Saturday 10 January 2015

10 Ways Technology Changed Lives

We all know the use and important of WhatsApp, it has been around, but in India the sale and use of Smartphones have changed the lives in 2014, as the prices of technology is crashing and market is witnessing the crowd of cheap Smartphones and other electronic gadgets. If we leave some controversies such as; troubles app-based controversy of Uber, so there is no doubt that apps have given us unprecedented control while driving. In present, Smartphone has become one of the best tool to live comfort life no matter you are thinking about shopping, food order, locating the spa or beauty salon, booking movie tickets, clearing the electric bills and other things. There is some predictions, how technology will evolve us  in 2015.

1.Fitness Trackers: 

In present, we all are fitness conscious because of tight professional life. Now it’s not enough to go to park for gentle walk, unless you check your fitness data such as; heart rate, calories burned and more. In 2014, we have seen a lot of wearable devices, which are able to monitor all activity including your sleep patterns and the basic feature is that it can paired with your Smartphone or you can share your fitness data socially.

2.Dating Apps

Few years before in our country there was no concept of dating, but after the era of Orkut and Facebook it improves. In 2014 dating apps have changed the concept of dating and as well as romance. If you are alone and want to hang-out with partner, so all you need to have dating app in your Smartphone. In market a lot of matchmaking apps are running, so that you can find the suitable partner according to location, education, professional, region and more.

3.Online Shopping: 

We all are busy in our professional as well as personal life, but shopping is the essential part of our lives especially if you are women. In present the situation between e-commerce companies are not less than any war, they are offering new schemes, deals and discounts to grab the attention of customers. People are doing a lot of online shopping because it offers best price, much number of options and on the same time it also save the price less time.

4.Front-Facing Cameras: 

If you will analyze the “Top trends of 2014”, then you will get to know that the trend of selfie was the hottest trend in 2014. Front-facing cameras help you to put the phone at arm's length for better shots, and without front-facing cameras it was so difficult to capture the clear shot.

5.Streaming Videos: 

Due to heavy competition the prices of internet has decreased and now 3G is in the reach of everyone. With YouTube app anytime we can watch our choice of videos anytime not matter it’s just simple movie trailer, bollywood song or full length move.

6.Power Banks: 

Our lives are running on Smartphones and electronic gadgets, but what if your power gets over. Use power banks to continue with your mobile activity because with power banks you can charge your Smartphones, mp3 players and more anytime anyplace. Power banks are life-altering and helping you to get the freedom from use of USB. In present, power banks have become the mainstream purchases.

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