Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Five Most Disruptive Innovations At CES 2015

This year is just at its beginning and already newer innovations have started coming up. Interested enough? Well this year CES has introduced a lot of disruptive innovations that are bound to stun you and today we are going to discuss about all these innovations. As you proceed in reading this article, you will get to see how fast the technology is taking you to greater heights.

The innovations that will surprise you:

  • Transportation- On the basis of transportation the technology has served a great deal. This we can know because of Toyota’s new discovery, Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that is sure to lessen the pollution of the environment as it promises to emit nothing except for water. This specific vehicle is going to be launched in this year in California. Another interesting fact is that this vehicle is stylish looking unlike the former Google cars and so you can take it anywhere you want to. Also this vehicle has evolved to be self driving or autonomous which is the reason why driving this has become even easier.
  • Health and fitness- Getting back to this field, technology has made it better in multifaceted dimensions. A lot of new applications have come up for the better treatment of the patients. Yes it is true that these innovations are costly enough but that is nothing compared to the heightened level of treatment that the patients will be receiving. The ReSound LiNX is the sort of a hearing aid which is very easy to carry as because it is almost invisible. What’s more! It can be controlled with the Apple and android devices by Bluetooth connection.
  • Manufacturing- 3D printing has recently come up to be in craze and almost every object of interest has 3D printing on it. Now a portable 3D printer has come up that is very easy to use and comes just in $300 per piece. This is much better than the heavy machines that were formerly used. Now if you want to make a fashionable item with 3D printing on it, the work is much easier! Graphene Frontiers is the new innovator who has received the funding from the National Science Foundation for its work.
  • The Internet- The New Year has come up with the resolution of better connectivity and it has definitely fulfilled that condition in the best possible manner. This year’s innovation includes companies like Intel, Samsung and Bosch using fundamental technology in a variety of new ways. It is like the world has become a smaller place with the help of this better connectivity. With the help of internet now every other gadget can be connected and then the control process becomes a lot easier due to this.
  • Display and audio- In this field, technology has gained immense progress- progress that is undeniable. With better display and audio quality the virtual world is bound to seem almost real like with enriched multilayered quality. Oculus Rift, a 3D gaming company that claims to have the gaming quality much better.

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