Monday 27 May 2019

You will soon be able to auto-delete your Location History

You will soon be able to auto-delete your Location History
Your Google account will now come with a new feature that allows you to auto-delete your Location History. You will also be able to delete your Web and App Activity data after a certain period of time. The data will be deleted automatically after either three or eighteen months which will be on a rolling basis.

Last year it emerged that Google still continued to track your location, inspite of the Location History setting being turned off. In case you want to stop your location being tracked, you have to go to your settings and turn off the Web and App Activity as well. According to the announcement made by Google, you will be able to auto-delete your Location History as well as your Web and App Activity. With this delete feature,it should cover your entire location history data that Google holds on you.

How to auto-delete your Location History

According to Google, the feature to auto-delete your Location History will be available worldwide in the coming weeks. This feature will be in addition to the existing options which allow you to delete this data manually. Initially, the ‘auto-delete your Location History’ and deleting your Web and App Activity data are the two features that will be available.

Main points regarding auto-delete your Location History

Google will auto-delete your Location History as well as Web history after three or eighteen months. Google will now have little information so as to recommend things, but not have years of private data. Up until this time, you had to either turn off this tracking or manually delete the information.

Google made an announcement that it will soon allow all those using Google services to auto-delete your Location History and Web history. As of now, the users need to visit Google and manually delete this information or completely turn it off. The disadvantage in turning off your location or Web history, is that, it can hurt your experience. As a result, Google will not have enough information to recommend things you may like.

With this new feature where you can auto-delete your Location History and Web history there is an advantage. You can tell Google to delete all information older than three or eighteen months on a rolling basis.

You can choose how long your location history or web history is to be saved to Google’s servers. You can allow Google to store your information from three to eighteen months. Any information older than that will automatically get deleted from your Google account. This will be done automatically on a rolling basis.

This feature to auto-delete your Location History and Web history should be rolling out in the coming weeks. You can in the meantime check your Google account Activity Controls page to see if the feature is available. When it becomes available, you will note the new automatic deletion option. This will feature under the Web and App Activity and Location History sections.

Monday 20 May 2019

10 Best Phones With In-Display Fingerprint: Just Tap And Go With Your Fingers!

The digital race is on and on a daily basis we feel that we are falling behind the technology. In order to keep pace with the latest technology, we must upgrade ourselves. On a consistent basis we see that everything around us is getting changed. The best change is in the market of cellular technology. There is a plethora of phones which have brought a whole world in our fingertips. With the inception of fingerprint sensors, the security level has reached a new level for the consumers. In the market you would get some Best phones with in-display fingerprint.

10 Best phones with in-display fingerprint 

1. Samsung Galaxy S10+

Best phones with in-display fingerprint
The most awaited phone from Samsung for the year 2019 is Galaxy S10+. It has a built-indisplay fingerprint sensor. It has a biometric sensor which is a wonderful piece of art in the technological field. It is one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint and the design is flawless. The best part is that you don’t have to worry even if you have dusty fingers. The phone has been designed in a perfect manner along with the accurate optical sensors. It has some exciting features like the fast charging 2.0, WIFI 6.0. The variations include 12 GB RAM along with 1 TB storage.

2. Huawei P30 Pro Second in the list of Best phones with in-display fingerprint 

Huawei P30 Pro
Well, we all are aware how Huawei has captured the market in gadget section with its cool phones which offer some fabulous features. The new entry is the P30 Pro which is one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint. The design is something different from the other phones. The phone has the sensor at the bottom half of the screen which is reachable easily.

The sensor is one of the fastest in the market. Even with your wet or damp fingers the sensors work just fine. No doubt that this phone is one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint. There are some other features which make the phone quite fantastic when compared with other phones in the market. There is a quad camera set up at the rear. Well, the phone is a must buy for the selfie loving people.

3. Vivo Apex 2019 one of the Best phones with in-display fingerprint 

Vivo Apex 2019 Best phones with in-display fingerprint
Vivo has been captured among the young generations in a great deal. With the phones changing its features, they attract the wider customers. If you check the list of theBest phones with in-display fingerprint, then the name of Vivo Apex is a must to check. This phone is a bit exception to the other phones. You can literally touch anywhere on the screen as it has an in-display fingerprint reader. It is expected to launch in May and it would surely be one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint in the market.

4. OnePlus 7 pro 

Best phones with in-display fingerprint  OnePlus 7 pro
The current buzz in the market is OnePlus 7 pro and is doing wonders as expected. The phone comes with no notch and is already rated as one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint. The phone has a better finger print scanner than the previous versions. The sensor is too fast when compared with other phones. It is certainly one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint along with some other features especially the camera.

