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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How To Extend your Samsung Galaxy S5's Battery Life

S5 Battery
The World of Samsung Galaxy
Samsung is yet again set to rule the market with its all-new Smartphone Galaxy S5. While the predecessors of the Galaxy S series have been known to have given excellent results along with remarkable reviews, the latest Smartphone Galaxy S5, again is ready to dominate the game.

Protect your Phone's Battery
Today for all kinds and brands of Smartphones battery life is becoming increasingly important. Samsung makes the use of the 2800mAh battery along with the power saving mode option that will help you have a longer battery life. Since Smartphone today has loads of Apps to run along with many other games, one should have a brief idea of the essential tips that might extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Some useful tips
Some of the steps with the help of which one can enjoy using the Samsung Galaxy S5, even when he or she is not carrying travel adapters, are discussed in brief below:
  1. Power saving mode- The first in list has to be that of Power Saving Mode that Samsung provides to all its customers. By clicking this option, one can have a longer battery life, sometimes even for days. This option basically switches off stuff like Bluetooth, Wi Fi, NFC, GPS and all those applications that basically drains the battery. All that one needs to do is to go to the Settings option and click on to the “Power Saving Mode” option.
  1. Brightness- The next easy step is lowering the brightness level. The more the phone stays bright the higher are the chances that it can drain your phone's battery. Another good option that Samsung claims about is the Auto Adjust Screen Tone. With this, your phone will be able to adjust the brightness on its own.
  1. Screen Time Out- Make sure your phone has screen time out with a comparatively lesser time. If it is set at 1 minute or 3 minutes, keep it lesser like 15 seconds or 30 seconds.
  1. My Magazine and other apps- For any kind of Smartphone too many apps can actually be burdensome for the system. Make sure to switch off apps and options that are not used like My Magazine, Gestures, Motion, Air View and all the others.
  1. Bad Network and Wi Fi- If you have a bad network, get rid of it as soon as possible. Not only with a bad network, you are losing your phone's battery life, but also you are losing many hard-earned dollars. For a better access, make sure to use a good Wi Fi.
  1. Extra Extended Battery- Make sure in all cases to an extra pack of Samsung Galaxy Battery. May be it can cost you a bit, but with that you can at least stay contented.
  1. Charging accessories- Apart from all these having a portable charging accessory can be an ideal option. On this aspect, external power packs can be really useful.
Thus, it can be rightly said that protecting the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S5 is not that tough. With an adequate knowledge on the given factors, anyone can protect the precious battery of this unique Smartphone.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy5 is one of the most successful Smartphones manufactured by the Samsung in the recent. The Samsung Galaxy comes loaded with a large amount of inbuilt and other kind of features and technological advancement.

Here are some of the important tips & tricks:

a. Finger print Scan Unlock feature
The Galaxy S5 now comes with the finger print scanner located on the home button in the invisible form to make your phone inaccessible to unknown persons or want to save your content and data from even your friends and family members. It can be set up by going to the Settings, then Fingerprint option.

b. Galaxy S5 Basic Mode
To make yourself acquainted with the simple and necessary features of the Galaxy S5, then use it in the Easy Mode. The Easy mode could be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ from the Settings. The Easy Mode offers a simpler and less cluttered screen, which makes it easier to find the apps and features.

c. Galaxy S5 offers voice control
The Galaxy S5 smartphone can be smartly and intelligently controlled from voice based control applications like S-Voice and Google Now. These apps let the user perform all the functions from taking calls to streaming videos with the voice. These functions can be activated by simply switching on and off from the app setting.

d. Lower the Battery Consumption of the Galaxy S5
The Galaxy S5 has a Ultra Power Saving mode which reduces the battery consumption level by turning the screen black and white and limiting the app access while still allowing the user to make calls, send texts, use the internet and other features. This app is known to save 5% of the battery, which makes this Smartphone last longer with the entire requisite feature.

e. Automatic Answering by just picking up
The Galaxy S5 has the advanced sensors, which helps easily to know when the user picks the phone, places it next to his head and could automatically answer a call without wasting the time on tapping the answer pop-up when the user hands are full or busy. This feature can be activated through the Setting, then Motions and gestures, click on Direct Call.

f. Multi Tasking Made Easy
The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers Multi Window mode, which allows the users to use the smartphone for performing more than two applications at the same time. Multitasking makes the phone multipurpose and highly useful in some situations. This feature could be activated from the Settings as well.

g. Faster Downloads
The Galaxy S5 have Download Booster app that allows the users to combine the Wifi and LTE together at the same time to download large files with pace and smoothness. This feature limited to the certain carriers only. This feature can also be activated from the Settings.

h. Auto Switch Mode
The Auto Switch mode is an innovative feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is especially designed for the users, which counters bad WiFi networks. Once this feature is turned on from the Setting then it will turn on the Wifi when the phone finds a cellular, if not it will switch off the WiFi. It leads higher data usage but it is worthwhile for many users.

Must-to-do Tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 Owners

Samsung Galaxy S5
The Storming Release of Samsung Galaxy S5

The current release of Samsung Galaxy S5 was really looked forward to by many people from all around the world. While looks and screen size was always the first priority for the Samsung, the users have also been given the privilege of enjoying the applications in a right way.

