation. In the simplest case, you will get an SMS on your mobile phone, but there is also an offline application for Android Security, which generates the necessary codes for the login. This does not make your mobile phone safer, but it will protect your Google account. The details explain our free article on the website

Protection in WLAN hotspots

Do you like surfing at McDonald's, Starbucks, or other hotspots with many unknown users? Then you should be aware that it is easy with every rooted Android smartphone and the appropriate apps to "hijack" even HTTPS encrypted connections and thus intercept login data and passwords. The App DroidSheep Guard by Andreas Koch protects you against this danger. The app notices, if someone tries to divert the network traffic over its own device and switches in such a case automatically the WLAN from. As the only app on Google Play, it performs this task reliably, free of charge and without ads.

Safe mode

You have the feeling that something is wrong with your smartphone, you may have installed a malicious app, or someone fiddled with your smartphone? Then restart it in safe mode. To do this, hold down the power button on the touch screen until a dialog box appears to select Safe Mode. Your Android device then only offers the apps to the start, which were packaged by the manufacturer on the mobile phone. So you have time to check the installed apps and delete malicious software. The mode is also an excellent way to find a good deal. If the running time is much better in safe mode, then one of the additionally installed apps must be responsible for the high battery consumption. Safe mode will automatically stop when you restart the smartphone.

Install anti-malware software

Even if there are currently no really bad apps on Google Play, there are enough dangerous apps in Google Store that you will not be able to install. To be protected against such and other malware, you should install anti-malware software. For a basic protection the free version is sufficient for most providers. For Android users, AVG AntiVirus Mobile Security PRO is available free of charge in this edition for one year.

Encrypt the storage

Since Android 4.0, there is the possibility to encrypt the complete smartphone. The file system is fragmented in such a way that it can only be re-assembled with a password or PIN code. This feature provides high data protection when the phone is switched off. In operation, the encryption is nothing to remember, all files are normally available. Since the process takes about an hour, you must first fully charge the mobile phone and leave it on the charger until the encryption is finished. You can find the setting under Security -> Phone Encrypt. Here you also define whether the mobile phone is to query the PIN code of the SIM card at startup.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Protection Against Android Malware

Some tips could always be useful irrespective of the user being new to Android who would be eager to explore new available options on the screen. Some of them could also be annoying which tends to come with the daily functions and operations. These tips could be helpful to the user since every few months there seems to be some security vulnerability in Android which could affect many users of Android smartphones, for instance in recent years, Quadrooter together with Stagefright.

 These two security vulnerabilities were considered to be different. In regular life, how secure would Android be and what would be helpful against the dangers from the internet? Numerous security holes had been exploited by Quadrooter, in Qualcomm drivers in the summer of 2016 wherein nine hundred million Android devices had been affected.

This had been presented by those who had identified the gaps. But in order to take the benefit of the Quadrooter exposure, the invader needs to be capable of installing and running an appropriate designed app on a smartphone. The Stagefright susceptibility seemed to be different which was unseen in the functions in processing of streams or media files and the issue was that when even a video would be sent as an MMS there was a tendency of it being misused.

The invader had the capability of sending a file to the user where the dangerous code could be accomplished. Beginning with Android 4.0, it seemed difficult to exploit the susceptibility owing to the system intervention, though it is not difficult. The dissimilarity between the two security breaches is evident. While Quadrooter tends to need few steps from the user, Stagefright can be exploited remotely without the need of interaction of the user. Android tends to have various means of safeguarding the security of the users. The most significant methods are:

1. Prevention of installation of unfamiliar apps 

There is said to be a setting in the Android system which enables or disables installations of apps of unfamiliar source wherein the option gets deactivated on the device in its delivery state where one can install apps only from the Play Store. Some of the companies tend to have their own app store preinstalled like in the case of Samsung, with its Galaxy Apps. The capability of limiting the option is not relevant for these and this option tends to protect the user against malware spreads through an unfamiliar app store or simple internet pages. News regarding malware in the Play Store seems to be quite rare since these disreputable apps are eradicated rapidly from the Play Store. However, unknown sources need to be activated in using app store of Amazon or perhaps for another like F-Droid.

2. Virus Scanner of Google 

The second line of defense of Google does not seem to have compatibility issue but provides security against malicious apps – virus scanning. Beginning with Android 4.2, this has been made available and is now a part of the services of Google Play. It has also been activated by default and should be left that way. The setting is said to enable apps to be scanned for likely malware before the installation. However if malware tends to be discovered, Android rejects the installation.

