Thursday 15 January 2015

Qualcomm's Universal Media Streaming Comes To Soundcloud

The mobile chip constructor company Qualcomm has been quite steady with their footsteps in the competitive market of gadgets. The start of this New Year has been no different for the company Qualcomm; rather it is proving to be better considering their previous records. The Qualcomm’s universal media streaming for AllPlay devices has not been much of a success compared to their fellow technologies like DLNA, Apple’s Airplay etc., but a recent move made by the company might earn them good dividends.

The Qualcomm’s universal media streaming is all set to extend their range of access across SoundCloud and Tidal devices that will let you use AllPlay as well. The company’s recent unveiling of such new set of plans seems promising and will definitely gain them enough momentum in the gadget market. Later this year, the Tidal and SoundCloud have both promised to extend their support to the company’s universal media streaming which will enable the users to hear to remixes, pristine-sounding songs and podcasts available at large range of networked stereos and speakers.

Special Mention

Meanwhile, there is good news for Korean and Chinese listeners, as they will be delighted to see that QQ music and KT music also kept on deck.

USP of the Qualcomm’s Universal media streaming 

The universal media streaming of the mobile chip maker company is expected to deliver a platform of simple and convenient streaming of media universally. And with its vision of having floating partners alongside them and extending their app program, will definitely fulfil the expectations. You will be able to stream in AllPlay, SoundCloud and Tidal devices through several music (audio and video) services which even include Spotify. You can have your albums blasting on every system in the house of yours, if you want. To be straight, both Monster’s SoundStage speakers and Fon’s Gramophone media hub will take your AllPlay, SoundCloud and Tidal tunes.

Its Competitions 

There are a lot of similar gears in the market that promises to match the required services. The first WiFi speaker of the House of Marley, the One Foundation (that can take your AllPlay tunes), Bayan Audio, Goodmans, OptomaNuforce, Inkel/Sherwood, SVS, TCL, TP-link and many more, that are vowing to match each other’s services throughout the year 2015.

However the list of partners that have extended their support can be trusted upon, as it is highly improbable that any of them will ditch by holding back their existing services or devices.

By the end of this year, one can definitely expect some more apps to work with the Qualcomm’s media streaming and in the near future as well, before the wave of such supporting software applications reach the wild. But one feels that it will not take much longer time before all of our music applications have an in built audio sharing ability. Although it is big enough that one should not have much problem in streaming their favourite music on devices they are happy using.

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