Friday 30 January 2015

WhatSim Lets You Use WhatsApp for Free While Roaming Worldwide

We all are aware about the news that now WhatsApp is available for PC or Desktop, whereas; the phone chat app company in an association with Zeromobile has another surprise in store for its regular users, which is WhatSim. According to news reports from tech websites, one of the Italian company has launched a global SIM card for free WhatsApp service known as; WhatSim. This Sim card will allow the users to use service in all over the world without any roaming charges.

Till now to use WhatsApp, internet connection or active data connection on your mobile or Smartphone was essential and while traveling WhatsApp was used to ask that “If you will use service, so you need to pay the additional roaming charges”. WhatsApp is one of the most Smartphone chatting apps and currently it has more than 700 million active users.

Of course it’s not a first time when any company is providing SIM with unlimited WhatsApp use, but the earlier attempts were only for one specific country. In 2014, E-Plus, which is Germany based mobile telecommunications operator was launched the same scheme in an association with WhatsApp. According to company officials, WhatSim has neither monthly payments nor fixed costs and it will never expire.

Operation of WhatSim: 

New WhatSim card will allow you to use access WhatsApp unhindered in more than 150 countries with 400 telecom operators with free roaming. While using WhatSim card, you need to buy the credits for sharing multimedia messages and as well as voice messages, whereas; you need to take special mobile data connection if you want to use location updates, sending and receiving text messages, and contacts services with WhatsApp.

The price for WhatSim is only EUR 10 or $ 11 or Rs. 714.00 and user will get the SIM card with standard worldwide shipping as it cost EUR 5 or $ 5.60 or Rs. 350 and unlimited text messaging for a year. For example Zone 3 has been designated India and users traveling to India will need to get 600 credits for sharing video messages, 150 credits for text messages.

About WhatSim: 

WhatSim is the dream concept of Manuel Zanella, who is CEO and Founder of Italy’s Zeromobile Company. Zeromobile is Italy’s first ever global mobile operator, which provides low-cost roaming. With this additional tech accessory, all the WhatsApp users who love to travel frequently will get a relief because of free roaming charges.

As per the Manuel Zanella, “When it comes to mobile communication, so WhatsApp is the future, but the major disadvantage is that it can work only with data connection. Sometimes while traveling roaming charges are expensive and it’s difficult to find Wi-FI connection in free”.

The more he added in his statement that as I find someone who appreciate the use of WhatsApp, so I tried to figure out how to solve this problem and now WhatSim is an extraordinary opportunity for those who love to use WhatsApp.

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