Quadrooter Malware 

Google had confirmed with Android Central some few days after discovering that Quadrooter malware cannot be installed while the corresponding setting had been set. Adrian Ludwig, security chief of Android had declared that it was identical to Gooligan, the malware which had hacked Google accounts in December 2016. As of April 2016, Android Security Report, in 2015 states that with this procedure, the threat landscape for users of Android could be considerably less and with this feature the malware apps does not have any chance against Google. Essentially the verification of the app tends to function by calculating the fingerprint – hash value of an APK which is compared against the database of Google comprising of likely threats. Google tends to scan apps on the Play Store, as well as APKs which are accessible through the web.

Alerts against Ensuing Manipulation

This system seems to be quite effective since around 90% of the apps connected outside the Play Store seemed to be well-known to Google which had been scanned for probable security concerns. Besides this, Google is also capable of extracting specific features from the apps subjecting them to identical process which enables Google to identify dangerous feature. Thus it warns the user if essential and also prevents the installation of such a kind of app. Google, in the meantime tends to scan the installed apps during the process and can also alert against ensuing manipulation of the app, which is already installed. In the case of extreme condition, there is also the likelihood of removing apps from the smartphone if these have been permitted by a device administrator.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

21 Android Secrets, Shortcuts and Hidden Features You Should Know About

Android Secrets
Since the great industrial revolution in Great Britain and other European countries in the 18th century has changed the world science and the technology to a great extent and the civilization registered some of the most important discoveries, which spearhead the technological advancements of our society. Although there are some of the most magnificent developments have taken place those really help us in various ways, but the invention of the computer and the internet, in the later par of the last century, have changed the entire scenario and with the mobile phone, especially Smartphone, has revolutionized the communication systems and become the darling of billions of users. The Android-powered Smartphone are nowadays helping the world to get the best results in almost all sectors.

Some of the Android Secrets

  1.  By just typing “find my phone” into Google on any desktop or laptop; one can get the ping that where the phone is left behind; 
  2.  The battery saver is helping the phone to get a better and long battery life, which increases the life up to 30%; 
  3.  The Android helps in finding, how much of battery life is left, with an accurate picture; 
  4.  There is a Home button, which is helping in getting the information quickly and comfortably; 
  5.  For easy access to the respective phone; smart lock plays it easier for the user; 
  6.  By using the most elegant Android Device manager; one can locate the lost phone, in case the phone is lost; 
  7.  The user can keep his details, such as; Name, address, phone number etc., which can be seen on the display screen; 
  8.  The potential user can encrypt the accounts, downloaded apps, settings, media and other files; 
  9.  If the user lost his phone, still that can be accessed through a friend's phone and avail the messages, photos etc.; 
  10.  Whatever happening on the screen can be recorded in a video at a specific time
  11.  Transfer of data like contacts, photos etc. can be sent easily from one Android phone to other very comfortably; 
  12.  The feature of data usage in Android phone can be managed with extreme precision; 
  13.  Nougat, one of the most modern software of Android helps in customizing and editing of the phone; 
  14.  If any pop ups makes any annoyance, it can be stopped with the help of Android device at the setting level; 
  15.  Like Google; the Android software Nougat is also hiding games, Neko, which can be located in Setting
  16.  Various notifications of apps and other software can be controlled and helpful in restricting some of them; 
  17.  The Notification log, only available in the form of widgets, helps in getting older notifications at finger tips; 
  18.  The Night Mode option of the light can be availed in Android phone, which is available as a hidden feature; 
  19.  Android Nougat is having the Split Screen mode, which is unique in nature and quite handy for the user; 
  20.  Offline maps can be saved and the will be helpful for the user for its easy options;
  21.  The deletion of the default apps is an easier option available in the Android phones.

Sunday 15 February 2015

Few Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Most of the phones with the android system in the market are very easy to use but there are some easy tricks, which can be used for making these phones, not only efficient but more enjoyable as well. Android being an open platform gives lot of opportunities for customization. Apart from personalizing the phones, these tricks can be used to keep the phones neat and can be practiced for keeping them organized. This will allow plenty of battery to survive all day long.


Google is one such application, which is more like a personal assistant. User’s have to open the Google app, click on get Google now and fill all the necessary preferences. To get personalized notifications from Google, you need to tell the app about your favorite sports team, stocks among others. Google can be given direction about the Google Maps transportation in the user’s preferred mode.

Make use of lock screens and launchers replacements: 

Not everybody can stare at the same weather widget every day. Google play store now provides the user with changing interfaces for the android phones.

Power saving mode: 

User should turn on the power saving mode on their phones by going to the setting menu. Some of the android phones also have the option of higher-level battery-saving mode. Unfortunately, not all the phones have battery saving mode option.

Always keep an extra battery: 

Always remember, the battery can die anytime and it is not possible to be beside a store. If your android phone has the option of replaceable back, then you can keep an extra battery that can be used when required.

Google Chrome: 

Using Google chrome to login to the Google account will allow the users to carry over all their bookmarks and preferences automatically.

