Wednesday 21 January 2015

FAA Touts Growing Drone Market at CES 2015

With the latest craze of drones right now, the year 2015 has brought up a shining market for drones this providing satisfaction to the customers who have been waiting for the mainstream return of the drones. This automatic aerial vehicle that has come up is no doubt one of the greatest innovations so far and through certain experiments it has been revealed to be most efficiently working too.

These flying robots now have gained their own section in the Consumer Electronics Show that has been held every year. This section has no doubt gained immense popularity and more and more interested customers are seeping in. More people are attracted towards these machines as these auto- robots can take photos and videos from a dimension that you cannot ever imagine.

Some oil companies have taken up these robots to work for its own business as with the help of these they can be thoroughly updated no matter what. Also the random use of this machine is really helping a lot in the upsurge in profit for these companies. This device helps in the monitoring of the low cost security and disaster management simultaneously at a go.

The device is still getting evolved and soon we will get to see the consumers paying $103 million on drones by the time 2015 is ending and the industry is definitely going to spike up if the work goes on in this pace. The only thing that has been pulling back this market is that this has not produced what we know as the must buy products. The main reason for this being the price which is very costly but there is a bit of hope that as time goes by, these high profile gadgets will be cheaper and more efficient so that it becomes mandatory to use them.

The four drone companies that were brought up this year is ZANO, Parrot, Qualcomm and Nixie, and they had brought about a camera that could be attached to your wrist. Another thing that will stun you is that it adds a definite style to clicking selfies as because you can toss it high up in the air and it will click your selfie before gating back to your hand. Also the device is hardy enough and that is the reason why you will not have to think twice before tossing it up.

Things that these devices need to change 

There are some impractical design problems that needs to be fixed first so that the devices become lighter and easy to handle. Also the prices need to be lowered a bit so that everyone can afford it and it can turn into a necessity for every field. Now each and every company are bent upon making their deign perfect so that more and more consumers are allured to it.

FAA has suggested that with the gradual passage of time the machines will definitely gain the perfection that the consumers have been craving for since the last two to three years.

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