14 Useful Tips

With each day the Samsung Galaxy S5 is witnessing the rise of its users and customers. This all-new smartphone can be really an interesting choice undoubtedly, but at the same time this phone calls out its users to know about interesting stuff that can be sometimes necessary.

  1. Security- Security is always important. In order to make it more confidential it is better one should open the Settings section, following which he or she should choose “Fingerprint”. After that choose the first top option that is “Use Fingerprint Recognition”. This will be really beneficial for all.
  1. Free Subscription Offers- In order to please its users Samsung has teamed and collaborated with many companies. All you need is to have a Samsung account after which you can check out the “Galaxy Gifts Tab”. This will open up a multiple range of apps.
  1. Settings View- Customize the looks of the settings view. Make it listed in order to access it faster and simpler.
  1. Customizing notification area- Customize the notification area with stuff that is used mostly by you. Handy features like power saver, toolbox can be kept in this area, in order to save more time.
  1. Battery saving modes- Since you are having Samsung Galaxy S5, you also have the option to save battery when you are going low on it. Switching the phone to the Power Saving mode can actually make your phone stay active for few days.
  1. Health App- Samsung has introduced S Health application with help of which you can maintain a good health. This fitness tracker is a must use for all Samsung Galaxy S5 owners.
  1. Avoid battery consuming features- Features like Wi Fi, Bluetooth, NFC should be definitely switched off when you are not using them, as these can unnecessarily drain your phone's battery life.
  1. Touch sensitivity- Pamper yourself by this phone by increasing it's touch sensitivity that makes you work with it simpler and easier. By enabling the option, you can also use the phone with a pencil.
  1. Lock Screen- Make sure to black out the lock screen of your Galaxy S5 phone. This will help you to enjoy a little better battery life.
  1. Motions, Gesture, Air View- For a better battery, make sure to turn off options like the Motions, Gestures as well as Air View features.
  1. Backup- Your Samsung Galaxy S5 already has Google+ installed. Make the best of it by creating a back up of all your personal data like photos and videos in the Google+'s account.
  1. One handed mode- Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a big phone. In order to use it comfortably you should switch the one-handed feature that will be able to shrink the screen size.
  1. Cinema Mode- For a better experience of watching movies, select the “Cinema Mode” that will provide best colour replication.
  1. My Magazine- My Magazine is a unique option provided by Samsung, letting it's users to have a great reading experience from all genres and on all current issues.
The Galaxy S series of Samsung mobile phones makes a complete set-up with the release of the latest of Galaxy S5 that offers loads of options to all its users. Whether it is about having better screen touch or whether it's about taking care of your health, each and every feature is bound to leave you speechless.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Explore a New World with the Hidden Features of Samsung Galaxy S5!

Samsung Galaxy S5!
The Rise of “Galaxy”
The siblings of the Samsung Galaxy S series range have finally seen the release of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone had been quite high in demand due to the attractive features and options given by its predecessors.

Ten Hidden Features to Know
The all-new Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphones undoubtedly has a multiple range of options, applications and features that make it as one of the most demanded phone in the Galaxy's S Smartphone range. Apart from these basic features the phone also has few more hidden features that all of its users must know about:

  1. Privacy- You can easily enjoy your privacy by just one step, with the activation of the private mode that is present in the Settings section. By doing this some of the personal apps will be displayed only when it is kept in this mode.
  1. Caller Information- Samsung has offered to know more about the callers while letting them stay on the line. All you need to do is to go to the Settings, then call settings, then selecting Show Caller Information. This can be a potential step to avoid stalkers.
  1. Ignore My Magazine- My Magazine is a feature offered by the Samsung to get the delight of reading on various topics. However, many of its users do not quite use this option. Thus it is better to switch it off, by un-ticking the “My magazine” option in the Home Screen Settings section.
  1. Tilt for playlists- Tilting the phone to the landscape mode, the respective users will be suggested for an appropriate follow up of songs with the help of mood, genre as well as source.
  1. Quick Connect- Clicking the Quick Connect option opens a brief list of those wireless devices that can be readily connected.
  1. Entering Text- When the phone's touch sensitivity is increased, you can actually enjoy the multi-touch display either by a pencil or with your own hand while wearing gloves.
  1. Accepting calls along with continuing apps - For most of phones, calling can interrupt the running of the apps. However, with Samsung Galaxy S5, it's not the same. As one selects the Enabling the Call Notification, one can actually accept or decline calls, while the apps may run on the background.
  1. Virtual tour mode- This option lets one to have a series of photos that can later act as a tour guide with the help of Panoramic as well as 360 degree shots. This option can be activated by going to the camera app and by clicking the “Modes” option, where one will find the “Virtual Mode” option.
  1. Priority Senders- Enabling the “Priority Senders” option will be pushing up all the important contacts to the top of the phone's messaging app, from the respective contacts list, making it easier for you to communicate.
  1. Kids' Zone- Today's kids really know and love playing with any phone. Knowing this Samsung has introduced the Kids' Mode, where kids can enjoy using the phone along with learning much other stuff. Once filled with Apps that they can use, kids can really have a good time.
With a whole lot of hidden features, Samsung thus again proves that it can set itself apart from the other leading names. Indeed the name “Galaxy” rightly goes with the phone.