Wednesday 28 January 2015

Linuxy Hopes and Dreams for an Inferno-Free 2015


Linux is hoping for a wonderful year and future ahead and they have complete power in their hands to make the year 2015 a better year. Might not be a reality, but at least in theory, Devuan could flourish, the Systemd Inferno most possibly can extinguish over the past 12 months. Linux is expected to have the best of the year ahead.

Devuan expected to fade: 

According to Kevin O'Brien, Google+blogger, even though Linux is not expected to take over desktop in the year 2015 but they will surely make a dominating presence felt in the area of computing and continue their growth towards the global market. Kevin O'Brien also predicted that Devuan can be expected to fade away when more number of people will start recognizing the fact that Systemd is not having any major impact on their work in an obvious manner. Linux will get more and more importance due to the increasing dependence on cloud/big data/ etc..
On the similar lines, even Gerhard Mack, consultant and Slashdot blogger has given more suggestions. He is hoping that people will start spending more time to polish the existing features, video support, blocking of the screen when moving is playing, reducing the ways of duplicating the configuration of the desktop.

Programmers communities are expected to work hard and make the systemd perform better. Ubuntu is also expected to regain their number 1 position. The distro is expected to be the best choice for the companies who are looking for compatibility and back up. Red Hat and Debian have been a serious let down. According to Robert Pogson, blogger, GNU/Linux gains a legacy PC usage in Cuba will remain a serious question from the international perspective. According to him, an avalanche of governments will take place in Europe by using FLOSS and GNU/Linux. FLOSS and ODF have been widely accepted in the country and FLOSS and GNU/Linux are expected to get a breakthrough. He forecasted that India, China and Russia will make a major move towards adoption of GNU/Linux for common governmental purposes, which includes education. He added that Wintel is something which Russia can’t afford,India is price sensitive and China just doesn’t trust it.

While on one side Android/Linux will win over small, cheap computers, GNU/Linux will be able to triumphant on not-so-cheap and not-so-small computers. The year 2015 will set a benchmark as the customers will no longer be restricted to Wintel. Even though business might take some time, they have already started using GNU/Linux on thin client servers and they will be moving to desktops next.

What will happen in the future, still remains to be a big question? The companies can be expected to adopt the new technology with compromising network tools, login, desktop environment choices and many other independent decisions. Programmers are expecting that PCLinuxOS keeps on showing improvements and ensures constant growth. As present nothing can be confirmed but certainly hopes are quite high in the coming future.

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