5. Xiaomi MI 9 one of the Best phones with in-display fingerprint

Xiaomi MI 9 Best phones with in-display fingerprint

Top among Best phones with in-display fingerprint This is a new addition to the Xiaomi family and it does come with the in-display fingerprint sensor along with the 48MP rear camera.The phone has a secondary 16MP pixel. This is one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint. It is a transparent edition as well.

6. Nokia 9 one of the Best phones with in-display fingerprint

Nokia 9 Best phones with in-display fingerprint
The phone with 5 rear cameras. This is one of the coolest phone to make an entry into the competitive market. With the market going crazy for the in-display fingerprint sensor, this phone has lived up to expectations. The scanner is easily reachable and is regarded as one of the Best phones with in-display fingerprint.

7. Vivo V15 pro 

Best phones with in-display fingerprint Vivo V15 pro
Well this phone has some exclusive features and is surely going to amuse you once you get hold of it. Apart from the 48 MP rear camera and the 32 MP shooter pop up, the in-display fingerprint sensor is exceptional. The phone has one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint in the market. The phone comes with a fifth generation in display sensor from Synaptics. People might think what might be the reason for the phone to be regarded as one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint as it comes with option to integrate both the face unlock and fingerprint unlock features.

8. Oppo K1 

Oppo K1 Best phones with in-display fingerprint
Well in order to get the correct features for your phone, you must keep in mind the price as well. The Oppo K1 is one of the cheapest phone which has anin-display fingerprint sensor. With the innovation, the phone comes with the fingerprint scanner which can unlock the phone in a jiffy. This option gives you the exact unlocking experience. Hence regarded as one of the one of the best phones with in-display finger print at the moment

9. Samsung Galaxy A80 

It has the embedded fingerprint sensor with super infinity display. The phone has on screen fingerprint sensor along with other sensors like proximity sensors. The scanner is placed exactly where you need it. You just have totap, and rest is assured. Surely Samsung Galaxy A80 is one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint along with the data protection services.

10. Honor 20 Pro One More in the list of Best phones with in-display fingerprint 

This phone comes with the Android version of 9.0. The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner. There is a speculation that it might come with a power button embedded sensor. However, it is still on the radar and will surely be considered as one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint scanner in the market.

Not so many phones come with the in-display fingerprint feature. You have to choose your next device which is rated as one of the best phones with in-display fingerprint along with price as well as features.

Friday 17 May 2019

How to Use Chromebook Locked Mode

How to Use Chromebook Locked Mode
There is a simple feature known as Chromebook Locked Mode which comes in handy while students take quizzes and tests. The Chromebook Locked Mode is useful when tests are taken in Google Forms using Chromebook. You need to be accepted to the beta program and then turn it on.

How does the Chromebook Locked Mode work? 

If Google Chromebooks are used in a classroom, then there is a feature that helps students remain focused. If they do not stay focused, then you will be alerted. This feature is the Chromebook Locked Mode.

The Chromebook Locked Mode is a feature for managed Chromebooks. It helps the students to remain focused when they take quizzes and tests. When the students take the quiz in a locked mode, they will not be allowed to browse other websites. They will not be able to open any other app.

In the Chromebook Locked Mode, some extensions and keyboard shortcuts too will not be available.In the eventuality of a student opening any other tab or exiting the quiz, the teacher will immediately get an email. With this Chromebook Locked Mode feature there is no messing around.

All in all, with the Chromebook Locked Mode feature in place, the student can only open the assessment. There will be no scope for multitasking, no texting, no music, no Googling and above all no cheating.

What are the requirements for Chromebook Locked Mode feature? 

You will need a G Suite for Education Account.

Next you have to sign up for the beta program.

There should be a Chromebook managed by the school for each student.

You need to have ChromeOS 68 or later version.

Once you have been accepted to the current beta program, you can enable the Chromebook Locked Mode.

Steps to follow for turning on the Chromebook Locked Mode in Google forms

In the first step, open a quiz in Google Forms.

At the top, click Settings and then click Quizzes.

Turn on the locked mode.

When the locked mode is turned on, your quiz will automatically do the following:

It will collect the email addresses.

It will allow the students to submit only once.

It will limit your domain only.

A view of the Beta Programs

In the Google Classroom Gradebook, the instructors will get a dedicated grading area. They will be able to view the complete work by a student and their classwork progress. The instructors can then give grades. They can also view and customize average grades and share the overall performance with the concerned student.

In the Chromebook Locked Mode, quizzes can be conducted in Google forms. On managed Chromebooks, the instructors can lock the student’s screens. They can stop the students from navigating away from the quiz until they have submitted their answers. The Chromebook Locked Mode can be enabled by the instructors by a simple checkbox. The instructors will have full control of the assessments.

