Monday 12 January 2015

LG Defends OLED TVs Future

OLED, which stands for Organic Light- Emitting Diode, is in itself a film of organic compound with a layer of emissive electroluminescent, which responds to electric current with an electric current.

The Creation of Organic Light- Emitting Diode (OLED) 

LG, the famous Korean Electronics giant is the only major company which manufactures these OLED televisions. In the absence of any strong and solid competitor, this company has managed to reach the top and rule the market by itself. It has cornered the market in the absence of any cut throat competition. LG presented themselves as the promoters of the amalgamation of the OLED with the modern technology high definition television screens. They also focused their attention on the WebOS 2.0 TVs on the latest "wellness platform", which has a much simpler and uncomplicated user interface which operates with a much faster speed.

The Introduction of Organic Light- Emitting Diode (OLED) 

The company expressed its interest in continuing the production of OLED tv, better and improvised and more advanced versions. In the press conference conducted by company of LG at the CES 2015, they introduced some of the latest models. The center stage was taken up by the OLED.

The Evolution from Cathode- Ray Tube Sets to Organic Light- Emitting Diode (OLED) 

The company's spokesperson who happens to be the director of new products development, introduced the matter of the evolution of television to the spectators, which were majorly consisting of journalists. In his speech he placed emphasis on the fact that change and evolution keeps happening by the seconds. Prior to the LCD screen televisions, the cathode-ray tube sets were in vogue and most efficient. After the emergence of the LCD's, they slowly went out of vogue and at present, the OLED televisions have been evolved from the LCD screens. Currently, the OLED are better as they are known to produce nearly, perfect blacks, which are important for rich and brightly contrasted colors.

The Upcoming Year

LG has released a notice which states that the upcoming year will launch five latest designs. These designs will deal with a variety of changes, ranging from 55 inches to 65 inches, from flat screened to curved and slim bodied ones. They also plan on launching a 77 inch flexible television, which can be manipulated to be flat screened and form a curved conformation. Plus, it would have the added benefits of the amazing OLED picture quality and webOs interface as the smart features.

New Kids in the Block! 

In 2015 LG has lined up a plethora of new advanced gadgets. The reception of the OLED will determine the future course of this technology. The OLED is a complete class all by itself. Quantum Dot is another technology launched by LG, which is known for providing the rich- color technology. Though all these advancements don't come cheap, they are worth every dime that is spent on this latest updated version.

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