Thursday 8 January 2015

The Real Cybercrime Geography

According to cyber experts, the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures was due to digital infiltration of North Korea. In digital world things change very rapidly and due to that spin doctors of North Korea stated in quick response that they didn’t hack the server of Sony Pictures and some of cybercrime experts from U.S. also telling the same that North Korean propagandists can be right. As per the evidence, which represented by FBI, it’s clear that incriminate hackers were working for the government organizations, communist, but still U.S experts stated that these proof are not just enough to blame Pyongyang.

According to Sam Glines, CEO of Norse (a cyber security firm), “According to data collection which was based on forensic evidence, it’s clear that North Korea is not accountable for any type of hacking activity or on initiating the attack on Sony Pictures”. All the hackers must be busy because thousands of information gathered from Sony Picture’s servers, which they released after few hours. All the leaked information was related to cast salaries, film’s budget, taxes of actors and actresses with little known fact that Kevin Federline act for a cameo appearance in $5,000. We all know that country North Korea is still on war with America, but America was never on the radar for computer attacks. So, who was responsible for cyber attack on Sony Picture’s? India? Russia? or Iran and Iraq? In future the answer can be the surprise.

According to Symantec there are 20 countries in world that can responsible for cyber attacks and the list was generated on following factors; malicious code rank, malicious computer activity, phishing, spam zombies rank, attack origin and bot rank. The top five countries according to survey were the U.S.A., China, Germany, Britain and Brazil, whereas; the in the list bottom three are Argentina, Australia and Israel, however; South Korea came in at No. 14, Russia at No. 12, and the fact is that North Korea didn’t make it to enter into top 20.

If you will say just gather 10 American computer experts on coffee table and soon the talk will turn into hacking and cybercrime, but it’s not true, however the Russians have been active in cybercrime and cyber-hacking from past few decades as they are also playing the vital role in cybercriminal world. In present if you own money, and want to hack into PC or mobile, so all you need to place an order or buy a program for a cyberattack to get someone’s personal information or swipe financial or banking information. IN western firms the online banking fraud and credit card information theft is normal, now the main question is “If the Russians are so good, so why they just landed up on rank at No. 12?

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