To use these features, Google needs to collect data. They also need information which needs to be collected from the user’s G Suite usage. Google Classroom and Google Forms will be provided under the organization’s G Suite agreement.

Monday 13 May 2019

Feren OS is Designed for Easy Usage

Feren OS is Designed for Easy Usage

What is Feren OS?

It is an operating system that makes Linux user-friendly. It comes with all the tools needed for your day to day activity. The Feren OS is designed for the everyday user as it has an awesome software. Many apps likethe Office Suite, a Secure Web Browser, Email and Media Apps are pre-installed. Many other apps as well as games are available in Store.

The operating system offers the Cinnamon DE which can be customized and is more user friendly. Due to the strong Linux base, it ensures a great experience with the PC. With the Feren OS, you can take complete advantage of all of your driver’s capabilities on supported machines.

With Feren OS, everything is where it is in your old Operating System. Your favorite apps will be on Feren OS and your files will be in ‘Files’. Just in case your apps are not available on Feren OS but on Windows, you can use Wine to install them. They can also be reused in most cases. The computer will look and feel the same as you have been used to earlier.

The Feren OS Developer is working on tools for this OS and Windows. An easy transfer app for Windows and built-in to Feren OS which enables you to transfer files and settings to your USB Thumb Drive or CD/DVD or SD card.

Features of Feren OS

It enables you to design - This operating system has some additional sleek looking apps together with the traditional apps like the Text Editor, etc. With the Feren OS you can work in a similar and fluent manner.In order to make the user interface and user experience better, the OS too is redesigned accordingly.

Everyday usage of apps are available - It features apps like LibreOffice, Krita which is a photo editor and program for artwork and other apps for daily usage. More software can be obtained from Store or it can be installed. In order to make the Windows Apps to run from this OS, use Wine Windows Program Loader.

Updates can be installed when logged in – With this OS, you can update more than your operating system. You can update your applications and custom installs and also Security will install automatically to keep your PC secure.An added feature of the OS is a toggle-able firewall for extra security.

Consistent application design– It features a consistent application design for a global dark mode which works through all the apps in the OS. Along with this you can you can use your favorite non-Feren OS themes through all the apps in the OS without any issues.

Privacy features – There are no ads that can invade the UI/UX of the OS. It is free to install and use and does not advertise outside of the Store. Feren OS is a GNU/Linux Distribution which runs on systems of the US Department of Defense, Bank of China and many more. This operating system is an open source Linux Distro that has its own page for the Source Code

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Xbox One S Gaming Console Review

Xbox One S Gamign Console Review
Playing video games is the top choice for entertainment for millions of people from all around the globe. This requires you the best in class Console. Your quest for the best gaming console ends, once, you will find the Xbox One S. Coming loaded with unique and exclusive features, this Console promises you the optimum gaming experience and the ultimate excitement and thrills. Thus, money invested in this console is going to produce the best values for its cost.

The key features of the Xbox One S Gaming Console

You have the widest options on the games as Xbox One S console supports more than 1300 games. It includes the trendiest games as well as the classic ones. In addition, you can play the games of the popular series up to the 3rd generation, which makes Xbox One S Console first-of-its kind in its category.

  • Cloud Storage: all the games are saved and backup in cloud storage technology that implies that you can access your favorite game at anytime and from anywhere. 
  • Web Library: it is for this feature that you can actually carry your favorite games along with you, and relish the excitement in playing these games on any Xbox One machine. 
  • One of the best features of this machine is that of the access to the pre-install games. This ensures that you can access those games, the moment such games come live. 
  • You are entitled to unlimited access to the Xbox Game pass that enables you to play more than 100 of exclusive games. Xbox One S: The best in the domain of 4K Entertainment

Speaking about the features of Xbox One S console, one requires giving a special mention about the aspects like streaming 4K and High HD videos on platforms like Hulu, Netflix and many more. The Spatial Audi feature imparts life to the videos and make it appear all the more realistic. Most importantly, the console features compatibility with all the popular entertainment apps, promising that younever run short in this regard.

In addition, the HDR feature enhances the quality of the graphics with its unique High dynamic range. It is for this feature that the console offers richest gaming experience, featuring the optimum contrast proportion between darks and lights. This exclusive feature imparts more depth to the games. Hence, it appears virtually more realistic. As the reviews suggest, users are very happy with this feature and it is one of key points that may account beyond the high demand for this gaming machine.
Speaking more about this wonderful Gaming console, it allows the players to share the gaming sessions. As such, it is going to unite the family. The manufacturer has done a wonderful job by making the machine exclusive, yet, keeping the user interface highly user-friendly.

Investing money in Xbox One S gaming console, you are going to find the best values in return for your money. Thus, it is for sure that you will appreciate the decision to invest in this gaming machine that will support you to relish the optimum gaming experience.