Create folders for apps: 

Users can divide all their apps into different folders and keep it organized. This not only reduces the time to search for application but also minimizes the clutter from the screen. To create a folder, you need to press and hold on any app and you will get an option to create folder on the top left hand side. Some of the phones have the option to dragging and dropping one app on another to create folders. This is the perfect example for iOS.

Third party keyboard: 

Users now have the option to choose different types of keyboard and they do not have to be restricted to the Google standard keyboard. Google play store provide plenty of option, one such app is the Swype, which allow the users to swipe between the letters rather than type.

Bandwidth management: 

One can cut down on the amount of the data usage but turning on Reduce Data Usage in the Google Chrome. This will ensure that all the unnecessary whitespace is removed and large images are reduced to a smaller size.

Google Authenticator: 

Google account can be verified through this app. Through this app, the user has to enter the security code apart from the login password to access the account. This allows no stranger act on your phone.

Thursday 18 December 2014

How to Stop Android Handset from Lagging?

Every android user must have come across a situation where they find their device to be slow after regular usage. Every user has their own hating reason against the lagging of their android device, a gamer hates it because it interrupts their fights and strikes, a developer hates lagging as it cuts off and interrupts their thoughts and every other user hates is as they need to reboot their handset in order to get back their device’s speed.

This lagging issue really becomes an irritating factor after which sometimes people tries out weird stuffs to speed up their device but they might fail to do so. Today in this article we will highlight couple of amazing techniques to speed up your android device both by accessing third party apps and without apps.

Without utilizing any third party app

Software upgrade 

Always keep your software and firmware upgraded which uses the system resources orderly. Most of the time people use degraded software which results in the low performance. Always updating the software or keeping the software up to date is a good habit for the perfect and best device’s performance.

Regular reset 

Due to continuous and long usage of varieties of apps the devices are affected with different malwares which may not be identified by the users externally, so regular reset in a year or after every 6 months will bring your device to a state just like a brand new device. While you reset your device just keep in mind to back up all your data and documents so that you can reuse it later in the future.

Memory status 

The internal memory provided by the manufacturer of an android handset is very limited which is the main reason behind the lagging up of android devices as the apps that you install gets stored in the internal memory of your device, so always keep an eye on your memory space (available space).

With the use of third party apps 

Most of the times due to busy schedule we may not get time to go through above mentioned tips to provide our android device from lagging, so using a third party app is a smart move. There are several device speeding apps in the market which can take care of your android device and one among them is “Advance mobile care from IO bit.”

The amazing advantages and features of advance mobile care that makes it preferable than any other applications are as follows.

  • You don’t have to root your device to use or make the most use of this application whereas most of the apps in the market require rooting of phone. 
  • Not only speeding up your device, the application comes with additional features like anti theft, antivirus, privacy locker, task killer, battery saver, game speeder and app manager for free. 
  • Regular update of the app keeps it updated with latest threats and antivirus patterns. 
  • The application is easily handled and so it is user friendly. 

So it is up to you how you protect your device from lagging, either with the use of third party apps or without any apps.

Thursday 13 November 2014

Different Means of Taking Screenshots on Any Smartphone or Tablet

If you are the person who is looking to show off your new wallpaper, your amazing desktop screensaver in front of their friends or even if you want to show off of your new games and Android widgets that you have experimented with, then what to do you do? No need to think of high end ways to achieve this, you simply need to take a screenshot of the things and be ready to show off. The following steps will help you achieve your aim depending on the type of device you are using:
The users of laptops and desktops:

If you are among the people who still rely on and use any one of the versions of the Microsoft windows, then the easiest option they have is to take the complete screenshot share it with your friends. The user just needs to follow the following steps:

  1.  The user just needs to click on the print screen tab on your keyboard of on your laptop 
  2.  Open the Microsoft paint and just press the Ctrl+V option. 
  3.  You will have the entire screenshot of the desktop and you should be able to save the file at your desired location.
If you are looking for more control over the screenshots then you might want to download IrfanView. This will allow the users to capture take the screenshots by following the below mentioned steps:

1. On a regular desktop the user needs to press the C tab and then you will get the option to select the type of screenshot that you are looking for. The users will get a lot of details and options for better experience. The users will be able to move their mouse over the area they want to be captured as the screenshots, click on start and save your screenshot.

2. Mac users will have to follow 2 commands to take screenshots. They can capture the screenshot by pressing the command as cmd + shift + 3 and if you are looking for, capturing only a part of your screen then just press the “cmd + shift + 4 and it will direct you to, drag and select the area that you might want to capture and save the on the desktop.

