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Monday, 13 May 2019

Feren OS is Designed for Easy Usage

Feren OS is Designed for Easy Usage

What is Feren OS?

It is an operating system that makes Linux user-friendly. It comes with all the tools needed for your day to day activity. The Feren OS is designed for the everyday user as it has an awesome software. Many apps likethe Office Suite, a Secure Web Browser, Email and Media Apps are pre-installed. Many other apps as well as games are available in Store.

The operating system offers the Cinnamon DE which can be customized and is more user friendly. Due to the strong Linux base, it ensures a great experience with the PC. With the Feren OS, you can take complete advantage of all of your driver’s capabilities on supported machines.

With Feren OS, everything is where it is in your old Operating System. Your favorite apps will be on Feren OS and your files will be in ‘Files’. Just in case your apps are not available on Feren OS but on Windows, you can use Wine to install them. They can also be reused in most cases. The computer will look and feel the same as you have been used to earlier.

The Feren OS Developer is working on tools for this OS and Windows. An easy transfer app for Windows and built-in to Feren OS which enables you to transfer files and settings to your USB Thumb Drive or CD/DVD or SD card.

Features of Feren OS

It enables you to design - This operating system has some additional sleek looking apps together with the traditional apps like the Text Editor, etc. With the Feren OS you can work in a similar and fluent manner.In order to make the user interface and user experience better, the OS too is redesigned accordingly.

Everyday usage of apps are available - It features apps like LibreOffice, Krita which is a photo editor and program for artwork and other apps for daily usage. More software can be obtained from Store or it can be installed. In order to make the Windows Apps to run from this OS, use Wine Windows Program Loader.

Updates can be installed when logged in – With this OS, you can update more than your operating system. You can update your applications and custom installs and also Security will install automatically to keep your PC secure.An added feature of the OS is a toggle-able firewall for extra security.

Consistent application design– It features a consistent application design for a global dark mode which works through all the apps in the OS. Along with this you can you can use your favorite non-Feren OS themes through all the apps in the OS without any issues.

Privacy features – There are no ads that can invade the UI/UX of the OS. It is free to install and use and does not advertise outside of the Store. Feren OS is a GNU/Linux Distribution which runs on systems of the US Department of Defense, Bank of China and many more. This operating system is an open source Linux Distro that has its own page for the Source Code