The users of tablets and Smart phones

Irrespective of what device you are using, Windows Phone, Android phone or even any apple series, the user just has to press the power button and ensuring that the home button is also pressed at the same to time to get a screenshot of the entire screen. But if you have an older version of Android (less than 4.0) then you can follow the below steps:

 Holding the power button for a long time might give option to take a screen shot apart from reboot and shut off.

If not, then when pressing the power button, press the volume button and you might get the option to take screenshot. This feature has been enables in Samsung Galaxy and Sony Ericsson Xperia phones.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

How to Stop Android Devices from Lagging?

Android Devices
As we all know, now-a-days most of the people use Smartphone’s or Android devices for their daily use. Most people spend time playing games on handsets, develop new apps or very useful for developers and for many more purposes. For this reason, all people hate if their smart phone lags or get slower as it interrupts them from their routine work. People have become more impatience now-a-days, so they can’t tolerate a slight delay in their work and the same is going on with the android devices.

There are many reasons causing the Smartphone’s to lag from their original speed. To cope up with this, the user must first know about the cause of lagging and then be able to fix it for the better functioning of their handset as it used to be before.

With time every the smart phones slows down, so it’s important your devices by following these simple and easy steps and boost your device speed.

Updating the Firmware: 

Your Smartphone’s firmware plays crucial role in fixing up some lags, and other issues without your awareness. So having a regular update of your firmware may help you fix the lagging of your handset ensure its user with better performance.

Put apps into Hibernation: 

Your handset may have tons of apps out of which you might use hardly few. Others may be used occasionally by you. These apps not in use consume more of battery and causes lagging of your device.

So you can put these apps into hibernation and whenever you need them just tap on the app and they will wake up and perform as normal. You can perform this task by using Greenify app.

Once you install this app, click on the + button and tap the apps that you wish to put to sleep and then select Accept button.

Resetting your device: 

Resetting your device is a temporary solution. It helps you to erase everything and brings your phone to the original condition same as you received in the box. But after some days when you start using it, the same lagging problem arises.

Assure that you backup all your important contacts and other important data before heading towards resetting of your device.

Low internal memory: 

Having low internal memory may be the reason behind lagging of your device. So you can use some external storage device like SD card to store media files like songs, videos and other files. This will free your internal storage and prevents your device from lagging.

Some low-end phones come with low internal memories, so they might not observe much difference with this solution.


Even rooting up your phone can help boost the speed of your Smartphone. This might be a risky one as unsuccessful rooting may brick your phone and if rooted successfully, it might void your handsets warranty. Voiding of warranty might not be the point of concern as you may enroot your phone and restore the warranty again.

After rooting you can over clock your phone’s processor which will boost up the speed of your device but will consume more battery than before.


Before performing any of the above steps, it is advisable that you backup your mobile data so that you do not lose any of them during the process.

Saturday 12 July 2014

Charge It Up

Letters are a thing of the past. Telegrams are obsolete. Distance is no longer distant. The world has entered the age of technology. Phones are as smart as humans. Unfortunately, they tend to die faster. To prevent the phone from dying, charging is the only solution. Sometime, our handy chargers fail. Retrieving the phone from the land of dead, even then, is rather simple. Following steps might help.

There could be a number of solutions to this problem depending on what is causing it.
  • QUICK FIX: To begin with, pulling the battery out of the device, could be a good start. After a while, assemble the phone and plug it into the original charger. This works in most cases. If the smart phone comes with an in-built battery, then, stimulated battery pull could be a good alternative. 
Often dirt or other particles get lodged inside the port which prevents it from getting charged. If there is something lodged inside the port, the phone will not respond to the charger. In such a situation, the solution is to clean the port, plug the charger back, and continue charging.
Temporarily, a quick fix could be to use a different port, it could be the computer’s charger or the car’s. Attaching the phone to the computer and charging it is an immediate and effective solution. Moreover, it works every single time!
There might be no problem with the charger altogether, it could be the outlet. Thus checking the outlet could be a good option. Things might just get fixed by shifting the charger from one outlet to the other.
Sometime, since the battery has died down completely, it might take a longer time to get started. So, a good idea is to continue charging and wait till the battery is energized enough to restart and join the world of connectivity.
May be the real reason behind this inconvenience is the fact that the battery cannot deliver its services any longer. Thus, changing the battery could be essential. Before replacement, taking the option of an expert is crucial. A good idea is to take it to a mobile operator.
If nothing works whatsoever, it could be because the charger is damaged and need fixing. In this regard getting a new charger is the only alternative. Good deals on chargers are available online for the phone will not work without a charged up battery.
If everything suggested above have failed to retrieve the phone, including getting a new battery and changing chargers. Then it is not the fault of the battery or the charger but of the concerned phone and in such a situation, the only possible solution is to buy a new phone and replace the old one for time has out-smarted it.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

How To Extend your Samsung Galaxy S5's Battery Life

S5 Battery
The World of Samsung Galaxy
Samsung is yet again set to rule the market with its all-new Smartphone Galaxy S5. While the predecessors of the Galaxy S series have been known to have given excellent results along with remarkable reviews, the latest Smartphone Galaxy S5, again is ready to dominate the game.

Protect your Phone's Battery
Today for all kinds and brands of Smartphones battery life is becoming increasingly important. Samsung makes the use of the 2800mAh battery along with the power saving mode option that will help you have a longer battery life. Since Smartphone today has loads of Apps to run along with many other games, one should have a brief idea of the essential tips that might extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Some useful tips
Some of the steps with the help of which one can enjoy using the Samsung Galaxy S5, even when he or she is not carrying travel adapters, are discussed in brief below:
  1. Power saving mode- The first in list has to be that of Power Saving Mode that Samsung provides to all its customers. By clicking this option, one can have a longer battery life, sometimes even for days. This option basically switches off stuff like Bluetooth, Wi Fi, NFC, GPS and all those applications that basically drains the battery. All that one needs to do is to go to the Settings option and click on to the “Power Saving Mode” option.
  1. Brightness- The next easy step is lowering the brightness level. The more the phone stays bright the higher are the chances that it can drain your phone's battery. Another good option that Samsung claims about is the Auto Adjust Screen Tone. With this, your phone will be able to adjust the brightness on its own.
  1. Screen Time Out- Make sure your phone has screen time out with a comparatively lesser time. If it is set at 1 minute or 3 minutes, keep it lesser like 15 seconds or 30 seconds.
  1. My Magazine and other apps- For any kind of Smartphone too many apps can actually be burdensome for the system. Make sure to switch off apps and options that are not used like My Magazine, Gestures, Motion, Air View and all the others.
  1. Bad Network and Wi Fi- If you have a bad network, get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only with a bad network, you are losing your phone's battery life, but also you are losing many hard-earned dollars. For a better access, make sure to use a good Wi Fi.
  1. Extra Extended Battery- Make sure in all cases to an extra pack of Samsung Galaxy Battery. May be it can cost you a bit, but with that you can at least stay contented.
  1. Charging accessories- Apart from all these having a portable charging accessory can be an ideal option. On this aspect, external power packs can be really useful.
Thus, it can be rightly said that protecting the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S5 is not that tough. With an adequate knowledge on the given factors, anyone can protect the precious battery of this unique Smartphone.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Quick and Smarter way of Hassle Free Updating of Moto G GPe to KitKat 4.4.4

 Moto G GPe
Motorola Moto G Google Play Edition is one of the most successful mid-budgets Smartphone. It offers high end features like Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz Quad-core processing unit, along with a 4.5 inch HD Gorilla Glass Display at jaw dropping affordable price. As result of such features, Motorola had sold out innumerable units all across the globe. The Moto G GPe has introduced the update to upgrade your phone from Jelly Bean 4.4.2 to Android KitKat 4.4.4. Here are the steps, which would guide you to update the phone without any hassle.
Prerequisites for Updating
  •  Install all the Motorola drivers.
  •  Enable the USB Debugging for updating process.
  •  Install the Android SDK.
  •  Moto G should have an adequate charge preferably over 60% battery level.
  •  Back-up all the necessary data from the phone like the storage, SMS, Contacts etc.
  •  Stock KOT49H ROM and recovery should be installed.
Steps for Updating Moto G GPe to KitKat 4.4.4
a. The Motorola customers are required to download the OTA update zip file of approximately 162 MB from the Motorola website.

b. The users should switch off their phone completely. While switching on the phone the users are requires pressing the Volume Up + Volume Down+ Powers keys simultaneously. Very soon, a boot mode screen would be available.

c. Using the volume keys users can down the menu and should select the Recovery option by pressing the Power Button.

d. In the idle of the screen, a warning Android logo would be displayed.

e. Moto G user now should press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down for five seconds, then gently release the Power button.

f. The Moto G will now be booted into stock recovery mode. ‘Android System Recovery <3e>’ text would be displayed at the top of the screen.

g. Users should now connect their Moto G Smartphone to the PC via USB cable.

h. Again, use the volume keys to highlight ‘apply update from ADB’ and select the said option by using the Power Key.

i. The Moto G users should locate the folder on their PC where OTA file has been downloaded in the earlier step. Once you get inside the folder, then press Shift Key and right on an empty space. A list options would be displayed in the pop-up menu, click on the ‘Open Command Window Here’.

j. A black screen command prompt will appear on the screen.

k. Users should type the following in the command prompt to side load the OTA:
adb sideload

l. The users are requires hold patience as this process would considerable time to finish. Once the process is completed select the ‘Recovery System Now’ from the recovery menu.

m. The Moto G Google Play Edition will now reboot into updated Android 4.4.4 KitKat ROM. Just check the Android Version for your satisfaction.

With this, the process of updating the Android Operating System is successfully completed. Now enjoy your latest Android your Moto G GPe handset and unfold all the wonderful opportunities and features provided by it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy5 is one of the most successful Smartphones manufactured by the Samsung in the recent. The Samsung Galaxy comes loaded with a large amount of inbuilt and other kind of features and technological advancement.

Here are some of the important tips & tricks:

a. Finger print Scan Unlock feature
The Galaxy S5 now comes with the finger print scanner located on the home button in the invisible form to make your phone inaccessible to unknown persons or want to save your content and data from even your friends and family members. It can be set up by going to the Settings, then Fingerprint option.

b. Galaxy S5 Basic Mode
To make yourself acquainted with the simple and necessary features of the Galaxy S5, then use it in the Easy Mode. The Easy mode could be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ from the Settings. The Easy Mode offers a simpler and less cluttered screen, which makes it easier to find the apps and features.

c. Galaxy S5 offers voice control
The Galaxy S5 smartphone can be smartly and intelligently controlled from voice based control applications like S-Voice and Google Now. These apps let the user perform all the functions from taking calls to streaming videos with the voice. These functions can be activated by simply switching on and off from the app setting.

d. Lower the Battery Consumption of the Galaxy S5
The Galaxy S5 has a Ultra Power Saving mode which reduces the battery consumption level by turning the screen black and white and limiting the app access while still allowing the user to make calls, send texts, use the internet and other features. This app is known to save 5% of the battery, which makes this Smartphone last longer with the entire requisite feature.

e. Automatic Answering by just picking up
The Galaxy S5 has the advanced sensors, which helps easily to know when the user picks the phone, places it next to his head and could automatically answer a call without wasting the time on tapping the answer pop-up when the user hands are full or busy. This feature can be activated through the Setting, then Motions and gestures, click on Direct Call.

f. Multi Tasking Made Easy
The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers Multi Window mode, which allows the users to use the smartphone for performing more than two applications at the same time. Multitasking makes the phone multipurpose and highly useful in some situations. This feature could be activated from the Settings as well.

g. Faster Downloads
The Galaxy S5 have Download Booster app that allows the users to combine the Wifi and LTE together at the same time to download large files with pace and smoothness. This feature limited to the certain carriers only. This feature can also be activated from the Settings.

h. Auto Switch Mode
The Auto Switch mode is an innovative feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is especially designed for the users, which counters bad WiFi networks. Once this feature is turned on from the Setting then it will turn on the Wifi when the phone finds a cellular, if not it will switch off the WiFi. It leads higher data usage but it is worthwhile for many users.

Must-to-do Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners

Samsung Galaxy S5
The Storming Release of Samsung Galaxy S5

The current release of Samsung Galaxy S5 was really looked forward to by many people from all around the world. While looks and screen size was always the first priority for the Samsung, the users have also been given the privilege of enjoying the applications in a right way.

14 Useful Tips

With each day the Samsung Galaxy S5 is witnessing the rise of its users and customers. This all-new smartphone can be really an interesting choice undoubtedly, but at the same time this phone calls out its users to know about interesting stuff that can be sometimes necessary.

  1. Security- Security is always important. In order to make it more confidential it is better one should open the Settings section, following which he or she should choose “Fingerprint”. After that choose the first top option that is “Use Fingerprint Recognition”. This will be really beneficial for all.
  1. Free Subscription Offers- In order to please its users Samsung has teamed and collaborated with many companies. All you need is to have a Samsung account after which you can check out the “Galaxy Gifts Tab”. This will open up a multiple range of apps.
  1. Settings View- Customize the looks of the settings view. Make it listed in order to access it faster and simpler.
  1. Customizing notification area- Customize the notification area with stuff that is used mostly by you. Handy features like power saver, toolbox can be kept in this area, in order to save more time.
  1. Battery saving modes- Since you are having Samsung Galaxy S5, you also have the option to save battery when you are going low on it. Switching the phone to the Power Saving mode can actually make your phone stay active for few days.
  1. Health App- Samsung has introduced S Health application with help of which you can maintain a good health. This fitness tracker is a must use for all Samsung Galaxy S5 owners.
  1. Avoid battery consuming features- Features like Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NFC should be definitely switched off when you are not using them, as these can unnecessarily drain your phone's battery life.
  1. Touch sensitivity- Pamper yourself by this phone by increasing it's touch sensitivity that makes you work with it simpler and easier. By enabling the option, you can also use the phone with a pencil.
  1. Lock Screen- Make sure to black out the lock screen of your Galaxy S5 phone. This will help you to enjoy a little better battery life.
  1. Motions, Gesture, Air View- For a better battery, make sure to turn off options like the Motions, Gestures as well as Air View features.
  1. Backup- Your Samsung Galaxy S5 already has Google+ installed. Make the best of it by creating a back up of all your personal data like photos and videos in the Google+'s account.
  1. One handed mode- Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a big phone. In order to use it comfortably you should switch the one-handed feature that will be able to shrink the screen size.
  1. Cinema Mode- For a better experience of watching movies, select the “Cinema Mode” that will provide best colour replication.
  1. My Magazine- My Magazine is a unique option provided by Samsung, letting it's users to have a great reading experience from all genres and on all current issues.
The Galaxy S series of Samsung mobile phones makes a complete set-up with the release of the latest of Galaxy S5 that offers loads of options to all its users. Whether it is about having better screen touch or whether it's about taking care of your health, each and every feature is bound to leave you speechless.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Tips for Charging Android Battery Quickly

Charging Android Battery
Consumers are looking forward to good battery life by purchasing new smartphones but battery technology continues to progress more slowly than mobile technology, Companies that are manufacturing new and more efficient batteries are finding it difficult to keep up with the higher resolution displays and other smartphone makers with power hungry technology expanding into iPhone, Android phones and other handsets.

This has forced vendors in creating extreme power saving modes which cuts off major part of the device’s functions to extend battery life when the charge tends to get very low. Though it may take some time to see much progress with regards to smartphone battery life, in the meanwhile, there are some useful ways wherein one can improve the performance of the existing batteries.

For instance when one has returned home after a tiring day at work and is about to go out again and the phone is in need of charging but no time to do the same. These useful tips will enable the user in charging the Android battery to hundred percent.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning the phone off or enabling it in airplane mode is an effective and easy way in reducing charging time. The phone tends to burn a lot of battery when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network and disabling the connection can reduce tremendously the battery life.

Slow Charging on Electrical Outlets

Phones tend to charge slowly on electrical outlets or ports, the main cause being the USB. The USB 2.0 ports output 0.5 amps of energy while USB 3.0 ports output 0.9 amp of power and when charged through a traditional electrical outlet one can receive from 1 to 2 amps of energy.

More amps sent to the phone’s battery can speed up the charging and 1 to 2 amps of power may not seem much though 2 amps of power is four times more from what is received from USB 2.0 which is almost 4 times faster charging time.

Avoid Third Party Chargers

Refraining from using third party chargers or even unsupported charges is another useful way since most of these third party chargers are not efficient and may be inadequately designed or made of low quality which may pose as a risk to the user. For precaution sake, charger received with the Android should be utilised.

Tablet Chargers much faster than Smartphone Chargers

Most of the users are unaware that the smartphone charges much faster when it is connected to a tablet charger rather than a smartphone charger. This is because the different chargers draw different amperages and a tablet requires more energy hence it draws more amperage.

Users could try charging their Android with a tablet charger and note the difference in charging time. USB ports are not necessarily locked at specific amperage and just as a Mac increases its amperage to iDevices so also PC increases its amperage to Android devices.

Online downloading of USB boosting software can be done to boost output to a specific USB port wherein the software tells the computer’s motherboard to boost the power to certain USB port. With the useful tips mentioned above, the user can charge the phone to hundred percent in the shortest span of time.

Saturday 8 February 2014

How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS in Android Phone

Block Unwanted Calls in Android Phone
Android technology has been constantly increasing over the decades, and also improves various easiness to the users. Having an android smartphone becomes a passion for most of the people around this globe and android devices are considered as smartest gadgets in this world. Most of you have experience unwanted calls for your mobile and also each of you would have think how to block the particular calls on your mobile. In this post, you can easily know how to block a particular mobile number for totally free and you can easily avoid various calls from the telemarketers and also from the spammers in a click. Here I have listed both manual ways and also app-oriented way to block an unwanted call in your mobile.

In the manual way to block an unwanted call, you can do it by your own way and in the app-oriented way, you can easily install an application and using that application, block unwanted calls in your mobile.

Manual Method: Your mobile itself support default blocking mechanism and by using that window, you can easily block various calls in your android mobiles. The mechanism differs from various mobiles and also you can differ refer your device manual for blocking a particular call in your mobile. Here I have listed few applications from which you can easily block various calls in your android device.

1. Mr. Number: Mr. Number is an application for your android mobile which helps you to block unwanted calls in your mobile. Mr. Number also allows you to block the messages that are coming over the mobile. Mr. Number makes you to track the mobile numbers that are in the United States, and also you can download this application for totally free.Mr. Number is an awesome application that makes you to block calls and messages from a particular area. And it also saves your time by avoiding the calls from the telemarketers and from the spammers. It also has reverse look up number feature and also report spam calls to other users very easily.

2. Call Blocker: Call Blocker is an application which allows you to block the calls from the users. It comes in two versions, free versions and also with paid version. If you have paid version, then you can experience more feature with this application. This application also helps you to protect the call logs and also protect your SMS. Call Blocker back up your device contact list to your accounts on the server. So that you cannot lost your contacts at any cost.

3. Call Control: Call Control is a brilliant application which allows your mobile to ring whenever you want. It Blocks the spammers automatically and also you can block text messages and picture messages on your mobile.Call control application is totally free and its 100% free from the adware. This is a brilliant application when comparing to other applications that are available in the Google Playstore.

How to Change Boot Animation of Android Device

Most of you would have felt that how to change the annoying animation which comes in your android smartphone when it gets booted. This is a big issue if you want to experience a faster mobile. You can easily turn your mobile into a fantastic mobile by changing the default boot animation in your mobile. Many of the people asked me how to change the boot animation of the mobile device and here I have listed a way how to change the boot animation of the android mobile.

Disclaimer: Before doing this procedure, kindly make sure that, our blog cannot be responsible for the thing which is going to occur in your mobile, if you were performing this procedure wrongly. We have almost made this post by performing in a mobile and each and every step in this procedure is in its best level.So kindly make sure that, you were performing this device properly.

Pre-Requisite: Before doing this, you need to have these following things. So that, you can very easily perform this procedure.

• You should mainly know that, your mobile devices should be rooted in order to perform this action.

• You need to install applications like Root Explorer in order to access your device internal phone memory.

• In order to change the boot animation, you need a custom animation files for your mobile.

Ways to Change the Boot animation of your android device:

• In order to change the boot animation of the android mobile, you need to Download the Custom Boot Animations for Your android device From

• Otherwise you can use the custom animation for your device by using the custom animation of any device that is compatible for your device.

• Now using the Root Explorer application, move the in the system/media in your internal memory of your android device.

Note:Now you need to Mount the Phone Memory of your mobile, for moving the in the /system/media. And you can easily do it very easilyby Pressing Mount R/W Button, which is present on the Top of Root Explorer.

Once the files has been moved into the location, then you need to change the permission for the; in order to select the permission, you need to long press the files and select the permission. Give permission as rw-r-r. You can refer the following picture for the reference.

Boot Animation
Now Everything has been over, you need to simply close the root explorer application in your mobile and then restart your mobile. Now you can see the new custom animation in your android mobile. This will gives you a new boot animation for your mobile and also gives you a solid feel when you turn on your mobile. By using this, you can easily prank your friends very easily. Even you can change the animation as per your wish. If you have any problem regarding this, you can ping me through the comment box below.

Friday 7 February 2014

How to Crack / Unlock Pattern Lock of Your Android Device without using Google Account

Have you forgotten your Android Security Lock Pattern? And have you ever tried to unlock the security pattern without knowing the unlocking pattern in the android mobiles. If you were agree for that questions, then you can get the information how to crack the pattern lock of your android mobile. In this post, I have shared a best way to crack the lock without using the Google Account for your smartphone. This trick works in both rooted as well as in the unrooted mobiles / tablets, without internet connection. Simply you need a personal computer with device drivers in it. Kindly don’t use this trick over a theft mobile.


The trick to unlocking mobile is work with all sort of Android phone or tablet, which is running over Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean. No need to root your mobile before doing this, so you no need to bother about the warranty of the device.

Pre-requirement: Before doing this, you need to charge your mobile, if your mobile has low charge. It is strongly advised to keep charge more than 75% before doing this. And one more important is that, USB debugging option should be enabled in the mobile. Without enabling this, you cannot perform this action. If you have any anti-virus application in your personal computer, then disable it in your personal computer. If you have disabled USB debugging, then you need to install Custom Recovery for your mobile.

How to Unlock the Pattern Lock of the Android mobile: 

Download the ADB kit from the Internet. After downloading the ADB kit from the link, then extract the files which you have been downloaded. Now open the Fastboot folder and you will found four files in it. It will haveadb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll,fastboot.exe;

Now you need to connect the android mobile to your personal computer. Now open the Fastboot folder and right-click over the empty space, now select Open Command Window Here. Then CMD will open; Now in CMD, type the following code;

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;

By typing the above code in the command prompt, your device will be automatically cracked. Now your device will be automatically unlocked from the pattern lock from your android mobile. Just restart your mobile to unlock your mobile, now you can see that no lock will be found in the mobile phone. You can easily enter without putting the pattern lock in the cracked mobile. If you want to secure your mobile, then you can easily enable the lock pattern in your android mobile as you do earlier. You can do this mechanism as many as possible if you forget the lock pattern of your android mobile. This one can be used positively as well as negatively which depends upon your mind.